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Xowcr IRortolk 
County Dirgmia 

¥ ^ ¥ 

i.-, ^ff 


CONTENTS, No. 1. Part 2. 

Slave Owners, Princess Anne County, 1850, 39 

Newton — Washington Letters, 44 

One of the Duties of Vestrymen, 45 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775, Anthony Lawson, 45 

James Silk Buckingham, 55 

Witclicraft in Virginia, 56 

Slave Owners and Slave Employers, Princess Anne County, i860, 57 

Vestrymen of Elizabeth River Parish, 1779, 59 

Andrew Lee, "Roman Catholic," 59 

" My Mother," 60 

Tobacco Commissioners, Princess Anne County, 1725, 64 

Processioners of Land, Princess Anne County, 1779, 64 

Two Early Philanthropists, 65 

CONTENTS, No. i. Part i 

The Introduction, 3 

Land and Slave Owners, Princess Anne County, 1771, 1772, 1773 and 1774, 4 

A Frolic in Ye Olden Times, 6 

Births and Baptisms, Norfolk County, lo 

Slave Owners and Slave Employers, Princess Anne County, i860, ll 

Norfolk Federalist Aldermen, 16 

Election of Vestrymen, Norfolk County, 1761, 18 

Witchcraft in Virginia, 20 

The Norfolk Academy, 21 

One of the Duties of Vestrymen, 3^ 

For sale by West, Johnston & Co., 912 E. Main St., Richmond, Va» 
J. W. Randolph Co., 1304 " " " " 



No. 1. Part 2. 





Whittet & Shepperson, General Printers. 







James Atwood 8 

Harper Ackiss 12 

John H Ackiss 7 

Clayton B Ackiss 8 

Thos Atwood 1 

J A Atkinson 1 

Wm L Atwood 8 

Jesse B Briglit 13 

Henry Bonney 11 

Charles Brewer 2 

John L Brown 4 

George Butt 1 

Wm Braithwait 4 

JasG Bonney 1 

Jas T Brock 3 

Ransom Brock 8 

Wilson Bonney 6 

Henry Brock 16 

John K Barnes 1 

Henry Brinson 5 

Alexander C Brown 2 

Nehemiah Brown 3 

James Batten 1 

J W Brown 2 

Andrew Bonney 1 

WmH Brock 2 

Jas W Bonney 3 

Mordecai Beasly 2 

PaulJBaUas 4 

Wm Brock 5 

GW Brown 3 

John W Bonney i 2 

Phernelia Brown 5 

Tully Brown 5 

ChasH Brown 2 

HHBanks 1 

James Burgess 2 

Edwin Butt 3 

Robert BenthaU 9 

BerrierButt 6 

' Schedule 2. — Slave inhabitants in the county of Princess Anne, State of 
Virginia, enumerated by me on the 2d day of August, 1850, W. H. C. Lovitt, 
assistant marshal. The marshal, in summing up, stated that there were 
3,130 slaves in the county. The report has been mutilated, and four pages, 
containing it is impossible to say how many names, are missing. There were 
in Princess Anne county, in 1850, 4,280 whites, 259 free negroes, and 3,130 


LowEB Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

Charles Brock 10 

C Burroughs 2 

John Burroughs 4 

Thomas M Baily. . - 2 

Wm C Burroughs 30 

Caleb Batten 2 

Savage Bell 2 

Wm W Banks 5 

Edmund Bradford 25 

Joseph C Bell 1 

Jacob Bush 1 

Joseph Benthall 2 

Wm G Brown 11 

Hamlin Brown 12 

SethBell 4 

Wm B Butt 1 

William CarroU 1 

Major Capps 1 

James E Cannon 4 

Smith Capps 3 

Frances Corbell 4 

ThosKCornick 7 

Henry Craft 6 

Moses Cason 10 

Horatio Cornick 9 

Caleb T Chaplain 9 

Lemuel Cornick 9 

David Capps 1 

Enoch Capps 8 

Wm S Cox 6 

John Cannon 14 

Dennis Capps 2 

WmBCox 3 

WmW Cason 7 

Edwd Cannon 6 

Henry Cornick, Sr 23 

Mary A Carraway 2 

Horatio Chappel 3 

Joshua Cain 1 

Jordan Capps 4 

Kobert H Dudley 9 

Ralph Dixon 7 

Dennis Dawley 1 

Mrs Dunken 8 

Peter Dyer 7 

David Dey 2 

Wm J Doudge 1 

Isaa L Davis 8 

Wilson B. Dozier 3 

Enoch S Dyer 4 

Saml S Dawley 3 

Jesse Dudley 2 

Enoch Dawley 1 

Horatio Davis 3 

Gideon V Davis 2 

Samuel Dozier 2 

Wm A Dozier 18 

WiUis Etheredge 15 

David Edmonds 2 

JohnCEweU 5 

Enoch Eaton 7 

Richd Eaton 2 

JamesEaton 6 

Henry Eaton 8 

Edwd Ewell 10 

Thos L Etheredge 5 

Wm C EweU 11 

Solomon Ewell 2 

John Ewell 1 

Abel Edwards 7 

C Etheridge 12 

Jeremiah Fentress 3 

ThosFerrell 2 

John Fentress 2 

John Fentress 7 

John Fountain 2 

James Fentress 2 

Moses Fentress 2 

Jon* Fentress 1 

Joseph Fentress 1 

James D Fentress 1 

Lancaster Fentress 5 

Wm Fentress 2 

Edward Foster 16 

Slave-Owneks Princess Anne County, 1850. 


David Fentress 4 

Moses Fentress 6 

Wm Flemmin 1 

Thos Grimstead 8 

Wm Godfrey 2 

Dan' Grimstead 21 

Jesse Gordan 2 

Wm Grimstead 1 

Jas S Gaskins 15 

TJGornto 1 

John Gornto 25 

Dorris Gregory 3 

Chas Griggs 9 

Wm Griggs 11 

Joseph Godfrey 4 

Wesley Gordan 4 

Reuben Gornto 1 

James S Garrison Sr 27 

James S Garrison Jr 19 

Moses Henley 6 

George Hutchings 5 

Jocob Hunter 7 

Thos Harrison 1 

SHiU 5 

John Harrison 7 

Newton Hartly 1 

Frances Henley 5 

Washington Harrison 6 

Mathias Halstead 4 

John Holmes 1 

Simon Hancock 4 

Jane Henley 3 

ChasHHeartly 1 

Edwd Henley 1 

Grimes Halstead 6 

Wm Hyslop 5 

John Hyslop 2 

Mary Hunter 12 

Jas Hubbard 1 

Francis C Herbert 2 

Thomas Humphreys 3 

Edward H Herbert 1 _ _ _ 56 

J W Hunter 7 

Jon' Hunter 12 

Thurmer Hoggard 13 

John Holmes 1 

Wm Henderson 3 

Wm Halstead 9 

John Ingram 13 

Jesse Ives 8 

Edwin Ives 7 

Edward James 11 

Sam' James 3 

Isaac Jacobs 7 

Thos L Jacobs 3 

John Jacobs 7 

H James 2 

Isaac Johnson 2 

Wm W James 3 

James B Johnston 6 

John H James 5 

Calvin Jones 8 

Solomon S Keeling 17 

Thos Keeling 5 

Wm J C Keeling 5 

Adam R Keeling 17 

JohnTKempe 6 

Michiel P KeUum 1 

John Keeling 1 

Wm Land 1 

Anthony Land 12 

Emerson Land 7 

Wilson Leggett 7 

Jas M Land 8 

Henry Leggett 6 

RichdLandJr 6 

Ivin Leggett 2 

D C Leitchfield 1 

Osias Lontt 3 

John Land 7 

WmNLand 3 

WmBLand 1 

Amy Lovett 1 

Corprew Land 1 



John W Lewis 10 

M BLee 13 

WMLand 2 

Anthony Lovtt 3 

Jeremiah Land__i 7 

Henry Lewis 9 

Bennett Land 5 

Edward Land 12 

Richard Land 13 

Sam' Lockwood 2 

IveyLane 1 

Wm Lambert 12 

KLee 2 

Nathan Land 3 

W H C Lovitt 11 

Jas McClannen 1 

Alexander Munden 12 

John L Moseley 4 

Johnson Murden 6 

Henry McClannen 6 

John Morrisett 9 

Wm Moore 4 

FA McAlpine 11 

Jon' Moore 3 

Jas Murden 3 

James Morse 1 

James Martin 1 

Alfred H Moore 3 

Dennis Malbon 3 

Joshua McClannen 11 

Horatio Malbon 2 

Amy Malbon 3 

Jeremiah McClannen 5 

Andrew Moore 4 

James Moore 6 

Margaret McClannen 3 

Joshua Moore 2 

Wm M Moseley 4 

Woodhouse Murden 3 

James Malbon 3 

Peter Morrisett 2 

DavidMalbon 5 

Zachariah Murden 2 

James McAlpine 3 

WmP Morgan 4 

E Murray 6 

Elizabeth Murray 9 

David Murray 4 

Batson Murden 2 

James Murray 23 

Jas N McAlpine 1 

Wm V Montague 1 

Wm Nimmo 4 

Jas W L Nicholas 21 

Elizabeth Norris 4 

Malachi Ocum 1 

Joseph Overstreet 9 

John Overstreet 15 

Thos Old 12 

J W Old 23 

Jas W Pebworth 1 

John M Paynter 3 

Jacob Petree 2 

WmTPetree 2 

Wm Pebworth 2 

John Peters 10 

Joab Petty 2 

John Petty 55 

James Pebworth 1 

Malachi H Rainey 5 

Wm Reid 3 

Jas Raney 3 

MalRainy 1 

Chas Robinson 1 

John S Rainy 11 

R Rogers 32 

M W Reid 11 

Wm Roberts 14 

John Salmons 2 

Ree Ship 1 

John W Smith' 3 

Elzy Simmons 1 

George Smith 2 

George Smith 3 Peincess Anne County, 1850. 


Henry Simmons 1 

Joel Shipp 3 

Sam' Shipp 2 

Andrew C Smith 7 

R Sikes 4 

George WSikes 3 

Andrew Smith 1 

Nehemiah Shipp 3 

Barthl Smith 6 

Jesse Smith 1 

JohnShipp 6 

Wm Shipp 1 

WmLSeneca 5 

George Smith 5 

James Smith 10 

John B Smith 15 

WmC Smith 8 

Elizabeth Sanford 2 

W Stokes ■ 4 

Rich'* SpaiTow 7 

Betty D F Sparrow 4 

John W Simmons 5 

Thomas Stringer 7 

Johns Smith 6 

Sam'l S Smith 2 

Jesse Sheilds 1 

ObedScoott 3 

Joseph Silvier 3 

John F Thorowgood 6 

Wm Turner 8 

AGTebault 5 

Francis Thompson 23 

David B Vaughn 3 

Henry R Whitehurst 2 

Thos WiUiams 5 

Nancy Williams 3 

Jas W Whitehurst 3 

Caleb Williamson 4 

Jesse Williamson 12 

George N Whitehurst 1 

HW Williams 3 

John Woodhouse Jr 7 

Joseph WilHams 1 

Jas C Whitehurst 6 

Steward Whitehurst 3 

Erasmus Whitehurst 3 

WL Whitehurst 9 

S S Woodhouse 17 

Phillip Woodhouse 3 

Anne Whitehurst 2 

Garrett Whitehurst 6 

Oden Whitehurst 2 

Thomas Ward 4 

Edward Wilhams 2 

James R Ward 9 

Henry Widgeon 2 

Jona Woodhouse 8 

Johnson D Whitehurst 2 

John Woodhouse 2 

Willoughby Williams 3 

Wm Whitehurst 1 

Henry F Woodhouse 7 

JohnT Whitehurst 13 

Charles Williamson 5 

Daniel Whitehurst 6 

John C Wise 16 

Amsey Watterfield 2 

Tayner Whitehurst 1 

J W Whitehurst 1 

David Walke 13 

Adam S Wols 2 

B S Whitehurst 2 

Sarah Ward 1 

C Whitehurst 3 

George WilHamson 1 

Obid Whitehurst 5 

Jas Whitehurst 3 

Hem-y R Woodhouse 7 

TullyH Whitehurst 8 

Lovett Whitehurst 4 

Chas H Whitehurst 4 

Robert Ward 16 

Johnson Whitehead 1 

Timothy Whitehurst. _ 2 

44 Lower Norfolk Countt Virginia Antiquary. 

"Wm Whitehurst 1 Willo Williamson 5 

James Wilkins 4 Mary F Whitehurst 5 

Letitio Wilkins 8 Wm Williams 7 

Eobert WiUiams 1 Caleb Ward 2 

Henry B Woodhouse 20 Wm WiUiams Sr 13 

David MWalke 8 JasEWalke 6 

John Williamson 3 Lewis Walke 6 

Wm W Whitehurst 3 


From the Herald and Norfolk* and Portsmouth' Advertiser, 
Saturday, September 12, 1795 

To the President of the United States 

Norfolk, Aug. 6, 1795 

By direction of a meeting, held at the Court House of this 
County, yesterday, I transmit their proceedings relative to the 
Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation, between the United 
States and his Britannic Majesty, now under your consideration; 
they are so expressive in their sentiments of the consequences at- 
tending the adoption of it, that I hope your opinion will coincide 
■with their wishes, and that they will have their weight with 
others on the same occasion to pervert"* the evil tendency that is 
predicted by a ratification thereof With sentiments of the highest 

I am 

your obedient servant 

Thomas Newton, Chairman. 

United States, Philadelphia, 

August 31, 1795. 

Have received your letter of the 6th instant, inclosing the pro- 
ceedings of the meeting at Norfolk on the 5th, relative to the 
Treaty lately negotiated between the United States and Great 
Britain — on subjects of so complex and relative a nature as those 
embraced by the Treaty, a diversity of opinion was to have been 

' This appeared in the William and Mary Quarterly for April, 1894. 

* Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia, ^ Ibid. 

* Undoubtedly a typographical error, and intended to be prevent. 

One of the Duties of Vestrymen. 45 

expected — my determination which is known to have been in the 
afiii'mative of the Treaty, as advised and consented to by the Sen- 
ate, was formed after the most mature deliberation and with sin- 
cere regard to the pubKc good. Though it cannot be uninteresting 
to me to know that the wishes of a part of my fellow-citizens have 
been contravened by the decision ; yet, if the purity of my inten- 
tions will entitle me to their approbation, it has not been forfeited 
on the present important occasion. 
With due respects 
I am 

your obedient 

G. Washington. 
Thomas Newton, Esq. 


At a court held for Norfolk county September 18'" 1695 
"p'sent Co" Mason Cap* Craford M"" Hodgis M^ Church M' 

" Whereas Cap' J H hath been p'sented to this court 

by the Grand Jury for Entertaining another man's Wife, contrary 

to lawe, the Woman being the Wife of B S blacksmith 

late of this county, who hath been Sometimes absent out of this 

county and the Said Cap' J H apearing upon Sumons 

from this court, pleading in his Vindication, this court hath thought 
fitt and doe Order that the Church Wardens of Eliz'' River parrish 

doe repaire forthwith to the Said Cap' H • house and Admonish 

him and the Said Woman Not to frequent or be Seene in Each 

Other's Company for the future and that the Said Cap' H 

put her away from his house Imeadiately after Such admonicon 
and make report of theire Soe Doing at the Next Court and that 

the Said H doe accordingly put the Sayd woman away from 

his house and that they Doe Not frequent Each Other's Company 
hearafter Upon payne of the penalty of the lawes in Such Cases 
provided & Sd H pay Cost." 


"George the Third, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, 
France, and Ii-eland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c: to the 

' Continued from page 36. 

46 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

Sheriff of Princess Anne County, greeting: We command you 
that you take Benjamin Dingley Gray, if he be found within your 
BaiHwick, and him safely keep, so that you have his Body before 
the Justices of our said County Court, at the Court-house of the 
said County, on the Second Thursday in July next, to answer 
Anthony Lawson, * W" Nimmo, W" Robinson, Christopher Wright, 
James Kempe, John Hancock, John Ackiss, Edw* Cannon, W" 
Hancock, Fred. Boush, Jacob Hunter, George Jamison, Anthony 
Walke Jun^ W" KeeHng Jun"'. Erasmus Haynes, Dennis Dawley, 
James Henley, Tho' Old, Sen". James Tooley, Cason Moore, 
Thomas Brock, Joel Cornick, Jun', and W° Woodhouse, Gent, of 
the Committee for the said County of Princess Anne of a Plea of 
Trespass on the Case, damage Five Thousand Pounds. 

and have then there this Writ, Witness Edw* Hack Moseley 
Jun'. Clerk of our said Court, at the Court house aforesaid, the 
28'" Day of July 1775, in the 15^" Year of our Reign 

E. H. Moseley, Jun'. Clk. 
A copy Teste: A. E. Kellam C. C. 

by E M Seneca D. C." 

May 3, 

"Upon a pet'on and representation from the comm'ee of the 
county of P. Anne in behalf of themselves and the inhabitants of 
said county, setting forth the distresses and ruin w'ch must attend 
them from the carrying into execution the resolution of this board 
of the tenth day of April last for their removal, and praying that 
the same might be revised and rescinded, or in some measure re- 
laxed. On hearing the Gent, appointed to present the s'd pet'on, 
and advised with Major General Lee, and maturely considering 
the subject, the comm'ee are of opinion that many inconveniences 
would arise from carrying the s'd resolution into execution in its. 
full latitude, and therefore do resolve that Wm. Robinson, Thos. 
Reynolds Walker, Thos. Old, John Throwgood, James Henley, 
Erasmus Haynes, and William Wishart, Gent., or any 4 or more 
of them, having taken an oath before a magistrate or comm'eemen 
to do equal and impartial justice and keep each other's secrets, do 
assemble themselves together and make strict inquiry into the 
temper and former conduct of the inhabitants of the s'd county 
of Princess Anne and certifie to the Hon. Major-General Lee, or 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775. 47 

the commanding officer at Suffolk or its neighborhood, which of 
them have taken an active part in behalf of America, vyhich have 
remained quiet at home without taking an active part, on either 
side, and who have appeared inimical to America, on which 
cert'ate the General or commanding officer is desired to suffer all 
such as have been friends or neutrals to remain at their habita- 
tions with their families, but to remove all their live stock except 
such as the Comm'rs above named shall judge necessary for their 
immediate subsistence ; and that all the enemies of America in the 
said county be compelled to remove with their families and effects, 
according to the former resolution, and the Comm'rs are desired to 
return their whole proceedings to this Comm'ee, to be laid before 
the General Convention. — From Journal of the Committee of 
Safety of Virginia, from February 7, 1776, to July 5, 1776, 
Calendar of Virginia State JPapers, Vol. VIll., p. 166. 


' From an old unrecorded paper found in the clerk's office of Princess 
Anne county. 

' In a power of attorney, made December 3, 1668, and proved June 15, 
1669, Thomas Moncreflfe, of Londonderry, Alderman, and Alexander Tomkins 
and henry Gardner, of the same city, made Anthony Lawson, merchant, of the 
same city, their attorney for Virginia, "or any other part of the West Indies." 
April 16th, 1673, a certificate for 400 acres of land was granted Mr. Anthony 
Lawson for his own importation twice, and for John Canter, W™ Church, gar- 
rett Really, Eljz'* May, and Zambo & Maria, two negroes. He was married, 
first, to Mrs. Ann Okeham, relict of Mr. John Okeham, and then to Mrs. 
Mary Moseley, relict of William Moseley, and daughter of John Gookin ; and 

then to Elizabeth . He was a justice of Lower Norfolk County from 

Feby. 18"\ 1672-'73, to May 11"', 1682, and from May 17"', 1687, to May 28'", 
1691, and then for Norfolk County to May 16"', 1693. May 11"', 1682,' April 
2°'S' 1683, April 16'", 1684,3 and May 15'", 1685, •« appointed High Sheriff for 
Lower Norfolk County, and High Sheriff of Norfolk County from May 18'", 
1693, to May 7'", 1695, and Justice of Princess Anne County from Noyember 
4'", 1696, to July 3'^ 1701. 
Norfolk. . 

Presn' 18 octob 1680 
19'" ditto 
Cap' W" Eobinson, maj"" francis Sayer, L'. Co" Eob' bray, m'' mala thrus- 
ton, m'' Henry Spratt, m'' Geo : newton, Justices. 

It is by this Court ordered that Cap' W"" Robinson and maj'' Anth Law- 
son bee the feofees in trust for the disposall of the Land Laid out in this 
County for the building a towne. 

Norfolk County July 16'" 1701. Major James Wilson appointed one of 

\ Att a Court held 15th of Octob. 1680 

48 Lower Norfolk Countt Virginia Antiquary. 

the feoffees in trust for disposing of the town land, in place of L* Co" An- 
thony Lawson, deceased. 

March 16"' 1694-5 Malachy Thurston appointed " Cheife & head Surveyo'' 
of the" "Roads in Tanner's Creek p'"cincts from m'' Spratt's bridge to 
Chichester's poynt at the mouth of Tanner's Creek & Soe to the Towne " in 
place of L' Co' Anthony Lawson removed to Little Creek. In a deed made 
and proved June 15'"' 1682, "Anthony Lawson of Lower norfolke county in 
Virginia gent for & in Consideration of y Sume of five thousand pounds of 
porke & one Mare" sold to " Owen Grady of y** Same place planter one pcell 
of land contayning one hundred acres more or lesse " being part of a patent of 
700 acres of land granted John Ladd 27"' May 1673 and by him sold to Law- 
son. On the 16"' of July 1689 he sold Henry Snayle for 3000 poimds of to- 
bacco and ' ' Six thousand good oaken covering house boards " 250 acres of 
land at "the head of Linheaven River upon the westward Side thereof." 

At a court held for P. A. Co., October 15"' 1701 "Upon y-* Peticon of Eliz" 
Lawson Thomas Lawson Jn*^ Thorowgood & Lewis Conner an order for a com- 
miscon of Adm'"con is granted y"^ on y' Estate of L" Coll" Anthony Lawson he 
Dying intestate they haveing pformed w' y" law in Such cause requires" 

May 4"' 1702, Thomas Lawson, son and heir-at-law of Co" Anthony Law- 
son sold Lewis Conner for 8 pounds sterling "one Lott of Land" "in New 
Towne in y" county of Princess Anne containing one-halfe acre of Ground " 
In a discharge made May 6"', 1702 "Margarett Thorowgood ^ wid° & Exf of 
Lieu" Coll" John Thorowgood Dec'"" and daughter of "Coll" Anthony Lawson 
Dec'^ " released "Tho: Lawson Cos Adm of" her father Colonel Anthony Law- 
son of all "Legasyes" particularly "A Lecasey given" her by her "Uncle 
Geo : Lawson ^ Dec' " and acknowledges having received of the said Lawson 
her share of her father's estate. He was a justice of Princess Anne county 
from May 8"' 1702 to Sept r' 1703. His will was made 27"' of 8b' 1703, wit- 
nessed by Edw : Moseley Rich'" Bolton & C Cocke, and proved 4"-^ of 9*" 1703 
by the oaths of Cp" Edward Moseley and Christopher Cocke. 

"It is my will & Desire y' Sautiogar Great Harry Caffey & Andrew, w' y' 
parts I have in y" two Sloops in partner Shipp w"' m'' Joell, & allsoe all my 
Pork Debts & Tob ' Debts as reed be Sould for money by M'' Lewis Conner & 
M"^ Jn Richason & Chistop'^ Cocke for to pay y" Debt I owe M'' Walk's chil- 
dren, & y' all my money Debts & money in England be By y^ above Named 
Lewis Conner Jn Richason & Christo' Cocke put To y'= af ores'* Use If Need 
Soe Require But If j" above mentioned Shall Not amount to what I owe y' 
then y" remaind"" be Paid out of my other Estate by my Executrs hereafter 
Named " Riding horse Rainbow to brother-in-law M"^ Lewis Conner. Planta- 
tion on which he lived to son Anthony after his wifes decease. Son George 
Lawson the plantation he purchased of "Sim" ffranklin" and Martha Work- 
man and also the tract of land his father bought of Francis Brocket. "To y« 
child my Wife Now Goes with If it be a Boy y* planta' where I formerly Lived 
in Tanner's Creek commonly knowne by y*' Name of Elders & to his heires for 
Ever but If it Should be a Girle then y*^ s'' Land to Goe to y* heire" "I 
Give & Bequeath to my Eldest Son: Anth" Lawson (y" Large plate punch 
Boull w"' y*^ Cupp thereunto Belonging w''' was my Grandfather Co" Rob' 
Brays" To "wife Rose Lawson her riding horse forrester w"' a Good Saddle 
& furniture, w"' one Negro woman Esbell " Remainder of the property to be 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775. 49 

equally divided between wife Rose Lawsou and sons Anthony & George Law- 
son and daughters Frances' and Anne Lawson* and "y" childe' my wife Now 
Goes with" Wife Rose whole and sole " Exef" 

In a deed of gift made October 3' 1705 and acknowledged in open court 
the same day Mrs Rose Lawson widow "for y Love and" "affection" which 
she bore her five children Anthony George & Thomas Frances and Anne Law- 
son children of Thomas Lawson Gent'" late of Princess Anne county Dec** gave 
to son Anthony ' ' the Largest Bed & furniture in the hall chamber : being Silk 
curtaines and counterpaine one paire large Blanketts & p"' fine Sheets w"" one 
Dozen New Diaper Napkins & table Cloath m'''^' A: L'^^ one Silver porringer 
m'"^' A: L,^* — " to "Second Sonn Geo: Lawson one Dozen New Diaper napkins 
& table Cloath m'^^'C: L** and a paire of ffine Sheets also a plate porrin- 
ger m'''^' T: M,*" to "third Sonn Tho: Lawson Three Negro boyes 

by Name Lemuel nedd & Sam: one of Them being ab' two years old y* 
other two of ab' eight or tenn months old a pease w"' one Dozen New Diaper 
napkins & table Cloath m'"^' T: L^,* one paire fine Sheets, & a plate porringer 
m''"T:M,* in the handle." To eldest daughter Frances one dozen new 
diaper napkins and table cloth m"''^' F: L+* one Silver porringer m'''^' T: M^* 

and "one paire of good fine Sheets" to youngest daughter Anne "one 

Negro girle by name Dinah Being ab' a month old w'" one Dozen New Diaper 
napkins & table Cloath m'^''' A : L,* and a hoop ring with y** posey (vertue 
makes Love Eternall) likewise one paire ffine Sheets & a Silver porringer m''''* 
T: M,*" and "further" gave to daughter Anne "negro woman Izbell w"' her 
first child (but not to be possest w"' her till after "her" Decease) all y rest of 
y s'' Izbell's Increase Except y* first child before mentioned " to be equally 
divided amongst her five children or their survivors. Also amongst her five 
children to be equally divided "Thirty pounds of New mill'd money," "but 
in case any of" her "s'' children | vizt | Anth Geo: Tho: ffrances & Ann 
Lawson should Die in theire non age or without" "Lawful heires then y" 
Severall things w'^'' to him or them Shall belong by this Deed of gift to fall 
amongst y Surviveours of them &■= " 

On the 5"' of February, 1728, Thomas Lawson, Gent., "(y® only Surviving 
Son & heir of Thomas Lawson dec")," of Princess Anne County, Gent., sold 
to Nathaniel Hutchings, of the same county, yeoman, for 27 pounds, current 
money, 27 acres of land in Princess Anne County. On the 8"' of October, 
1730, Thomas Lawson was made Captain of horse. His will was made March 
18'", 1731-'2, and proved May 7'", 1735. "AH" his "Stocks of Creatures," 
" Cattel Sheep & hoggs, " to be equally divided between his wife and his thre* 
sons. To son Anthony the plantation whereon he (Thomas) lived, except 400 
acres; to "Son Thomas" the "plantation called franklins, together with y* 
four hundred acres above Excepted"; " but in laying off y*^ Said four hundred 
acres not to come into the old field of that part given to Son anthouy, but to 
Joyn on the branch to y* head thereof & so to Extend it Self into the main 
■woods towards major Spratts Such a course as Shall Least prejudice y" manner 
plantation untill y* Said compliment Shall be compleated"; "reserving liberty 
to him to get oak Timber for his own use & Some pine plank to sell off of his 
brother anthonys Land"; to "Son Charles" all his "Lands in Norfolk 
county"; to "three Sons Anthony Thomas & Charles all" his "land & marsh 
at the wash & Nannies creek to be equally divided." Negro woman Nanny to 

50 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquaky. 

be sold, and the money to be equally divided between his three sons. To son 
Anthony, Six Slaves, * ' frank, affrica, John, Bab, amy, Jenny & Sam " ; to 
"Son Thomas" "Six Slaves," "Pegg, Jacob, George, Harry, Isbell •& Ro- 
bin"; to "Son Charles" "five Slaves," " dinah, Lam, Hannah, Jonas & Rose 
& the child that " '-negro woman called Jenny is now bigg with." His horses 
and mares and plate to be equally divided between his wife & three children; 
to "wife, f ranees Lawson three Slaves," "Jack, Nanny & nedd." "House- 
hold goods " to "be appraised, and the amount, together with what ready 
money" he had "in the house, to be Equally divided between" his "wife & 
three children." "Wife, frances Lawson, &" "father-in-law, Charles Saj^er," 
"Ex" (Joyntly or Seperately)." 

January IS"', 1750, Anthony and Thomas Lawson made an exchange of 
some lands which had been left them by their father Thomas Lawson de- 
ceased. On the 24"' of March 1760 Anthony and Charles Lawson sold to 
George Chappie two hiindred and seventy-five acres of land in the county of 
P. A. near Back bay it being a part of a larger tract of land left by Thomas 
Lawson to his sons, Anthony, Charles and Thomas, and Thomas'" being then 
dead his part descended to his heir at law Anthony. Sept 17*'' 1783 Anthony 
Lawson "Esquire" sold to William Robinson "Attorney at Law" for "Thirty 
pounds Current Money of Virginia " " one hundred acres of Land " in Princess 
Anne County " part of that Tract of Land, Marsh-Laud, Sand Banks, and 
Flat-Sands binding on the North Side of Old Currituck Inlet, Commonly 
called and known by the Name of the Wash-Tract" belonging to "Anthony 
Lawson Esquire, Major Thomas Walke, and others." 

Colonel Anthony Lawson, son of Thomas Lawson and Prances his wife, 
daughter of Charles Sayer, \?as born in 1729 and died February 16"', 1785. 
His wife Mary Calvert was born in 1742 and died January 18"' 1787. He was 
admitted to practice law May 15"' 1750, was a justice of Princess Anne county 
from May 20*", 1760 to November 3', 1768, and from May 8"', 1772 to August 
10"', 1775, and was Sheriff from November 3', 1768 to November 1'*, 1770, 
and Vestryman of Lynhaven Parish from Nov. 14"', 1769 to November 6"', 
1772, Church Warden to December 14"', 1773, and then vestryman to Novem- 
ber 17*'' 1778, when he resigned. He was captured by the British during the 
Revolution and sent to East Florida on the "Otter, Man of War, Cap' 

"East Florida. 
[Seal] By his Excellency Patrick Tonyon, Esq. Captain General Governor 
and Commander-in-Chief in and over the said Province." 

Permission is hereby given to Anthony Lawson, Esq. , to pass from hence to 
Virginia, he being upon his Parole to release or caused to be released, at the 
desire of the Earl of Dunmore, any person or Prisoner there otherwise to de- 
liver himself up again. 

Given under my Hand 

and Seal, at St. Augustine, 

this twenty- third day of 

November, 1776, 

Pat. Tonyon." 

" To all whom it may concern " 

' ' Li the Name of God Amen, I Anthony Lawson of princess Anne County 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775. 51 

and Commonwealth of Virginia, being sick and weake in Body but of a sound 
disposing mind and memory | Blessed be God | do make and Ordain this my 
last "Will and Testament in manner and form following : Imprimis I give and 
devise unto my Son Kichard Henry Lee Lawson two hundred and fifty Acres 
of Land, part of the Tract wheron I now live, to be laid off at the south End 
of the said tract, to wit, to begin at the Southermost Line next to New-Town 
and extend Northerly the whole breadth of the said tract, that is, from the 
■westermost to the Eastermost side, iintill the said two hundred and fifty Acres 
are completed, which I give unto him and his Heirs for ever. Item, I give 
and devise unto my said son Richard Henry Lee Lawson, four hundred Acres 
of Sand Banks and Marsh being part of the Wash Tract, to him and his 
Heirs for ever. Item. I give and devise unto my Son Thomas '^ Lawson the 
remainder of my Land, Sand Banks-Banks and Marshes, to him and his 
Heirs for ever, (except such as I have hereafter given to my son Anthony. ) 
Item, I give and bequeath unto my Son Thomas Lawson all my Silver Plate 
marked A L E (except two Cups and two Salvers which I have hereafter given 
to my son Richard Henry Lee Lawson) I also give unto my said Son Thomas 
my Clock, Books and Book-Case, a young Horse (his choice) my best Saddle 
and Bridle and my Silver mounted Gun. Item I give and bequeath unto my 
son Richard Henry Lee Lawson, two Silver Cups, and two Salvers, marked 
A. L E. as aforesaid, also one Gun, which was given to me by my kinsman 
William Wishart''* in his last Will and Testament. Item I give and devise 
unto my Son Anthony Lawson two hundred Acres of Land at the place com- 
monly called the Logg House, bounded by the road that leads from the Cross- 
Roads to Norfolk, to the Northward of the said Tract, to the Westward on 
Nathaniel Hoggards Land, by a line to be run to the Southward, to the East- 
■ward by the main Road that leads to Newtown, to complete the said two hun- 
dred Acres, which I give unto him and his Heirs for ever. I also give unto 
my said Son Anthony one Gun, such as shall be judged to be a neat and gen- 
teel Fowling-piece. Item. I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Frances 
Sayer Lawson, one good young Horse, one Saddle and Bridle well mounted 
Item, It is my will and desire after my wifes Dower is set apart, that the re- 
maiuder of my Slaves be equally divided amongst all my children ; and after 
my wifes decease, it is also my will and desire, the Dower Slaves should be 
equally divided amongst my children as aforesaid, but it is my desire that no 
division shall be made of my Slaves untill my Son Thomas arrives to the age 
of twenty five years, but be kept and employed on the manor Plantation, 
and the profits after all expences are paid to be applyed to the maintenance 
and Education of my children unless any one or more of my Daughters in 
the meantime should marry in that case I desire 

Anthony Lawson. 
desire that such daughter or Daughters so marrying, may have her or their 
Proportion of my Slaves set apart immediately. Item, I desire that my three 
Sons, Thomas Richard Henry Lee, and Anthony Lawson may have each a 
liberal Education — Item, I give and bequeath unto my Wife and seven Chil- 
dren, the residue of my personal Estate to be equally divided amongst them, 
reserving the use of my Furniture riding Chair and Horse to my Wife during 
her Widowhood. It is also my Will and desire that not any Article or thing 
given to my Children shall be Sold but at the Discretion of their Guardian or 

52 Lower Noefolk County Vieginia Antiquary. 

Guardians. Item, If in case any British Debt shall come against the concern of 
William White and Company, more than can be paid by the said concern, I 
do then and in that case leave as much of the Land given to my Son Thomas to 
be sold for the payment of my proportion of the same except he (my said son 
Thomas) will undertake to pay it. Lastly I do hereby nominate constitute and 
appoint my kinsmen Charles Sayer and Thomas Wishart sen'' Guardians to all 
my Children and Executors of this my last will and Testament. In Witness 
•whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this fourth Day of February 
in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty five — Signed 
Sealed published and Declared 
In the presence of 
William White 
Lucretia X Gordan 
William Russul Anthony Lawson. '* 

At a Court Held for princess Anne County the 1 1"' Day of March, 1785. 
The above last Will and Testament of Anthony Lawson Gentleman dec" was 
proved according to Law by Oath of William White and William Russull two of 
the Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be recorded, and on the Day following 
Thomas Wishart one of the Executors therein Named who made Oath and gave 
Bond with Security according to Law, Certificate is Granted him for Obtaining 
probat thereof in due form Liberty is reserved to the other Executor to join 
in the probat when he shall think fit — 

Test E. H. Moseley Clk. 

"An Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of Col" Anthony Lawson 
dec'^ taken this 17"> day of March 1785. 

1 Bed bedstead and furniture £12 2 do do £24 36 

14 Walnut hair bottom Chairs £14, 1 dressing table & Glass 45s.. 16 5 

1 seal skin trunk 20s, 2 Bed Covers 7£, a parcel Leather 5£ 13 

a parcel Nails, and some Empty bottles 32s, 13 Gall rum 523 4 4 

5 passage Chairs 50s 18 Mohogauy Chairs 27£ 2 d" dining tables 8. 37 10 

1 Screen d" 75s 2 Card d 5£ 1 Carpit and 1 old trunk 45s 11 

a pair Walnut framed Glasses 6£ 1 Ditto do 50s 8 10 

1 chimney Glass 6£ 2 walnut dining tables 50s 8 10 

1 Screen d" 203 18 old Walnut chairs @ 7s 6d 6.15 7 15 

1 clock 10£ 1 Cedar book case 5£ a parcel books 20 35 

3 Guns 11£ 1 p'' Sheepshears 5s 2 p' fire dogs and fenders 503 13 15 

1 p' d" 1 p"' bellowstongs and poker 20s 1 

2 Mohogany knife Cases 40s 1 case and bottles 12s 2 12 

1 mariners Scale and Sugar knippers 5 

1 Bed bedstead and furniture 8 

1 pine Chest and 1 Bedstead 30s 2 old cases Draws 1 couch 22s ... 2 12 

3 pine chests and 1 old writing Desk 1 15 

1 Bed bedstead and furniture 8£ 1 womans Saddle tope loom 32s-. 9 12 

1 Walnut Desk and Book-case 5 

1 Bed bedstead and furniture 14£ 3 pine tables 1 old chest IBs — 14 18 

1 Walnut table 15s 4 Seal skin trunks 60s 3 15 

1 small Bed and furniture 6£ 1 suit curtains 1 Screen £7 5s 13 5 

7 p' Sheets and 2 Damask table cloths 10 4 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775. 53 

5 table cloths and 13 towels 65s 6 candlemolds and bench 6s 3 11 

9 lining and Woollen Wheels 36s 10 Sythes and 3 cradles 24s 3 

14 harrow Hoes and 1 Hay knife 24s 2 flax hackles 1 x cutt saw 45s 3 9 

16 Hoes 4 axes 44s 3 p'' Oyster tongs 6s 2 10 

a parcel Cart Harness 30s a Dray and hay fork 5s 1 15 

3 p"" Wedges 2 Iron pestles and 1 pair Hand Irons 1 14 

3 old saws and 1 Iron Skillet 8s drawing knife fleshing d" prow 6s 14 

Garden tools 8s 3 axes 1 Grindstone 25s 1 13 

1 Gallon pott and 5 pott racks 28s 1 p'' hand Irons 10s 1 18 

6 Iron potts an 1 Steel Mill 60s 4 mens Saddles & bridles 70s 6 10 

3 flat Irons 1 Dutch Oven and 3 frying pans 1 

2 Iron teakettles and 1 Iron Mortar 1 

2 Spits and Grid Iron and 2 pair Stilliards 18 

2 cullin stone and 1 cocklestone hand mill 4 5 

coopers ware 1 Sifter 1 Sive 12s 1 Ladle and flesh fork 5s 17 

£flax brakes 12s a parcel empty Jugs and Bottles 30s 2 2 

a parcel empty casks and 3 old chests 1 13 

a parcel old Iron and some Cart Boxes 3 6. 

a parcel Bacon and Beef 50 

3 half barrels pork 5£ a parcel hogs Lard and some Salt 783 8 18; 

a parcel old Casks and some hominy Beans 1 

a parcel old Chests and some flax seed 1 2 

some cow peas 10s 11 sows and pigs and a parcel dry hogs £35 35 10 

a parcel Sheep 21£ 2 Horse tumblers and 2 Ox Carts 15 36 

1 old sain and ropes and 2 canoes 7 10 

2 carriages chains and 3 plow d° 2 15 

6 yoke Oxen 72£ 2 Cows and Calves £6 3 dry cows £7., 10. _ 85 10 

1 large sorrel Horse 12£ 2 large bay d° £30 42 

1 young d" d° 10 1 bay d" 8 2 bay mare 5 23 

1 bay Horse 8 1 black do 8 1 bay do 6 1 sorrel do 12 34 * 

2 old bay d" 40s 1 tooth harrow 4 harrow stocks 45s 4 5 

1 Ginn and tackling 40s a parcel fodder 2 Corn riddles 36s__ 3 16 

a Stack Oats 6£ a parcel Corn 62 10 a do Hay and top fodder £10. 12 79 2 

2 riding Chairs and harness 24£ 2 old plows 10 s4 Sheep masts 
7.10 32 

20 Square logs at Landing 10£ 4 Stocks in the Swamp 24s 11 4 

1 Doz : Ivory handle knives and forks 10 

^ doz breakfast do 2s a parcel pewter 7.18 8 

a parcel Queens China ware 32s a parcel China d". 22s 2 14 

104:^ oz plate at 10s p oz 52,, 2,, 6,,, 3 p'': Candlesticks 30s. 52 12 6 

6 butter potts 4 milk pans 9s 1 Lignumvite Mortar 3s 12 

a parcel brown Sugar and 3 pair Sheets 4 8 

Negroes Old peg 15£ Charity 50 young Hannah & Child John 

70 135 

Rose 40 Pegg 30 Jim 25 Jenny 20 Jenny 50 Hannah 40 205 

Tom 20 Quash 15 Sarah 30 Betty and Child Africa 70... 135 

Bab and Child Phillis 70 Eachel 20 Bob 15 phillis 30 135 

Linder and Child Suece 70 Jinney and Child Easter 50... 120 

Matthew 30 Ned 20 Nell and Child Bristo 70 Affrica 20... 140 

54 Lower Norfolk County Virqinia Antiquary. 

young Sam 20 Penellipe 20 Amy 50 Dinali 40 Bab 40 170 

Pegg 45 Bristol 65 Affrica 70 Old Cato 20 Great Ned 70 270 

Great Sam 100 old Jacob 20 George 50 Frank 45 215 

old Isbell 15 Alse and Child Judah 60 Touey 40 115 

Dinah 30 Judah 15 2 sorrel mares 24 2 bay d". 22 91 

I Sorrel mare and Colt 12 2 Bay d". 10 2 old bay do 8 30 

1 young d". d . 5 2 bulls aud 2 Heifers 11,, 10 3 Steers 8 24 10 

3 Cows and Calves 9 3 Cows aud 5 yearlings 14,, 10 23 10 

37 Barrels flower 74£ 2 Whiijsaws 30s 75 10 

£ 2708, 7,6 
Princess Anne 

S. E : Pursuant to an Order of the Worshipful Court of princess Ann 
County to us directed bearing date the 11''" Day March 1785. We the Sub- 
scribers have accordingly met and have appraised all the Estate of Col°. 
Anthony Lawson dec', that was to us produced as it is above Specified and 
this is our report, Given under our hands this 17"' Day of March 1785, — 
The above Appraisement was returned to Perrin Smyth 

July Court 1785, and Ordered to be recorded John Hunter 

Teste Charles Moseley 

E. H. Moseley Clk" 

1 W" Vaughan, under sheriff, Capt W" Kobiuson and Mr Henry Spratt 
securities 2 W'" Vaughan under sheriff 3 W™ Vaughan sub sheriff Mr George 
Newton and W'" Porten securities 4 W" Vaughan deputy sheriff 5 In a deed 
made May G"' 1702 Thos Lawson Coe Adm of Lt Col Anthony Lawson "for 
y* Love & naturall affection w '' ; he bore to his Cousens Jn" : Anthony & mar- 
grett Thorowgood children of Lieu" Coll": Jn" Thorowg'': gave unto " Jn" 
Thorowgood one plate Beaker & to Anthony Thorowgood one negro Boy 
Named Geo: & one Large Eight Squaire Cupp w"' : Eares marked A: L plate; 
& to margrett Thorowgood one Doz" : of Silver Spoons marked Mall w°'' : is 
now in y Hands & Custody of their Mother Mad'" Margarett Thorowgood, " 
but if any of y*^ Above s' Dye w"': out Lawful Heires " this part of ye Above 
s'^. Gift to Descent to y next Surviveor " 

6 Will of George Lawson Jr of the Eastern Branch of Elizabeth River in 
the county of Lower Norfolk made October 6"' 1676 and proved August 15"' 
1678. Unto mary his wife all of his estate during her life and after her death 
one half of his estate to "her heyres Exequetors And Admo'' for Ever," and one 
half of the estate he lived upon after her death to Thomas, Mary aud Margrett 
Lawson Sonne & daughters of Mr Anthony Lawson —to Thomas one qiiarter, 
to Mary one quarter, and to Margrett one-half, and to Edward Moseley one 
mare & foale. Wife Mary Exequetrix, 7 and 8 March 3' 170| Thomas Lawson 
gave to his daughter Frances two negroes Tony & Sary, to daughter Ann ne- 
groes Quashy and Mary 9 Thomas 10 Audit of Thomas Lawson made June 3* 
1758 To 3 doz lemons for funeral 4s 6d pd Mr Dickson for Funeral Sermon 
40s for punch for the appraisers they having no other allowance 6s 3d To mr 
Staton dancing master p rect 10s lOd. To pd m'' Tho^ Walke for funeral 
liquors 44s 11 "On considering a verbal proposition formerly made by L'd 
Dunmore to this Comm'ee del'd by Colo. Alex'r Gordon, for the exchange of 
prisoners : Eesolve'd, That the following proposals for such exchange be sent 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775. 55 

to his Lordship by the commanding officer in y^ neighborhood of Norfolk, 
viz. : Colo. Alex'r Gordon and Colo. Jacob Elligood for Colo. Anthony Lawson 
and Colo. Joseph Hutchings." {Calendar of State Papers, Vol. VIII., p. 166, 
Journal of the Committee of Safety of Virginia. ) 

12 From Hansons Old Kent 13 Father of Thomas Lawson Surgeon General 
of the U. S. Army, Hansons Old Kent. 

14 "W™ Wishart in his will made Jany 20"' 1783. "I give to my friend and 
relation Anthony Lawson Esq'' my fowling piece that I bought of Cap* John 
Cliff e." 15 Will of Charles Sayer made August 18"' 1740. "I give to my 
grandson Anthony Lawson my desk silver watch, six large silver spoons marked 
E. T. & six tea d" same mark. " "I give to my son Arthur Sayer three guineas, 
hereby enjoyning him in consideration thereof, to learn my grandson Anthony 
Lawson y" art of surveying. " The lists for tithables show that Anthony Law- 
son owned in 1771 1800j acres of land, 20 tithable slaves and 2 riding chairs, 
in 1775 2096 acres 26 tithable slaves and 2 wheel carriages, 1779 24 slaves and 
in 1783 50 slaves 40 horses 45 head of cattle and one riding chair. He lived 
in Little Creek precinct. 


"Norfolk Borougla. 

"At a quarterly Session held the twenty-sixth day of March, One 
thousand eight hundred and ten, 

"Present, Miles King,* Mayor, 

" John Nivison,* Recorder, 
"William Vaughan.* 

" It appearing to the Satisfaction of the Court that James Silk 
Buckingham,* a native of England, has resided within the Juris- 
diction of the United States for Eight Years, and for one Year 
within this State, and he making oath that he wiU support the 
constitution of the United States and absolutely and entirely re- 
nounce and abjure all allegiance to any foreign prince, potentate 
or Sovereignty whatsoever, particularly the King of Great Britain. 
And it moreover appearing to the Satisfaction of the Court that 
the said James Silk Buckingham has demeaned himself as a Man 
of good Moral character, attached to the constitution of the United 
States, and well disposed towards the good order and happiness 
of the same, he is thereupon admitted to the rights and privileges 
of a Citizen." 


' James Silk Buckingham, an English traveller, lecturer, and author, was 
born in Flushing, near Falmouth, England, in 1786, and died in Loudon June 
30th, 1855. He was intended for the church ; but, being of an adventurous 
turn of mind, he became a sailor, bookseller's clerk, law-student, printer, and 


captain of a West-Indiaman. He was employed in 1813 by the Pacha of 
Egypt to select a route for a canal acr^oss the isthmus of Suez; but after being 
robbed, the Pacha relinquished his design, and Buckingham went to India, 
and commanded a ship in the service of the Sultan of Muscat. After this he 
went through many adventures. He published, at various times, his Travel* 
in Palestine, Travels in Arabia, Travels in Mesopotamia, and Travels in As- 
tyria and Media; and two volumes on Belgium, the Rhine and Switzerland, 
and two on France, Piedmont, and Switzerland. He lectured through Great 
Britain in the interest of various reforms, and represented Sheffield in Parlia- 
ment from 1832 to 1837, and subsequently travelled in America as a slavery 
and temperance lecturer. Sketches of his life appear in Appleton's Cyclopm- 
dia of American Biography, and in The Dictionary of National Biography, 
British ; but in neither is it mentioned that he ever became a citizen of the 
United States, as he did, unless the James Silk Buckingham mentioned above 
was another person, and unless there was a most remarkable coincidence of 

^ Alderman from November 22nd, 1802, to June 24th, 1804, and from June 
24th, 1805, to June 24th, 1809, and from June 25th, 1810, to April 2.-th, 1814; 
Mayor from June 24th, 1804, to June 24th, 1805, and from June 24th, 1809, to 
June 25th, 1810. On the 25th of April, 1814, he was elected Mayor, to fill the 
unexpired term of Miles King, Jr., who resigned, but only sat once, April 
28th, 1814, and shortly afterwards died. 

^Common councilman from April 11th, 1793, to July 27th, 1805, being Pre- 
sident of the body from February, 1794, to February, 1795 ; Recorder from 
August 31st, 1805, to 29th of February, 1820, when he resigned. 

4 Alderman from May 27th, 1799, to June 28th, 1802, and from June 24th, 
1803, to May 31st, 1811 ; Mayor from June 28th, 1802, to June 24th, 1803. 

* This appeared in The William and Mary Quarterly for October, 1892. 


( Continued from page 21.) 
"Lower j Att a Court lield the 15 January 167f, 
Norfolk. I Cap' W" Robinson, 

M'' Adam Keeling, m"^ Henry Spratt, ) j . • 
Cap' Anthony Lawson, 3 

"Upon the pett and Complaint of Jn" Samon ag' Alice the wife 
of Thomas Cartwrite Concerning the death of a Child of the s"^ 
Samons who It is Suposed was bewitched, It is ordered that the 
Shrife doe forthw'" Sunnomds an able Jury of women to attend 
the Court to morrow and Serch the s*^ AHce according to the de- 
rection of the Cout." 

16'". "In the diff' betweane Jn° Salmon plaiutif ag' Alice the 
wife of Thomas Cartwrite defend' a Jury of women (M" Mary 

' This appeared in The William and Mary Quarterly for January, 1893. 

Slave Owners and Slave-Employers in Princess Anne County. 57 

Chichester forewoman) being Impaneled did in open Court upon 
their oathes declare that they haveing delegently Searched the 
body of the s'* Alice Cann find noe Suspitious marks whereby they 
Can Judg her to bee a witch; butt onely what may and Is usuall 
on other women. It is therefore the Judgm' of the Court and or- 
dered that Shee bee acquitted & her husbands bond given for her 
apearance to bee given up." 


0.= E.3 

Jos J Nicholson 6 

Patrick Newman 5 

Wm Norris 1 

James M Nimmo 2 

Wm Nimmo 7 

Jos Overstreet 11 

Eleanor Old 20 

Jonathan W Old 17 17 

John Overstreet 15 

Enoch Petree 3 

Cha A Pope 1 2 

Sidney W Petty 4 

Joab Petty 2 2 

Elizabeth Pallett 1 1 

James T Padon 1 3 

James E Petree 2 1 

Jacob Petree 4 

Leml J Pritchard 2 

Vii'ginius Pitts 2 

Mitchell PhiUips 6 

Richard Peel 1 

Wm Randolph 3 

John G Rainey, 1 

Thomas Robinson 1 

A Sydney Rogers 9 

William Roberts IG 

Thomas G Redman G 

Georgfe N Roberts 2 

O. E. 

Nancy Rainey 4 

George T Rogers 11 

Ralph L Rogers 11^ 

Andrew E Simmons 4 

Rhoda Salmonds 5 

Wm Stone 5 

Jackson Spratt 1 

Jas M Simmons 1 

John Shepherd 

Wm Seneca 1 

Geo Smith 3 

WmN Smith 1 

Henry Simmons 

Jesse Smith 3 

SalUe Shipp G 

James H Scott 11 

Henry B Styron 11 

TullyB Stone 6 

Robert Simmons 

Wm T Strawhand 

Thomas W Strawhand __ 2 

Zachariah Sykes 3 

Richard Sykes 5 

Wm Stokes 1 

Jesse Sykes 

James W Smith 3 

Margaret F Smith 5 

Wm Sprewell 

' Continued from page 16. 
* George T Rogers, agent. 

"^ Owners. 



Lower Norfolk County Vieginia Antiquary. 


John B Smith 15 

James G Smith 

Wm C Smith 23 

Andrew Smith 5 

William C Scott 23 

Thomas W Sparrow 12 

Samuel Sykes 

Soseph Smith 

Bee Shipp 

Isaac Smith 

Alamander Smith 

Sarah Seneca 3 

Ashwell Simmons 4 

Noah Simmons 

Martin Sorey 1 

Sophia A Terral 1 

Wm Turner 2 

Alfred G Tebault 9 

Tulday Twiddy *___ 

Francis Thompson' 28 

Joseph P Tatem 10 

William T Temple 8 

Wm Trummel 

Small wood Thomson 14 

Zorababel Twiford___^_ 7 

Oliver Umphries 6 

David B Vaughe 6 

Thomas Veale 

Walter F Williams 10 

Wm E Whitehurst 

John Woodhouse, Jr.* 11 

Eobert Ward 16 

Daniel Whitehurst 

Thos W Williams 1 

Obed Whitehurst 4 

Henry E Whitehurst... 2 
Goo N Whitehurst 

E. O. E. 

Celnis Whitehurst 2 

8 Margb Ward 4 

Gary H Williams 4 

Henry L White 1 

Gideon Williams 7 

Danl Ward 6 

3 Andrew J Williams 4 

1 Chars Williams 4 

1 Eliza Williams 9 

1 WmN White 1 

4 Levin Watters 4 

John W AVhitehurst 5 

2 Erasmus C Whitehurst. 7 
1 Thomas Williams 7 

1 Thomas Ward 2 

Thomas W Wilkins 2 

2 James L West 1 

1 James R Walke 2 

1 James Whitehux'st 6 

Jon'' P Woodhouse 3 

Jas E Whitehurst 2 

Hillary Williams 3 1 

1 Henry Waterman 1 

Lovitt Whitehurst C 

1 Timothy Whitehurst 1 

Tayner Whitehurst 3 

Peter Whitehurst 1 

1 Joshua Whitehurst 1 1 

John Whitehurst 1 

2 Tully H Whitehurst 14 

W^D Woodhouse 4 

James M Whitehurst 12 

4 Francis Wright 1 

Charles Whitehurst 1 

Joseph Whitehurst 1 

Francis Wilber 1 

1 Caleb William 5 

' Should be Thomson. 

^ The marshal left out the names of some of the slaves of John Woodhouse, 
Jr., but Major John T. Woodhouse, his son, informs me that his father owned 
eleven in 1860. 

Slave-Owners and Slave-Employees in Pkincess Anne County. 59 





Christopher Whitehurst. 


David M Walke 



Lovitt Ward 

. 3 

Henry A Wise 


John Ward 

. 1 


James P Wright 

_ 9 


W» H Whitehurst 


Jonathan Williams 



Jesse Williamson 


James Whitehurst 



Peter Williamson 

. 6 

W" Whitehurst 



Peter Whitehurst 


Stephen AVilcox 



William S Wright 


Josiah Woodhouse 



Wilson L Whitehurst 

. 5 

William H Wilkins 



Willoughby Williamson . 

. 2 


Joseph P Williams 



Joseph Wright 


Robert Williams 



Henry B Woodhouse__. 


Lucinda Whitehurst 

. 1 


Henry F Woodhouse 

. 9 


AVilliam T Wilson 



George T Whitehurst __ 


Adam Wolfe 



Willoughby William Sr. 


Penelope Wateriield 



John W Whitehurst___. 


Oden Whitehurst 



John Williamson 


Thomas G Williams 

_ 5 

Abel Williamson 


Jesse Warden 

_ 9 

George Williamson 


S Shepherd Woodhouse ' 


John White 




To a true List of the Members of the Vestry Elected by the 
Voters In Elizabeth River Parish To wit : Matthew Godfrey James 
Taylor Matt : Phripp Tho^ Newton Jr Paul Loyall George Abyoon 
Bassett Moseley Arthur Boush John Tabb John Willoughby 
Goodrich Boush & Preeson Bowdoin 

March 11"> 1779 ff Sam' Portlock 

De^ Sherif 


"Princess Anne: At a Court held the 3* December Anno 1735 
^ Anthony Walke Francis Land f ran' mose- ^ 

p'sent > ley Jacob Elligood Will Robinson Ar- > gent Justices 
) thur Sayer John Wishard ) 

^ One of the lost names, but liis daughter, Mrs. William Braithwait, has 
given me the names of twenty- three of her father's slaves, and ■writes, "These 
are all the names I remember. " 

''This appeared in the William and Mary Quarterly for January, 1893. 
James Taylor, mayor of Norfolk 1766, 1778, 1782, 1790; George Abyoon, 
mayor of Norfolk 1754, 1767, 1771, 1774, 1779; Paul Loyall, 1762, 1772, 1775, 
1781 ; Thoms Newton, Jr., 1780, 1786, 1792, 1794. 

GO LowEE Norfolk County Vikginia Antiqitaey. 

"The presentment of the grand jury against Andrew Lee for 
not coming to church is ordered to be dismist he in court profess- 
ing himself to be a Roman CathoHck." 


First Evening. 
I was born in Norfolk, on the 20th day of June, 1750. I was 
the daughter of Maximilian^ and Mary Calvert, of that place. My 
parents had five children besides me, Jonathan ^ Mary, Savage, 
Maximilian, and Margaret. Jonathan, my eldest brother, married 
a Miss Newton, a beautiful girl, with a handsome fortune, by whom 
he had two childi'en, Newton, who died some years ago, and 
Rebecca, wife of Miles King, who died, leaving two sons. Savage 
was some time Sergeant of the Borough, and used to carry the 
mace before the court. He was also captain of a company of vol- 
unteers called the " Fellows." He never married, but died in the 
year . Maximilian,'' my youngest brother, was sent to Wil- 
liam and Mary College before the Revolutionary War. He was a 
most amiable young man, very fond of his books, and always correct 
in his habits. He always attended praj^er in the chapel, which at- 
tracted the attention of Lord Botetourt, who was pleased to take 
notice of him and commend him for it, and the compliment was 
long remembered by my father and mother, and all of us with 
pleasure. He died, however, very suddenly, and his tutor, Mr. 
Johnson, wrote the epitaph, which you have read on his tomb- 
stone in the old chui'ch-yard : 

" Go, my dear youth, obey the call of heaven, 
Thy sins were few, and those, I trust, forgiven ; 
Yet, oh! what pen can paint thy parent's woe, 
God only gives the balm, who struck the blow." 

My oldest sister, Mary (or Polly, as we used to call her), married 
a Mr. Marsden, who was some time in partnership with my hus- 
band. Mr. M. died during the Revolutionary War, leaving my 
sister a widow with three children, John, Nancy, and Betsey. 
Peggy married Mr. Alexander Cowan, by whom she had children, 
William, John, Alexander, and Catharine. My father, Maximilian 
Calvert, was the second son of Cornelius Calvert, who came to this 

country, I suppose, some time about the year , in command 

of a vessel (for he was a sea captain) from some part of England. 
Here he married a girl by the name of Mary Saunders, the daugh- 

My Mother. 61 

ter, I believe, of a country clergyman,' residing somewhere about 
Newtown, in the county of Princess Anne. He was an active, indus- 
trious man, and his wife was a prudent, managing woman, and, 
so, he soon made a clever little estate, and he was enabled to leave 
off going to sea, though he still did business about vessels and had 
some concern in them. He owned three or four lots up town, 
where Mr. Archer's house now stands, and thereabouts; and used 
to employ his boys, as soon as they were big enough, to carry 
stones to make land in the water. He owned, too, I remember, 
four valuable negroes, who were good seamen and brought in good 
wages. Shortly after his marriage, and before he left the sea, he 
made a voyage to England to see his mothor, who, residing, I 
believe, in some part of the country, received him with great kind- 
ness; but, having now married a second husband, could not do 
much for him. However, on his being about to take leave of her, 
she accompanied him some miles, driving him in her chair, and 
when they came to the place where they must part, she said to 
him: "My son, we are about to separate, and I never expect to 
see you again in this world ; I am soiTy I have nothing to give 
you but this ball of yarn. Take it. It will serve you to mend 
your stockings when you get on board the ship. I suppose you 
mend yoiu' stockings ? And mind, you must unwind it yourself." 
So, my grandfather took the ball, and feeling it to be very heavy, 
when his mother had left him, he was very anxious to find out 
what might be in it, and long before he got to the ship, unwound 
the ball, and found, to his gx'eat joy and surprise, sixty soHd gold 

After my grandfather left the sea, and was growing old, he be- 
came, if he had not already been, very pious, and was always read- 
ing his Bible and writing verses on it. To be sure, they were the 
roughest and hardest-going verses in the world, but he took great 
pleasure in writing them. The very Bible is now in the posses- 
sion of Capt. Tucker, who married, 3'ou know, a granddaughter of 
the old man. He had eleven sons, ten of whom lived to grow up 
and become masters of ships, and two daughters. The sons that 
gi'evv up were: Jonathan, Maximilian, Cornelius," Thomas, Saun- 
ders, Joseph, William, Christopher, John, and Samuel. The 
daughters were: Mary, who married Col. Lawson, of Petersburg, 
by whom she had Mrs. Chandler and Mrs. Cartwright. The hojs 
were all wild and mischievous, and fond of sport and frolic. The 
old man, indeed, was very strict with them, and every evening he 
would have them called in to sit in the corners of the wide old 

62 LowEB Norfolk County Virginia Antiquaey, 

chimney-place, to behave while he sat reading his Bible and writ- 
ing his verses in the margin ; and so wholly wrapped up would he 
be in the employment, that the boys, or some of them, could easily 
manage to steal out (especially as I think he was a little deaf, too) 
to play their pranks and return without being missed from their 
places. And many pranks indeed did they play. There was one 
old woman, in particular, whom they were fond of teasing with 
their tricks, a poor old Mrs. Ai'cher. She would be gone abroad, 
and being to return, as they knew, through their father's yard to 
her own dwelling, they would slip out while the old gentleman was 
poring over his book, and stretch a string, over which poor Mrs. 
Archer would be sure to fall sprawling on the ground. Suspecting 
them, of course, she would go in to the old gentleman to complain 
against them : " Captain Calvert, I do declare you have the worst 
boys in all the town. I declare you must have something done 
with them; indeed, you must." Then she would tell her tale. 
But he would answer: "Why, Madam, I am sorry for your fall, 
but you must be mistaken in supposing that my boys have had 
any hand in it, for, I can assure you, they have not been out of 
their seats all this evening; and here, you see, they are." And so, 
indeed, they were there, all trying to look as grave as judges, and 
hardly able to contain themselves and to keep from laughing out. 
The old gentleman died some time before his wife, who hved to 
a good old age, and saw all her sons grown up and masters of 
vessels. The oldest of them, as I said, was Jonathan. I do not 
know that I ever saw him, but he died at sea ; for I remember that 
one winter day, when it was very cold and snowing very fast (the 
winters then were much harder than they are now), the vessel of 
which he had gone out captain came sailing into the harbour with 
the sails all set and frozen, and steering about in a very wild manner, 
which made those who saw her think that all was not right on 
board. So some of them went to her, and found that the captain 
had died at sea, and had been buried in it; and that several of the 
men were frozen to death, and others down with the small-pox, 
and one of those four negroes of my grandfather's was at the 
helm. So they took command of her, and brought her, too. 
{To be Continued.^ 

' Copy of Memoir of Mrs. Helen Eead (in tlie State Library, Richmond, 
Va.), entitled My Mother, written from his mother's lips, by the late "William 
Maxwell. ■ Part I. 

1 Bom in Norfolk, Va., February 27tli, 1784 ; died near Williamsburg, June 9tli, 1857 ," 

My Mother. 63 

Part II., Containing the subsequent history and death of Mrs. Bead in 
Norfolk in 1833, was destroyed by fire during the late Civil War. 

Private Note by Mks. M.'- — "When Gen. LaFayette visited Norfolk in 
1824, as a youthful friend of the family, I was invited to be present at his in- 
terview with Mrs. Read, who at that time was in excellent preservation, though 
seventy-four years of age. In her matronly cap and dress of black satin, she 
looked every inch a queen, and the scene can never be forgotten, as, with her 
graceful manners and address, quite in keeping with his ease and politeness, 
they talked of former days. In proof of his remarkable memory, I may men- 
tion that the General spoke of Capt. Maxwell as familiarly as if they had just 
parted, calling him by his army sobriquet, and making many pleasant allusions 
[to their intimacy] while in the service of the country. In dignity and grace, 
as well as conversational gifts, Mrs. Eead was, indeed, ' a woman among a 
thousand, ' and there was truth in the remark which she once made with great 
simplicity : ' I think I am something out of the ordinary line. I have been in 
all sorts of company in my time. I have talked with the poorest people, giv- 
ing them advice, etc., . . . and with the greatest and most fashionable people 
in the land, and have felt myself perfectly at home and at ease with them 
alL' Her powers of narration were admirable, and often in childhood, with 
rapt attention, I have sat at her feet while, with graphic skill she would recall 
the stirring scenes of the War of the Revolution. Since then, alas ! a change 
has come over the spirit of my dream, and the events of that period seem now 
to have paled before the unwritten experiences of our late gigantic strife. 
Her portrait is still among my remains, though its life-like eloquence of ex- 
pression has been marred by a gash from a Federal sabre during the sacking 
of our residence on the Peninsula. This, however, will but impart additional 
interest to the picture ; and the Virginia matron of the olden time may now 
descend to posterity as the heroine of tico wars. " 

-Will of "Maximilian Boush, the elder, gent," of Princess Anne county, 
Va., made August 15th, 1727, proved April 3rd, 1728, "I give unto my god- 
son, Max' Calvert, his Uncle Lemuel's new suit of cloaths." Elected mayor 
of Norfolk June, 1765, and June, 1769. 

3 At William and Mary College in 1771. 

■» At William and Mary College in 1770. 

* Jonathan Saunders was the minister of Lynhaven Parish in 1695. May 
4th, 1699, Hugh Campbell brought suit against "M"" Jonathan Saunders, and 
Mary his wife, adm'' of Thomas Ewell, dec'd, for 1066' of tob and Caske and 
ten shillings. " March 6"', ^ ^ ° ° Mrs. Mary Saunders, widow of M-^Jon^ Saun- 
ders, granted admr on his estate, he dying intestate. Ben" Borr" security. 
July 1"' 1702, "Doct"^ W" Hunter Suing m' max" Boush as marrying w*'' Mary 
Eelict of m"" Jon* Saunders Dec'd," and November 7"', same year, sued him 
"for a Cure Don on Tho: Ewell ye Sun in Law" (step son) "of ye s' Saun- 

« Elected Mayor of Norfolk, June, 17G8, and June, 1778. 

member of the Legislature in 1831, and State Senator in 1834-'38, and was President of 
Hampden-Sidney College from November, 1838 to 1844, and was Editor of the Virginia 
Historical Register from 1848 to 1853. He graduated at Yale 1802, and was admitted to prac- 
tice law in Norfolk in 1808, and in 1827 established the Lyceum for public lectures and the 
meeting cf literary societies. 
- Widow of William Maxwell. 

64 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 



Linhaven] At a Vestry held the Seaventh of July 1725 

Parish ) Lt Co^ : Max' : Boush ] /-n ttt •, 

^T n- ■, ^ . n r Ch. Wardens 

M John Cornick 3 

Prsent Co^ Edward Moseley ' Capt John Moseley « ] 

Cap' Henry Chapman M'' John Bolithoe ^ j tt + 
Cap* Anthony Walke Charles Sayer T ^ 

Capt Francis Land M"" William Ellegodd j 
Pursuant to the Act of Assembly intitled an act for y^ better & . 
more effectual improving y** staple of Tobacco (by which it is 
enacted that y" Vestry of every parish appoint two persons in each 
precinct to examine & inquire of y^ names & number of persons 
allowed by y'^ said act to tend Tobacco & the crops of the several 
planters within y^ said precinct & ye number of plants growing 
on any & every plantation or plantations within y*^ same) the 
Vestery do appoint George Kempe & Amos Moseley * in y" Eastern 
Branch precinct, John Wishard & Thomas Hunter in Little Creek, 
W" Poole & Edward Land iny^ Western Shore, Henry Wood- 
house & Thomas Haynes in y° Lower precinct of y® Eastern Shore, 
Francis Woodhouse ° & Luke Moseley ® in ye" Upper precinct, 
Cornelius Jones & Malbone Simmons in Knots Island, Will: 
Corbell & Adam Tooly in Black Water, & thereupon ordered that 
they duly execute & perform what is injoined them by said act 

i- Vestrymen 



Princess Anne County) At a Vestry held the 23"^ day of Feb- 
Lynhaven Parish j ruary, 1779 
Present, M' Anthony Walke Jun^ Church Warden, 
M"' James Kempe, M' John Ackiss 
M^Tho' R^ Walker, M^ Edw'* H. Moseley Jun^ 
M"' George Durent Corprew & M'' Joel Cornick J 
The following persons are appointed to procession the lands in 

' and - sons of William, son of William Moseley, merchant of Rotterdam, 
Holland, who settled in Virginia in 1649. 

' Came from Cornwall, England ; was a tanner. 

■* Son of Arthur, sou of William, the immigrant. 

^ Son of William, son of Henry, who settled in Virginia in 1637. 

* Brother of Amos. 

Two Early Philanthropists. 66 

this County agreeable to an order of the Court of the said County 
passed the 12"" day of June 1778, yiz: Thomas Ewell & Henry 
Collins in Little Creek precinct, William Thorowgood Jun' & 
James Tenant in the lower precinct of the Western Shore, William 
Hancock & Enoch Whitehurst on the South side of the Eastern 
Branch precinct, James Moore & TuUy Robinson on the North 
side of Eastern Branch precinct, Joshua Whitehurst & Jeremiah 
Land in the Upper precinct of the Western Shore, Horatio Cor- 
nick, Jacob Keeling, Joseph White & Edw'* James in the lower 
precinct of the Eastern Shore, Cap' William Woodhouse, ' John 
James (son of Edward), Dennis Dawley & Charles Waterman in 
the middle precinct of the Eastern Shore, John.Cason Jun^, Tully 
Barnes, Nathan Munden & Nathan Cornick in the Upper precinct 
of the Eastern Shore, William Read & Caleb Old in Black Water 


"Att a Councill held at James Citty Jan'y 27*": 1691 p^Sent 
The R' Hono^'^ Francis nicholson '^ Esq' their Majties L' Govn' 
and Councell Cap' Hugh Cambell in a petion to the R' Honble 
their Majties L' Govn"" which his Hono"" Cased to bee Read haveing 
Sett forth that the Inhabitants att Black wather in Isle of White 
County and the Inhabitants in and about Sormer towne in Nansi- 
mond County and the Inhabitants upon North River in Norfolke 
County Liveing att great Distances from any Churches or Chap- 
pells very Seldome have oppertunity to bee att the publick worship 
of god and Conceiveing it would tend to the more Christian Live- 
ing of the p'^Sons in those plases if in ach of them there were Some 
p''Son appointed Every Sabath Day to Read prayers and a Sarmon 
Espicaley in the winter when it is Impossibell for them to goe to 
Church, w"** Said Readers hee alsoe Sett forth might for their 

' Son of Captain William Woodhouse, Sr., son of Henry, brother of Francis. 

'^ Sir Francis Nicholson was born in 1660; received an ensign's commission 
in the army June 9th, 1678 ; made lieutenant May 6th, 1684 ; Lieutenant- 
Governor of Virginia 1690; January, 1694, Governor of Maryland; in 1698 
returned to Virginia, and remained there until 1705; in 1713 was made Gover- 
nor of Acadia, and in 1719 Governor of South Carolina. He was knighted in 
1720, returned to England in June, 1725, and died in London March 5th, 1728. 
He was a friend of education, which he did all in his power to advance, and 
exerted his influence to promote the welfare of the clergy. He was one of the 
founders of William and Mary College, of which he was one of the first trus- 
tees, and to which he gave three hundred pounds. 

66 Lower Noefolk County Yieginia Antiquaey. 

Encoragm' bee admitted to teach Scolle In those places and for 
the Ease of the Charge of maintaining the p''Sons to bee apointed 
Readers hee the Said Campbell proposed that hee would give two 
hundred acres of Land in Each of the fore said places for them to 
Live on or Six thousand pounds of tobac" towards the purchSing 
two hundred acres of Land in Each of the Said places if his Land 
Shuld nott be Judged Convenient allsoe that hee would give three 
hhds of tobac" towards the purchasing of three bibles for the pub- 
lick use of the people in y" places afore Said and the Said Camp- 
bells proposall being approved Liberty is heeareby Given him to 
performe the Same & the Courts of the Respective Countyes are 
to take Care that it bee forthwith Done & that the p''Sons to be 
appointed Readers bee Conformable to the Docktrin of the Church 
of England as it is Established by Law, and to Second Soe pious 
and good a Designe when the Same ShaU bee SeteUed the R' 
Hono'''" ffrancis nicholson Esq' their Majtie L' Govn' Doth promise 
to give his part of the marriage and ordinary L^^cences in the 
Said Countyes towards Defraying the Charges thereof as alsoe is 
pleased to give his part of the Marriage and ordinary Lycences in 
princess Anne County to the Lihabitants of the back parts of the 
Said County to bee Disposed of to the Gory of their Majties 
Service and this Cuntryes good 

Cop" : Vera : 

Test W" Edwards CI Cor 
Recorded 14 June 1692 " 

Genealogical Research. 

¥ ¥ ¥ 

Revolutionary and Colonial 
Pedigrees Traced. 

Military Service of Ancestry 


Mrs. Sally Nelson Robins, 

Assistant Librarian, Virginia Historical Society. 

A. J. Ackiss, 

Princess Anne Court House. Va. 



Xowcr IRortolk 
County IDirGtnia 

¥ ♦ » 
jebwart) M, 3ame0. 


E|slTS, No. I. PART 3. 

Slave Owners, Princess Anne County, 1810, 69 

The Norf (|^ Publick School, _ 78 

The Church in Lower Norfolk County, 81 

The Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775, William Nimmo, 85 

'•My Mother,". ...^-ss^^ 96 

Vestrymen Portsmouth Pftfisn, lTf9, 102 

Mary Moseley'^hoppifig BjJ!', 103 

Going to ChmehAfijaed,. 103 

Lower Norfol^BJJBBrty Libraries, 104 

Public Sch|^BI^riucess Anne County in 1736, 106 

co|v1teNts, No. i. PART 2. 

Slave Owners, Princess Anne County, 1850, 39 

Newton — Washington Letters, 44 

One of the Duties of Vestrymen, 45 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775, Anthony Lawson, 45 

James Silk Buckingham, 55 

Witchcraft in Virginia, 56 

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Vestrymen of Elizabeth Eiver Parish, 1779, 59 

Andrew Lee, "Roman Catholic," 59 

"My Mother," 60 

Tobacco Commissioners, Princess Anne County, 1725, 64 

Processioners of Land, Princess Anne County, 1779, 64 

Two Early Philantropists, 65 

For sale by Geoege M. West, 909 E. Main St., Eichmond, Va. 

J- W. Eakdolph Co., 130-1 E. Main St., Richmond, Va. 
Price, 50 cents, sent to any address. 

No. 1. p»»T3. ' ■. r, w . I-' y 






Whittet & Shepperson, General Printers. 








Robert Alls 


William Burrows . 


Elizabeth Ackiss 


Amos Benson 


Thomas Atwood 


Cornehus Buskey . 


Robert Adderson 


Elizabeth Batten . 


Aaron "FB"^ 
Frederick Ansell 


James Bonney 
Harrison Banks . 


Edward Atwood 


George Bashaw . 


Edward Allen . 


John Bivin . 


Francis Ackiss Jr , 


Joseph Benthall . 


James Absloin 


Thaddeus Bowman 


John Abslom . 


John Banks . 


WiUiam Ashby 


Wniiam Brewer . 


John Ansell 


William Butt 


William Axtead 


Travy Burrows 


John Atwood . 


Edward Brown of Smith 


Francis Ackiss Sr 


John Buskey 


Jonathan Ackiss Sr . 


Robert Benthall . 


Thomas Ackiss 


Charles Burgess . 


WiUiam Bishop Jr . 


Charles Barnes 


Moses Bonney 
Lanfair Bui'gess 
William Boush Jr 
Edward Brown of Edwarc 




P 6 

Jeremiah Butt 
Anthony Butt 
John Bonney of John 
John Brown of Hezakiah 



David Butt 


John Barnes 


Moses Brock 


Samuel Brown 


Mary BarweU 


Thomas Brown 


Anthony Burrows 


Maxa Bolt . 


' F. B. and F. Blk mean free black. 
' Edward Brown son of Edward Brown. 


Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

WiUoughby Bolt 


Caleb Boush 


John Bolt 


W" Boush Sr 


Josiah BeU 


WiUisButt . 


Elizabeth Brown 


John P Biddle 


Boush Butt 


John Biddle 


Reuben Brown 


Sarah Caraway 


Kedar Brown . 


Margaret Calvert 


David Busten . 


Josiah Cook . 


Anthony Brown 


Thomas Corprew W. N. 


Francis Barnes 


Jesse Capps. 


George Butt . 


Lydia Capps 


Diana Bonney 


Hillary Capps 


Richard Bonney 


William Corbell . 


Sarah Brock . 


W" Campbell 


Anna Bonney . 


Joshua Cone 


Charles Brock 


Hillary Cone 


Jonathan Bonney 


David Cooper 


Tully Barnes Sr 


Jno Cox of Geo 


George Boothe 


Frances Capps 


Noah Brock 


Jeremiah Cane 


Cornelius Brock 


Henry Cavender 


John Bright 


John Cannon 


John Bonney of Jon* 


Frances Capps 


Edward Brown of Moses 


John Cox 


Thomas Bonney 


Ehzabeth Cannon 


W" Banks 


Sol" Capps of Jno 


Jn" Banks Jr . 


Mary Cavender 


Heniy Brock . 


John Cumberfoot 


Henry Bonney 


Henry Capps 


John R Baley . 


Luk Creekman 


James Braithwait . 


Martin Cummins . 


Gaskins Brock 


Lemuel Curlin 


Mary Buskey . 


Elizabeth Corprew 


W" Bishop 


John Cannon of Pungo 


W" Benthall . 


Maryan Capps 


» West Neck. 

^ One of the three districts into which Princess Anne county is divided, 
formerly one of eight precincts of Lynnhaven parish. As it took its name 
from an estate bearing this name, there was a Pungo within a Pungo, and as 
this lead to frequent and amusing mistakes, the inhabitants were, by those 
ignorant of the fact, erroneously accused of being ashamed of the name of 
their precinct. 

Slave Owners, Princess Anne County, 1810. 


Jacamine Cason 


Mary Drewry 


Mary Capps . 


David Dawley 


John Capps . 


W" Dudley . 


Hillary Capps 


Robert Dudley 


Chai-les Capps 


Willoughby Dyer . 


Anna Capps . 


Lewis Drayton 


John Craft 


Samuel Drayton 


Ansell Cox 


Edward Diggs 


Joseph Corprew 


Horatio Davis 


W" Cannon . 


Lewis Dey 


Avarilla Capps 


SoP Duncan F. B. 


Molly Cox 


W" Davis 


Morris Capps 


Caleb Dawley Sr . 


Rodey Capps mv^ W" ' 


Nathan Doudge 


Joel Capps 


Jennet Dyson 


Sally Corbell . 


Jn» Etheredge 


Lydia Capps 


Henry Edmonds 


Lancaster Capps . 


W" Edmonds 


Henry Cornick Sr . 


James Etheredge . 


John Cornick 


John Ewell . 


Lemuel Cornick 


Mary Etheredge 


W" B Cornick 


James Ewell . 


Thomas Calvert 


Ezekiel Ewell 


W" M Christian . 


Moses Eaton . 


Ezekiel Cox . 


Robt Etheredge 


Thomas Cornick 


W"Ellegood . 


Henry Cornick Jr . 


Mary Frizle . 


Adam Cornick 


Emanuel Fentress . 


Elizabeth Cornick . 


Nath" Flanagan 


Endym" Cornick 


Joshua Fentress Sr 


Thos Corprew B. "W. 


John Fentress of Geo 


Jonathan Corprew 


Edward Fentress . 


Durant Corprew 


Major Fentress 


James Dyer . 


Aby Fentress 


Henry Davis . 


Thomas Fuller F. B. 


David Dimbar 


Jno Fentress of Jno 


W" Doudge . 


Malachi Fentress . 


"W" Davis 


Lemuel Fentress 


Richard Davis 


Joshua Fentress 


Tully Doudge of Job 


Jn" Fentress of Joshua 



idow of William Capps. 


Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

John Frizle . 


Joshua Holmes 


Isriel Fisher . 


Josiah W Hunter . 


Moses Fentress of Jn" 


James Heath 


Peter Fentress 


W" Holt 


Jeremiah Fentress 


Jesse Hill 


Moses Fentress Sr 


Thomas Henley Jr 


Jonathan Fentress 


Jas Henley 


China Gibbs F. B. 


Simon Hancock 


John Gornto . 


Erasmus Haynes 


James Grimstead . 


Thurmer Hoggard 


James Gaskins 


Jonathan Hopkins 


Charles Griggs 


Jeremiah Hosier 


Reuben Gornto 


Bland an a Hunter 


John Garrison 


Tho' Henley of Cor' 


Edmond Garrison . 


Jas Humphries 


Joseph Grant 


John Haynes Sr 


George Guy . 


Tho' Humphries 


Matthias Griffin 


John Henley 


John Griffin . 


Charles Henley 


W" Godfrey . 


John Haywood 


Joel Gammon 


Cha^ Hartley 


Matthew Godfrey . 


Ja' Harrison . 


Joel Gisbon . 


Tho* Harrison 


Arthur Gornto 


Keziah Hopkins 


Thomas Grimstead 


John Haynes Jr 


W" Green 


James Haynes 


Kiziah Garriot 


Elizabeth Hunter 


Franky Griffin 


Jonathan Hunter 


Martha Gornto 


W"' Hartagan 


Geo S Gaskins 


Jesse Ives 


Joseph Grey 

. 12 

Tho^ Old Ives 


W" Holmes . 


Bartlet Ives . 


W" Hutchins 


Edward James S" 


Jacob Hunter 


John Johnston 


W" Hudgin . 


Kiziah Jobson 


George T Hall 


Edward James ' 


Elizabeth Haynes . 


Eebecca Jones 


John Hunter . 


Henry James 


Thomas Hunter 


Tho^ James' . 


W" Hardason 


Betty James . 


' Son of Captain John 

James, deceased. ' Thomas W 



Slave Owners, Peinoess Anne County, 1810. 


W° James Sr 


Adam Lovett 


W" James Jr 


Langley Land 


Jn" James Jr . 


Enoch Land . 


Elizabeth James 


W" Land 


Joshua James 


David Land . 


Edward James of W° 


Joshua Land 


The' Keeling S^ . 


Henry Lewis 


Isaac Keeling 


John Lewis . 


W° Keeling . 


Adam Lovett Jr 


Henry Keeling 


Reuben Land 


Jn° KeeUng . 


Richard Land 


Peggy Keeling 


Joshua Lawrence . 


John Kilgore 


Henry Lemounfc 


Henry Parsons KeeUng 


Geo Lewis F. B. . 


John T Keeling 


Anthony Lawson . 


Thos Keeling Jr 


Evan Legget 


W" T KeeUng 


James Legget 


Elizabeth Keeling . 


Jn" Livingston 


Molly Keeling 


Batson Land 


Jacob Keeling 


Robert J Legget . 


W" Kays 


Richard H L Lawson 


Isaac Land 


John S Lovett 


"W" Lufman . 


Francis M Land . 


James Land . 


Ree Land 


Jn° Lovett Jr 


Peter Land . 


Simon Land . 


Hillary Land 


Eeuben Lovett S' . 


John Lovet Sr 


Batson Land of Hora 


Molly Land . 


Reuben Lovett Jr . 


Simon Murden 


John Lester . 


Kedar Moore 


Ja' Lewis 


David Matthias 


Lancaster Lovett . 


Elizabeth Matthias 


Caleb Land . 


Doctor Ja° Moseley 


TuUy Land . 


Hillary Moore 


Robert Land . 


Lydia Moore 


Lovey Lane . 


Peter Malbon 


John Le Tellier 


Malachi Murden 


Elizabeth Land 


Isaac Matthias 


Letitia Land 


David Malbon 


Molly Lovett . 


John Munden 


Randolph Lovett . 


W" M'Clelan . 



Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

Henry K Manning 
James Marno 
Jn» Moore B. S.' 
John Mills 
Kose Martin . 
Nathaniel Mears 
Elizabeth Mackie 
Ja" Mills 
Jn° Morrisett 
Philip Malbon 
Tully Moses . 
W" M'Coy . 
Elizabeth Moore 
Malachi Moore 
Cason M'Clalin 
Malachi Murden B. W.' 
Caleb Moore . 
W" Moseley . 
Ja' M'Clalen of Joab 
Ja' Murden . 
Daniel Murden 
Henry Murden 
Henry Moore 
Ja' Moore D. N.^ 
Enoch Moore 
Moses M'Clalen S' 
Moses Mc'Clalen Jr 
John M'Clalen 
Christopher Moseley 
John Mackie 
David S Murray 
Tho' M'Clalen 
Ja' Moore of Cason 
W"* Moore of Cason 
Ja' Malbon . 
Francis Malbon 
John Malbon 
Abslom Malbon 
John Moore . 
W" Murphey 

2 Nathan Munden 

1 Joel Morse 

9 David Morse 

6 Joel Morris . 

1 David Morris 

4 Jn° M'Clalen N. C/ 
8 Molly F Blk . 
1 W" Matthias Sr 

6 Jesse Morris 

1 Doctor Jas McAlpine 

2 TuUy Moseley 

7 Mary Moore Jr 

1 Henry Mackie 

8 Edward H Moseley 

2 Isaac Murray 

7 Amy Moseley 

5 James Norris 

1 W" Norris 

2 Sowell Norris 

2 George Norris 
4 Nathaniel Nicholas 

3 W" J Nimmo 
2 W" T Nimmo 

4 Nancy F Blk 
2 Harris Nelms 

6 W'" New sum 
2 John Nimmo 
1 Jane Otterson 

15 Covington Otley 

18 Elizabeth Oliver 

17 Natham Oakum 

1 Joseph Otterson 
6 Cornelius Ostean 
4 Frederick Old 

2 W" Pebworth 
4 John Petty . 
1 Francis Petty 
6 Lemuel Peade 
1 Sarah Pebworth 

8 Mary Petty . 

' Bay Side. * Black Water. * Dam Neck. * Nanny's Creek. 

Slave Owners, Peinoess Anne County, 1810. 


Edward Petty 


Daniel Shurley 


Jb° L Pebworth 


Andrew Smith 


Matthew PaUett . 


Molly Scott . 


John Pallett . 


Ja' Stephans . 


W" J Pebworth . 


Ja' Scaff 


Tiilly Philips 


Hillary Snail . 


Labin Pettit 


Jonathan Smith, 


Horatio Parsons 


Isaac Sheerwood, . 


Jeremiah Plummer 


Isaac Scott, . 


Charles Paydon 


Ja^ Stone 


Thomas Powel, L. B. 


Miles Smilt . 


Nathl Payntar 


W" Shepherd B. B. * 


Kiteley Philips 


W"SoreyS^ . 


Col° Ja' Eobinson . 


W" Sorey J^ . 


John Kose 


Ivy Sorey 


W"" Eaney 


Philip Sorey . 


Peggy Robinson, . 


Jn° Simmons B. W. 


Thomas Eobinson . 


Malachi Styron 


John Eeade . 


Henry Simmons 


W" Randolph, 


Peggy Shipp . 


Lovey Reads . 


Reuben Shipp 


Elizabeth Roberts . 


Jn" Smith of Diff . 


Ja' Robinson of A . 


Ja" Smith of Diff . 


Charles Robinson . 


Jn° Simmons . 


MaryRaney . 


John Shipp 


James Raney . 


John Simmons, Pungo 


Edward Seymore . 


Isaac Smith . 


Josiah W Slack 


W" Seneca . 


Henry Sparrow 


Jesse Seneca . 


Simon Stone . 


Eustice Stripes 


Johnson Stone 


Charles Smith 


Thomas Stone 


Henry Trower S' . 


Charles Sayer 


George Throp 


John Smith Carpenter 


Aaron Timberlake, 


Cha' Smith K V > 


Henry Turner, 


Bartlet Shipp 


W"" Truss 


Jn" Smith Jr . 


Fanny Vashon F. B. 


Henry Styron, 


George Valentine F. B. 


Dainger field Stark . 


W" Vangover 


Jn" S Salusbury 


Caleb Vangover 




'Back Bay. 


Lower Nobfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

Jacob Valentine 




W-^CVeale . 


Edward Wilson, 


Jas B Vaughan 


Arthur S Woodhouse 


Bobert Waterson . 


Anthony Walke Jr . 


Jn» Whitehurst 


W" D Woodhouse . 


Moses Williamson S"^ 


Dennis Whitehurst 


Tho'^Wrigbt . 


Jon* Woodhouse 


Cha' M Woodhouse 


James Warden 


Jn" Williamson 


Francis Wilkinson . 


W" Williamson 


Tho' E Walker 


Charles Wray 


Mary Williams 


Jon^ Woodhouse J' 


W" Wilkins S' 


Joshua Whitehurst . 


John Wilkins . 


Caleb Whitehurst . 


Christopher Whitehurst 


Oden Whitehurst . 


Ja' Williamson 


Joshua Williamson 


George Whitehurst 


Jn" Whitehurst of Sim" . 


Henry Williamson . 


Abraham C Willaroy 


William Williams . 


Ja' Whitehead 


Joseph Williamson 


Major Whitehurst . 


Kobert WilHamson . 


Willoughby Whitehurst 


Caleb Willian S' . 


Hillary Whitehurst, 


Nancy Whitehurst . 


Henry Whitehurst 


Horatio Woodard . 


Caleb Ward . 


Corprew Wickins . 


Christ' Williamson . 


Josiah Woodard 


Batson Whitehurst T ' 


Lemuel Williamson 


W" West S' . 


Horatio Woodhouse 


Thomas Wormsley . 


Nathaniel West 


Moses Williamson B Sid 

e 1 

James Wickins 


Mary Warren . 


Jimima Wallace 


James Watson 


John Wickins 


John Ward . 


Henry Woodard 


Moses Wilber 


George Woodard . 


Thomas Wilkins 


W" WilUams B. W. 


Moses Whitehurst . 


Jesse Woodard 


John Whitehurst . 


WiUoughby West . 


Josiah Williamson . 


Thomas West 


Keuben Wiles 


Joshua Wright of Jere 


John Widgen . 


Tho' Woodhouse 


Isaac Widgen 


W° Wright . 


' Tabernacle. 

Slave Owners, Princess Anne County, 1810. 


Maiy "Whitehurst . 


W" B Wilkins 


Frances Whitehurst 


Philip Wichard 


Jn" Whitehurst of Jno 


Sarah Whitehurst . 

W'Ja^ . 


Anthony WaJke of A 


John Woodhouse S' 


Anthony Walke S' . 


Henry Wells . 


Edmond Winder . 


EHzabeth Weeks . 


John Woodard 


Daniel Whitehurst . 


Ann Williamson 


Rich"* Whitehurst of Ja^ 


Nath'' Whitehurst . 


Tully Whitehurst "A B " 


Ja^ Whitehurst of Ja" 
John Wichard 
Ja' Whitehurst of Jn" 
Eliz'' Watters . 
David Watters 
Charles Whitehurst S^ P 
Ja^ Woodhouse of Ja^ 
Frances Woodhouse 
Mary Ward . 
Henry Woodhouse of Ja 
Mary Waterman 
Malachi Williamson 
Hillary Whitehurst 
Francis Williamson 
W" Williamson 
LodaTvick Williamson 
W" Williams K I * 
Mary Ward . 
Francis Wright 

In addition to the slaves whose owner's names have been given, 
there were on the plantations of — 

10 Jno Nivison . 

W" Boush . 

W" Cuthburt . 

Geo Finch 

Jno Hopkins . 


Geo Mcintosh 

5 Susan Smith . 

5 Jno Stone 

4 Arthur Taylor 

3 Littleton W Tazewell 

2 Jas B Warren 

16 Swepson Whitehead 




The names of the slave owners are taken from a census report 
labelled "A Copy of the 3"* Censos To remain at the Clerk's office 
for the inspection of all concerned W" Bishop Ass' to The Mar- 
shal of the Virginia district." The report is dated 15* December 
1810. W" Bishop was married to Miss Anne Carmichael by the 
Reverend Anthony Walke on the 29'" of December, 1789. He was 
a Vestryman of Lynnhaven Parish, Princess Anne county, from July 
10'^ 1806, to April 9"', 1814, being Church Warden from March 
ll'^ 1810, to April 9'^ 1814. His will was made Feb. 10% 1814, 
proved April 4"*, 1815. He left a widow Anne, and daughter 
Eliza, and appointed his brother James Bishop, executor. He left 
a plantation of 111 acres of land. His appraisement was made 

Ashby's Bridge. 

" Knott's Island. 

78 Lower Norfolk County VmaiNiA Antiquary. 

April 12"", 1815. Among other things mentioned were 12 negroes, 
5 horses, 30 head of cattle, 22 sheep, 11 lambs, 28 hogs, and 9 
shoats, riding chair and harness, one clock, $50, suit bed curtains 
$15, black walnut bedstead $15, one backgammon box, coffee pot, 
tea pot, lot table china, mahogany desk and its contents, lot of 
books $3, one buffet, glass doors $15, mahogany sideboard $15, 
glass and china on sideboard $5, and a small table with books 

The report shows that there were in the county 2681 white 
males, 2624 white females, 267 free negroes, and 3926 slaves; 
that 646 heads of families owned slaves, and that 421 did not, and 
that of the slave owners, nine were negroes, and that they owned 
fourteen slaves. 

This appeared in the William and Mary College Quarterly/ 
historical Magazine for January and July, 1894. 

This Indenture made this 13**" day of Novem"" one thousand 
Seven hundred Twenty and Eight Between Sam' Boush and Geo: 
Newton ffeofees in trust for y^ disposall of Norfolk Town land of 
y' one part and Sam" Boush jun" Sam" Smith and Nath" Newton 
Gent in y* af* Town of Norfolk for y* uses intents and purposes 
hereafter mentioned of the Other part Wittnesseth y' y^ said 
Sam" Boush and Geo: Newton have for y® Consideration of j* sum 
of q'y of fifty pounds of Tobacco to them in hand paid by the said 
Samuel Smith Sam" Boush J"^ and Nath" Newton Gent y® Receipt 
"whereof they do hereby acknowledge have bargained and Sold by 
those presents do bargain and sell unto the said Sam" Smith Sam" 
Boush jun' and Nath" Newton for y* proper use of y* Inhabitance 
In Norfolk Town for y* Erecting a school house (one lott of half 
acre of land lying and being on y" South East side of y" Street go- 
ing out of Town Beginning at a Corner Stone of M' Math'' God- 
freys lott lying on y' Street Side & Running thence along y® side 
Street Westerly thirty Eight degrees two hundred Seventy Six 
foot to a Stake, thence South Easterly fourty four Degrees Eighty 
three foot to Stake, thence South westerly thirty Eight degrees two 
hundred Seventy Six foot to a Stone of y® afore s'^ Godfreys, 
thence North Westerly fourty four Degrees Eighty three foot 
bounding on Godfreys line to y* first mentioned Station To have 
and to hold y* said lott or parcell of Land and all and Singu- 

Norfolk Public School. 79 

lar other y* premises therein mentioned and Intended to be hereby 
bargained and Sold w*" there and Every of there appurtenances 
for y® uses of y* Inhabitance for y° building a School one y" same 
& for y® use of any Schoolmaster or masters y® said S: S: S. B: 
N N: or any two of them shall Imploy at any time y" said Inhabi- 
tance yielding and paying yearly therefore one grain of peper com 
at y* feast of S' Michaels only if y** same be lawfully demanded to 
y" intent that by Virtue of these presents and by the Statute for 
transferring uses into posesion y" s** Sam" Smith Sam" Boush jun' 
and Nath' Newton for and in y" behalf of y^ said Inhabitance In 
Norfolk Town) may be in y® Actuall posesion of y® premises and 
Inabled to accept a grant of y® Ke version and Inheritance thereof 
In Wittness whereof y® s* Samuel Boush and Geo Newton have 
hereunto Sett there hands & seals y'' day and year first above 

Signed Sealed and Delivered ) Sam" Boush & Seale 
In the presents of us. i George Newton & Seale 
James Nimmo) 
Solo Wilson ) 

acknowledged in Open Court held the IS"* of 
Novem'' 1728 by Sam" Boush and Geo Newton 
and on Motion of Sam' Smith Sam' Boush and 
Nath' Newton is Admitted to Record. 

Test Solo WUson C Cur 

This Indenture made y' 14"" day of Novem" one thousand 
Seven hund"^ Twenty Eight Between Samuel Boush and Geo: 
Newton ffeoffees in trust for y* disposal! of Norfolk Town lands of 
y* one part and Sam" Smith Sam' Boush jun' and Nath' Newton 
gent in y^ Af Town of Norfolk for y® Uses intents and purposes 
hereafter mentioned & for no other uses of y* other party Witt- 
neseth that y' said Sam' Boush and George Newton have for y" 
Consideration of y* Sum or quantity of one hundred pounds of 
Tobacco, to them in hand paid by the said Sam' Smith Sam' Boush 
jun^ Nath' Newton for y* proper use and behoof of y* Inhabitance 
of Norfolk Tovm for Ever and for no other Desire or use whatso- 
ever or purpose for y^ Erecting building & keeping the Same for a 
Schoolhouse for Ever for y* said Inhabitance of Norfolk Town, 
that is to say one half Acre or Lott of land lying and being on y* 
southside of y" Street going out of Norfolk Town beginning at a 
Comer stone of M"^ Matth" Godfreys lott lying on y® street side 
and Rimning thence along y^ side Street Westerly thirty Eight de- 

80 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

grees two hundred Seventy Six foot to a Stake, thence South 
Easterly fourty four degrees Eighty three foot to a Stake, thence 
South westerly thirty Eight degrees two hundred Seventy Six foot 
to a Stone of y* af* Godfreys, thence North westerly fourty four 
degrees Eighty three foot bounding on Godfreys line to y^ first 
mentioned station. To have and to hold y^ said half Acre or lott 
of land and all and Singular other y^ premises herein mentioned 
and Intended to be hereby bargained & Sold with these and every 
of these appurtenances for y* uses of y'' Inhabitance for Norfolk 
Town for Ever for y^ building a Schoolhouse on y^ Same and part 
of y^ house for y^ use of y® schoolmaster or masters that y"" said 
Sam" Smith Sam" Boush jun' and Nath' Newton or any two of 
them shall or may Imploy & in Case of the Death of y^ said Sam" 
Smith Sam" Boush or Nath" Newton y" two Surveyors of them to 
Chuse any other person So that y" number of three Gent shall al- 
ways Continue that they or any two of them may always agree w'" 
a schoolmaster for y^ Inhabitants of Norfolk Town which Said half 
Acre or lott of land is now in y* Actual possession of y* said Sam' 
Smith Samuel Boush and Nathaniel Newton by Virtue of a bar- 
gain and sale to them thereof made for y^ use of a School for the 
Inhabitants of Norfolk Town for y* Terme of one whole Year bareing 
date y^ day next before y^ day of the date of these presents and by 
force of the Statutes for transferring uses into possessions they 
might be y^ better enabled to have a grant of the Same lott or half 
Acre of land for y*" use of a school for y^ Inhabitance of Norfolk 
Town for Ever. In Wittness whereof we the said Samuel Boush 
and George]Newton Feoffees in Trust for y" disposing of the Town 
land in This County of Norfolk^have hereunto Sett our hands and 
Scales the day and Year first above Written and mentioned. 

Signed Sealed & Delivered) Sam" Boush & Scale 
In the presence off — us. ) Geo: Newton & Seale 
Solo Wilson] Acknowledged in Open Court held y^ IS*'' of 
Jam^ Nimmo ) Novem"" 1728 by Sam^ Boush and Geo: Newton 
and on Motion of Sam^ Smith Sam' Boush and Nath' Newton is 
Admitted to Record. 

Test Solo Wilson CI Cur 

Norfolk I 

County ) At a court held the 15*'' day of November 1728. 

Present Col Sam" Boush Maj' W" Craford M^ Sam' 
Smith Cap* Sam' Boush Cap* Tho= Wil- 
loughby M' William Wilkins. 

The Chukoh in Lower Norfolk County. 81 

The ffeoffees deeds to M^ Smith Cap' Sam" Boush & Major 
Nath' Newton for lands In Norfolk Town for a school house is 
Ack** and ordered to be Recorded. 

Norfolk County At a Court held for laying the Levy the lO'*" 
Day of November 1731 
present Colonel Samuel Boush Lieutenant Colonel 
George Newton & Gentlemen Justices 
To Cap' Samuel Boush p Deeds for y* School land 150.' 
XI. And whereas, at the time of laying out the aforesaid town 
of Norfolk, a lot or parcel of land was laid ofif and set apart for 
the use of a school, for the benefit of the inhabitants of the said 
borough and county of Norfolk, which said lot or parcel of ground 
is capable of being improved and built on. Be it enacted by the 
authority aforesaid, That the court of the said county of Norfolk 
and the mayor recorder, and aldermen, of the said borough, or 
the major part of them, shall have power and authority to build 
on, or let, the said lot or parcel of land, for any term of years, for 
the use and benefit of the said school, and to provide and agree 
with an able master for the said school, capable to teach the Greek 
and Latin tongues; which said master, before he received or ad- 
mitted to keep school, shall undergo an examination before the 
masters of the college of William and Mary, and the minister of 
EHzabeth parish for the time being, and produce a certificate of 
his capacity, and also a license from the governor, or commander- 
in-chief of this dominion, for the time being, agreeable to his 
majesty's instructions, which said master, qualified as aforesaid, 
shall continue in such office during his good behaviour, and no 
longer. (From An Act to explain the Charter and enlarge the 
Privileges of the Borough of Norfolk, and for other Purposes there- 
in mentioned. Passed in 1752.) 


"At a Court houlden in the Lower Count of New Norfolke the 

15"^ of May 1637.* 

Capt Adam Thorowgood Esq"^ 
Capt John Sibsey Mr fifrancis Mason 
Mr Edward Windham Mr Robt Came 
IVIr Wniia Julian. 

' Pounds of tobacco. 

" Appeared in the William and Mary CoUege Quarterly for January, 1894. 

82 LowEE Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

Mr John Wilson' minister of Elizabeth River ordered to marry 
Thomas Hughs to Sarah Purflit widow by order of Sir John Harvy 

26"" Oct 1637 W" Shipp ordered to pay George White of Nansa- 
mund Clarke one hundred and fif teene pounds of tobacco and foure 
barrells of Indian Come. 

At a Court houlden in the Lower Count of new Norfolke 21 of 
NovemV 1638. 

Capt Adam Thorowgood Esq 
Capt John Sibsey Mr Willia Julian 
M' Edward Windha Mr ffrancis Mason 
Mr Henry Seawoell. 

Whereas their hath beene an order of Court granted by the 
Governor and Counsell for the Building and erecting of a Church 
in the upper ... of this County with a reference to the Com- 
mander and Commissioners of the sd County for the apointing of 
a place fitting and convenient for the situation and building thereof, 
the sd order being in part not acomplish. But standing now in 
elsortion to be voyde and the worke to faU into mine. Wee now 
the sd Commissioners taking it into consideration doe appoint 
Capt John Sibsey and Henry Seawell to procure workemen for the 
finishing of the same and what they shall agree for with the sd 
workemen to be levied by the apointment of us the Commis- 

At a Court in the lower Count of new Norfolke the 6"" of ffruary. 

Whereas it doth appeare that John WUson* of the lower Count 
of Norfolke Clarke hath Bought of Robt Page merchant as many 
goodes as doe amount to the value of eight hundred forty nine as 
X appeareth. It is . . . therefor ordered that the aforesd John 
Wilson shall within ten dayes after ye date hereof pay the aforesd 
Bume of tob or else execution to be awarded. It is likewise furder 
ordered that the aforesd John Wilson shall pay unto Nathan 
Stainsmore the summe of two hundred and eightie pounds of tob 
within the space of ten dayes after the date heereof being due y 
account the Last yeare. 

' The Rev. John Wilson is of historic importance, from the fact that he was 
the first minister, so far as is known, who was in Elizabeth River Parish, 
Lower Norfolk County, Virginia. Bishop Meade, in his first volume, page 271, 
says : " I state it on the authority of one who would not speak unadvisedly, 
that in the year 1637, one John Wilson was minister of Elizabeth River Parish, 
in Norfolk County." These extracts probably contain all that will ever be 
known of him, 

* Appeared in the William and Mary College Quarterly for January, 1894. 

The Chuboh in Lower Norfolk Countt. 88 

At a Court holden in the lower County of Norfolke the fourth of 
March 1638. 

Whereas it doth appeare that John Wilson ' of the Lower Nor- 
folke Clarke was indebted unto John HiU the last yeare five 
barrells of Corne, by non . . . payment whereof the sd John Hill 
was inforced to buy Corne at the rates of one hundered poundes of 
tob a barrell. It is therefor ordered that the fore sd John Wilson 
shall pay the sume of three hundered waight of tob and two 
barrells of Come unto the sd John EQU, within the space of 
ten dayes after the date heereof, or else exquition to be 

Whereas it doth appeare that John Wilson ^ Clarke hath received 

great losse and damage by not his Corne due the last yeare 

for tithes. It is therefor ordered that all such persons as the sd 
John Wilson shall make appeare to have denied the payment thereof 
shall pay unto the afore sd John Wilson after the rates of one hun- 
dered poundes of tob a barrell. 

Oct 18'" 1639. Whereas it doth apeare to this Court that 

hath most falsely scandalized Capt Adam Thorrowgood as 

by suficiente witnesse apeareth. It is therefore ordered y' the 

afore said shall for the saime offense aske the said 

Capt Thorrowgood forgiveness here now in Coiirt and on Sunday 
come sennight at the pish Church at Linhaven. 

Att a Courte houlden att W" Shipps the 25 of May 1640. 
Capt Thomas Willoughbie Esq' 
Capt Jno Sibsey LLeftent ffrans Mason 
•M' Hennie Sewell M' W^ Julian. 

Whereas the Inhabitants of this Parrishe beinge this day con- 
vented for the pvidinge of themselves an able minister to instructs 
them concerninge their soules health m' Thomas Harrison tharto 
hath tendered his srvice to god and the said Inhabitants in that 
behalf wch his said tender is well liked of, with the great appro- 
bacon of the said Inhabitants, the pishoners of the Parrishe Church 
at m' SeweUs Pointe who to testifie their zeale and willingnes to 
pmote gods service doe hereby pmise (and the Court now sittinge 
doth likewise order and establish the same) to pay one hundreth 
pounds starlinge yearely to the sd m' Harrison, soe Longe as hee 
shall continue a minister to the said Parrishe in recompence of his 
paynes, and in full sattisfaccon of his tytes, within his Limitts wch 

' and ^ Appeared in the William and Mary Quarterly for January, 1894. 
* This appeared in the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography for 
January, 1894. 

84 LowEE Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

is to bee payed unto him as ffoUoweth. Cap* John Sibsey, Leiften- 
ant ffranc : Mason, m"' Henry Sewell, are to pay for themselves and 
the Inhabitants of this pishe, from Capt Willoughbies Plantaton 
to Daniell Tanners Creeke Thirty two powndes ten shillings starl- 
inge, m"' Cornelius LLoyd mr Henry Catlin & John Hill are to pay 
for the luhabitants of the westermost Branch and Crauny Pointe 
thirty three pownds starlinge, mr W" Julian m' John Gatear En- 
signe Thomas Lambeth mr Thos Sawyer Thomas Meare and John 
Watkins are to pay thirty six pownds Starlinge for the Inhabitants 
from Danyell Tanners Creeke ov"" all the Eastward & southward 
Branches, In wittnes .... whereof wee the sd und' takers have 
hereunto subscribed ou"' hands Ensigne Tho Lambeth Willm Julian 
Cornelius LLoyd John Sibsey John Galear Thom Sawyer Henry 
Catlin ffranc Mason John Watkins Thom Meare John Hill Henry 

' Whereas there is a difference amongst the Inhabitants of tha 
fforesaid Pishe, concerninge the imployinge of a minister beinge 
now entertayned to live amongst them. The Inhabitants from 
Danyell Tanners Creeke and upwarde the three branches of EUiza- 
beth river (in respect they are the greatest nomber of tithable per- 
sons) not thinkinge it fitt nor equall that they shall pay the greatest 
pte of one hundred pownds wit is by thaffore Sd order allotted for 
the ministers annuall stipend unlesse the Sd minister may teach 
and Instruct them as often as hee shall teach at y** pishe church 
siytuate at m' Sewells Pointe. It is therefore agreed amongst the 
Sd Inhabitants that the sd minister shall teach evie other Sunday 
amongst the Inhabitants of Ellizabeth River at the house of Robert 
Glascocke untill a convenyent church be built and Erected there 
for gods Srvice wit is agreed to bee finished at the charge of the 
Inhabitants of Ellizabeth River before the first day of May next 

At a Court houldinge at 
Will-" Shipps the 6"^ of July 1640 

Present Capt Thomas Willoughby Esqr 

Cap' John Sibsey m'' Edward windham 
M' Henry Seawell m' William Julian 
m' ffrancis masson. 

* Whereas it appeareth to this Court y' pson Willson was in- 
debted in his life time to William Shipp tenn Barrells of Corne w"" 

' This appeared iu the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography for 
January, 1894. 

"^ This appeared in the William and Mary Quarterly for January, 1894. 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety 1775. 85 

the said Shipp did turne over to Savell Gaskine it is therefore 
ordered that ye said GaskiDge shall collect ye said Corne of all 
such psonns as owe any tithes to ye Parrsonne Willson except- 
inge m' mears and m"^ Sawer who have pd there tithes to m' powes 
Clark for the last yeare. 

Churchwardens appointed for the pishe of 

Church Leftent flfrancis Massonne 

War Mr Thomas meeres 

Elizabeth Kiver 
August 3* 1640. The deposition of Thomas Bullock Aged 28 
yeares examined & sworne Saith that Edward lillie beinge att the 
howse of y'® said Bullock beinge discourse w*** him about m"' Hayes 
& Concerninge the church Edward Lillie said that m' Hayes did 
Eaile upon this depont & m' Burrouges & Will" Davis and said 
they weare a company of Jackanapesses & had nothinge but a 
littell Cornor Law amongst them & that m' Hayes them to do therre 
worke slightly and an easier way. 

Jacob Bradshaw Aged 25 yeares Deposhed saith That Edward 
Lillie being att m' Hayes Howse the said Hayes asked him why he 
did not gett forward the Church worke ye sd Lillie answered y' he 
vould not goe forward for want of nayles & other Irone worke the 
said Hayes furnished him psently w'" nayles and bid him hire Xpo 
fer the Joyner to helpe for a month and also the Said Hayes tould 
the said Lillie that he would come also and helpe him worke a fort- 
night & by that time they should have donnt & finisht y"" worke & 
further Saith not. 


» ^o"" February 1722 Mr James Nimmo's suit against " mary wis- 
hart was at the defendants request ordered to be continued to the 
next court, and on March B"" Mr Nimmo refusing to prosecute was 
dismissed, and on the eame day Mrs "margret Johnson " widow 
and executor of Jacob Johnson the younger was ordered to deliver 
to James Nimmo and Mary his wife, Johnsons daughter, "half of 
a negro called moody & one third" of the decedents personal 
estate due by audit. October 7"* 1724 "In the action upon the 
Case James Nimmo pit and Simon Hancock Sen' Defend' for two 
pound fifteen Shillings by account for Schooling, the pit haveing 


86 Lower Noefolk County VniGrNiA. Antiquary. 

prov'd y^ Same by one witness: its Considered & by the Court 
awarded that y" Deft pay the plaint his claim (worn) Said with 
Costs alias Exec°." 

Princess C At a Court held the third of ffebruray 
Ann 1 1724 

Col Edward Moseley Cap' John Moseley \ 

p'sent m"^ John Corrnick Cap' Anthony Walke > Justices 
m^ Christ"^ Burro wgh Cap' Hillary Moseley ) 

"Whereas maj"^ maxim' Boush Churchwarden of Linhaven Parish 
informed the Court that m"^ James Nimmo had entertained in his 
house a free negro man call'd Ben which came from Hampton & 
did Suppose y'' Said Negro might in time become a charge to ye 
Said parish by reason of ye Loss of his hands whereby he was un- 
capable to Labour, ye Said Nimmo being at the barr did promise 
& oblige himseK & his heirs to keep y^ Said parish harmless from 
all Trouble or charge that may hereafter accrue on y® ace' of y* 
Negro afore s'^ March S"* 1724 Ordered that martha Courtney 
daughter of John Courtney be bound to m' James Nimmo untill 
She come of age She being eight years of age this month that he teach 
her to read ye bible distinctly to Sowe knit & Spin & Such other 
housewifery as is fit for her to Learn that he Carry her to ye elks 
office & take Indentures for that purpose. 

May 1" 1728 his Negro girl Nanney lately imported into the 
colony was adjudged to be nine years old and ordered to be a " Tyth- 
able." In an indenture made the 19'" of February 1726 and re- 
corded March 1" the same year " James Nimmo & Mary his wife 
and John Hunter & Jacamine his wife of" Princess Anne Coimty, 
for 40 pounds current money of Virginia sold Francis Moseley and 
Margaret his wife 100 acres of land in Little Creek, part of that 
Six hundred acres formerly possest by Jacob Johnson dec'* of the 
aforesaid county "in Lieu of one hundred acres of Land Sold by 
~^ . said Johnson to Cap' william Smyth late of the Said County d.^ . ' 
/ \ father to y^ Said margret wife of y^ Said ffra' but being thereof 
' Diseired by Bartho : wilHamson of y® Said County is by y^ Said 
one hundred acres of Land made good to y*^ said ffran' moseley & 
margret his wife" "by vertue of a warren tee descending upon 
them y* Said James Nimmo & mary his wife & John Hvmter & 
Jacamin his wife" made & acknowledged to y' Said Cap' wiUiam 
Smyth" by y* Said Jacob Johnson" "the aforeSaid himdred acres 
Begining at a white oak markt Standing on brane mark point 
near y* beaver dams." On August the 2°'* 1727 Certificate was 

Prinoess Anne County Committee of Safety 1775. 87 

granted James Nimmo and Mary his wife for obtaining " Letters 
of adm'con" on the estate of William Johnson, brother to Mary 
Nimmo, they making oath that he died without having made a will 
"So farr as they" knew or believed. June 20"* 1728 They sold 
Jeremiah Langley of Norfolk county for seven pounds current 
money of Virginia " one moyetie of a certain Tract of marsh & up- 
land" "being upon the Sea Side in" Princess Anne County, "by 
Estimation two hundred acres " " bounding upon Leamons marsh 
& is the Same moyetie or hundred acres of marsh which Jacob 
Johnson y* elder" "by his last will, "devised to William & Jacob 
Johnson dec'd grandsons of y^ Said Jacob, bearing date" may 27'" 
1710 " y® said " 100 " acres of marsh being the moyetie of Said two 
hundred acres lying undivided between" "James Nimmo & mary 
his wife & John Hunter & Jacomine his wife." By Indenture made 
August 1"' 1733 James Nimmo and Mary his wife and John Hunter 
and Jacomin his wife, "Sieters & coperceners of william Johnson 
dec'd" sold Bartho Williamson for 40 pounds current money of 
Virginia one hundred acres of land in Little Creek. Feby 6"* 1733 
Mr James Nimmo and Mary his wife and Mr John Hunter and 
Jacomin his wife sisters of William Johnson dec'd sold to James 
Carraway, for 20 pounds Virginia money a tract of land on the 
western Shore, called Laboiir in Vain, containing 67 acres. In a 
deed made June 7"" 1732 Colonel Edward Moseley "in Considera- 
tion of the love good will & affection which" he bore to James 
Nimmo gave him " one half acre or Lot of land" "in New Town " 
"being the Southernmost lot of" his "Six Lotts & quarter of a lot 
lying in the Letter F," and in May 1743 he, James Nimmo, gave 
Charles Smyth, in Newtown, liberty to build a school house upon 
the same. 

He was Clerk' of the Church "Linhaven Parish" Princess Anne 
County, from November 20"^ 1723 to October 5'" 1733 and Vesty- 
man of "Linhaven" Parish from August 11'" 1733 to October 13'^ 

Linhaven j At a Vestery held the third of June an" 

Parrish | 1728. 

Maj' Antho: Walke & Capt Fran' Land 

Ch Wardens. 

' Co' Edward Moseley Cap' John Moseley 

_,, . M' John Bolithoe Charles Saver ,. , 

P'sent -{ ,,, ^, TT TtTr /^ T7- ^ Vestrymeu 

M"" Thomas Haynes M"^ George Kempe 

, M^ SoP White J'. 

' Salary 1500 lbs. of tobacco yearly. 

88 LowEK Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

Whereas the Vestry has had occasion to imploy M"^ James Nimmo 
in a message to the Governor with a petition for removing M'' Thomas 
Baly ' who contrary to the desires of this Vestry insisted on being 
Our Minister, the said Nimmo haveing expended some money in 
his journey; its therefore ordered that he be allowed and paid his 
expense out of the money received at Communion times and that 
there be leavyed five hundred pounds of Tob° in y° next parrish 
Leavy for him in consideration of his trouble going & returning 
on y*' message aforesaid. 

This day agreed with M" James Nimmo to goe on a second mes- 
sage to the Governor for which he is to be allowed ^ & paid as 
much & after y'' same manner as for the first being soe ordered by 
the Vestry. 

He acted as the King's Attorney for Princess Anne County 
June 5'" 1728, and on the "Sixth of December" 1732 he qualified 
to practice in the Princess Anne Court, and was the Kings At- 
torney for the county from November ^ 12'" 1735 to November * lO**" 

On April 6"" 1737 he took " all ye oaths to ye Government Sub- 
scribed ye Test also the oath of a Surveior " * and was admited to 
Execute the Said office" in Princess Anne County. He acted as 

' Princess (At a Court held the fourth of July 1728 
Ann 7 Coll Edward Moseley maj'' Anthony Walke. 
\ Cap' ffrancis Land m'' Jacob Ellegood ) 
p'-sent jmrQeorgeKempe Cap' Robert Vaughan) '^^^^^^^^ 

Whereas upon the Complaint of Anthony Walke & ffrancis Land gent 
Church-wardens of Linhaven Parish Thomas lovell Edings was brought before 
y worship" Edward moseley & by him bound over to Court to answer his 
Contempt in entertaining and harbouring m"' Thomas Baily after the publica- 
tion made by y'' Said Church wardens that none Entertain him in their house 
& persisting to encourage ye Said Baily to the disturbing & disquieting the 
people of the parish; whereupon its Considered & by the Court ordered that 
ye Sherriff take ye Said Thomas into Custody till he give bond in the sum of 
ffifty pounds Current money with Security for his good behaviour for twelve 
months and pay Cost. Edings, who was also known by the alias of Wyat, 
married the widow of John Cornick. 

2 At a Vestry held the 18''' of October 1728, the Parish was debtor for 1000 
pounds of tobacco "To M"" James Nimmo for going to W"'^burg abt M^ The 
Baily by agrm'." 

^ and * The first and last time the county was debtor to him for his salary. 
For 1735 and 36 he received 500 and afterwards 1000 pounds of tobacco 
yearly. In 1736 he was mentioned as Captain James Nimmo. 

^ Princess Anne April 6"^ 1737 "The Court haveing heitherto omited to pay 
the proceeding Surveiors for their books of Survey's & Entry's & now takeing 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety 1775. 89 

Kings Attorney' for Norfolk Count^jagua ry 10^'' 1738, and h eld_ 
the office from November* 24"^ 1841 to November' 27'*^ 1752. 

In the Name of God Amen I James Nimmo Sen' of Princess 
Ann County in Virg* being Sick & Weak &c. Item I give the use 
and Labour of my Negroes Windson Nan Eose Sarah Dianah 
Cherry and Essex to my loving Wife Mary * Nimmo during her 
Natural Life Except as hereafter Excepted Item I give and be- 
queath to my Son William Nimmo my Negroes Bobb Harry and 
Jone to him and his heirs forever. Item I give and bequeath to 
my Son Gershom^ Nimmo my Negroes little moody Argall & 

y* Same into their consideration & being of opinion that it was highly neces- 
sary that those books Shood be preserv'd for the future, Doe order that m" 
Elizabeth Boush & Cap' Nathaniel Newton in whose possession y« Said books 
are Deliver them to Cap' James Nimmo p'sent surveior of this county : y* court 
hereby obleiging themselves to leavy in the next County Leavy Such a Sum of 
Tobacco (for y Said Books as Shall be thought a reasonable Satisfaction for 
them) to Each of the aboveNamed persons." Nov 19 1737 "To Cap' Nathaniel 
Newton for the Surveiors booke 250 " tobacco. 

^ Norfolk County 20"^ November 174| Capt James Nimmo " took the Oath 
prescribed" to prevent Lawyers Exacting or Receiving Exorbitant ffees." The 
Court Records of Norfolk County are defective and I do not know when he 
first held the office. 

' and 2 The first and last time the County was his debtor for salary. November 
24'" 1741 the county was debtor to him for " SalP^ last year & this 2000 " Iba 
tobacco. (Afterwards he received 860 per year,) and December 21'' 1753, was 
debtor to The Executors of Ja" Nimmo late Kings Attorney 28G lbs tobacco. 

^January 29"^ 1756, Mary Nimmo, widow of James Nimmo, Gent, dec'd, 
for the love which she bore her son William Nimmo, gave him the plantation 
on which she was living, which was one half of the plantation her grandfather, 
Jacob Johnson, left his grandsons W™ and Jacob Johnson, her brothers, then 
dead, she reserving the use of the place during her life to herself in common 
with her son William. The other half was held by Jacob Hunter in right of 
his mother Jacomine who was sister to Mary. 

^ Feby V' 1753 Mr Gershom Nimmo of Norfolk County ordered to make a 
"Compleat Plan " of Norfolk Borough. March 16"' 1753 qualified as surveyor 
of Norfolk County. Justice of Princess Anne from August 22'"' 1753 to Octo- 
ber 17'", 17G3, then sheriff to October 1"', 1764. Know all men by these 
presents that we Gershom Nimmo Andrew Stewart & Jacob Hunter of Princess 
Anne Count}' do owe and stand justly bound and indebted unto our sovereign 
Lord King George the third in the full and Just Sum of five hundred pounds 
Current Money of Virginia to be paid convenient in the County aforesaid to 
the true performance whereof we bind ourselves our Heirs Exors and Adm'^^ 
jointly and severally firmly by these presents Witness our Hands and Seals this 
25"' day of December 1763. The condition of the above Obligation is snch 
that whereas the above bound Gershom Nimmo Gent is constituted and ap- 
pointed Sherif of the County of Princess Anne during pleasure by Comission 

90 Lower Noefolk County Vibginia Antiquary. 

Savinah to him and liis Heirs forever. Likewise I give to my said 
Son Gershom Nimmo all that Tract and plantation of Land I 
bought of Ja' Fentriss to him and his Heirs forever. Item I give 
to my Son Jacob' Nimmo all my Land and Marsh at Nannys 
Creek to him and his heirs forever. Notwithstanding which said 
Gift It is my Will and Desire that my said son Jacob shall not 
hinder my Son James Nimmo from Carrying his Stock of Cattle to 
the said Marshes if he like so to do. Item I give and Devise to 
my Son James Nimmo my Negroes Kate Great Mudy & pleasant 
to him and his heirs forever to be immediately in possession of 
them after my Decease I likewise give to my said Son James 
Nimmo all my Lotts or peices of Lotts in Newtown to him and his 

the Governor under the Seal of the Colony dated the seventeenth Day October 
1763, if therefore the said Gershom Nimmo Gent shall well and truly collect 
all Quitrents Fines Forfeitures and Amarciaments accruing or becoming due to 
his Majesties in the said County and duly account, and pay the same to the 
Officers of his Majesties Revenue for the time being on or before the second 
Tuesday in June annually and shall in all other Things truly and faithfully 
execute the Office of Sherif during his continuance therein then the above Obli- 
gation to be void otherways to remain in full Force and Virtue. 

signed sealed and Delivered ^ Gershom Nimmo & Seal 
in the presence of > Andrew Stewart & Seal 

the Court ; Jacob Hunter & Seal. 

Princess Anne At a Court held 20"" December 1763. 

The above Bond was Ack'' Open Court by Ger- 
shom Nimmo Andrew Stewart & Jacob Hunter & 
ordered to be recorded. 
His will was made 17"' September 1764 & recorded November 20**^^, the same 
year, children James, "William, Gershom. His widow Elizabeth, daughter of 
Maximilian Boush, son of Maximilian the immigrant, in 1766 married Jacob 
Hunter. His appraisement made December 21'* 1764, recorded February 19"", 
1765, contained among other things 1 Desk & Book case £5. 2 large Looking 
Glasses £3. 10. 1 Large Bible 15s parcel old Books 1 China Bowl 73. 6. 5 
case knives & 6 Forks 1 Biding chair & harness £5 1 j)ewter Tea pot 2 Kilns 
Bricks £15 5 horses 44 hogs 10 cows, calves, Bull Steers 13 Negroes 65 Barrels 
Corn 75 Bushels Oats. Jacob Hunter Eobert Williamson and Will Wishart 
appraisers. Extracts from his audit throw light on the times. August 25* 
1766 paid the Eev** M-- Bob* Dickson for the Funeral Sermon £2, March 23, 
1768, Dr John Ramsay 16. 16. 6, August 26 Elizabeth Nimmo as so much paid 
by her to Thomas Newton & Son for Mourning &c 5. 7. 3. March 19, 1764, 
Received of Major Christopher Wright for Hire of Negro Roger in making & 
Burning 18000 Bricks at 3s. p™ 2, 14 October 9"' M'' James Holt for 1400 Bricks 
17s. 6. Dec^ 6, Mr Anth^ Lawson for Bricks 7s. 6. Feby 23, 1768 By Cash 
of Mr Auth Lawson for remainder of the Bricks £15. 

I Will made Oct 20"^ and recorded December 18"^ 1764 Wife Frances, son 

Princess Anne County Committee op Safety 1775. 91 

heirs forever Item I give & Devise to my Daughter Jennet' Nimmo 
my Negroes Hannah Jack and Mott to her and her heirs forever, 
Item I give and Devise to be Equally divided between alP my 
Children after my Wifes Decease all the Negroes which my said 
Wife has the Use of for Life together with all other my Negroes 
not before devised in this my Last Will (my Sons W" Gershom 
and James to allow what they have already given them to make 
the rest of my Children Equal with them) to them and their 
Heirs forever. And further it is my Will and Desire that all my 
Household Goods &c together with all my Stock of Cattle Sheep 
horses and Hogs to be equally divided between my Loving Wife Mary 
and all my Children to them & their Heirs forever Lastly I Nominate 
and Appoint my two Sons W" and Gershom Nimmo my whole & 
Sole Exors of this my Last will and Testament revoking all other 
Wills by me heretofore made In Witness whereof I have here- 
unto set my hand & Seal the 19'" of March 1753 

Sealed and DeUvered * James Nimmo & Seal. 

In the presence of 
Geo Rouviere 
Jacob Himter 
John Harper 

Princess Anne j- At a Court held the 17"^ April 1753 The 

' Married Phillip Dison. 

■^ Two sons Joseph and Johnson are not mentioned in his will by name. 
Joseph died and William as heir at law inherited his property. 

^ Among the things for sale at his store * ' at the cross Roads near the north 
Landing" P. A. Co., at the time of his death, were 9 mens hats, "2 Women's 
white Hats" "3 velvet Bonnets" "19 Books" "13 lb Chocolate" "1 tea 
pott" " 13 lin'' Handkerchiefs" " 1 half hour Glass " " 13 Jews Harps " "19 
linnen Handkerchiefs" " 7 p"" red Gloves " " 3 scarlet Cloaks " " 14 silk Hand- 
kerchiefs " "9 quires of paper " " 8500 eight penny Nails." He left 22 slaves 
valued at £728, 10. His books which were old and much abused were valued 
at £3. His appraisement was made Oct 4'*' 1754, by Samuel Boush, Thos 
Wishart and Wm Hunter. Among other things there were 5 horses 14 hogs 
37 sheep 77 cattle of all kinds Syder still £23 Desk and bookcase £7 1 Tea pot 
and Coffee pot 2s. 5 stocks of Bees £1. 5. Audit made Oct 20*'' 1760 Cash in 
the house £17 "Cash left at his Death that came to the Hands of" "W™ 
Nimmo" £186, 15, 6. Reed of Thos Hodges for Survey £2. 10. Paid Rev Mr 
Robert Dickson funeral Sermon £2. Paid Mr Geo Logan «fe C" p order of Court 
£286. 3. 5. Paid him as attorney for Mr John Nimmo in Scotland £231. 11, 
10^. Received "Doc"" Kenneth M'Kenzies deb* & In* by Bond as account* for 
by M' Rob' C. Nicholas att" att Law in W^'sburg who was empowered and 
employed to sue for & recover £250,, 12„ 5^." 

92 Lower Nobfolk County Vikginia Antiquary. 

Within Last Will and Testament of Cap James Nimmo decs* was 
presented in Court by his Ex'ors who made oath thereto and being 
proved by the Oaths of all the Witnesses thereto is Admitted to 

A copy 

Teste A E Kellam C. C. 

By a deed of lease and release made December 20"" 1750 W"" 
Nimmo Jr of the Borough of Norfolk bought of John Biddle and 
Elizabeth his wife of Princess Anne coimty for 200 pounds Vir- 
ginia money a lot in Norfolk Borough on Church Street beginning 
at a stone " formerly a Corner of Henry Gristock's Land," which 
John PhiUips, Elizabeths father, had purchased of Mr Samuel 
Boush, and on the 26'" of August 1760 he sold the same to "Sam- 
uel Langley of Norfolk Borough Joiner and Cabinet Maker." 
August 21^' 1753 W" Nimmo Jr "Eldest son and heir at Law of 
James Nimmo deed late of P. A. Co., for "Six pounds Nine Shill- 
ings " which had been paid James Nimmo during his life time con- 
veyed to Col Edward Hack Moseley "half of a Lott of Land in 
Newtown" "whereon the New Court house" stood, which lot 
James Nimmo had for the above consideration Agreed to Convey 
to Moseley. 

On the 19"^ of October 1761 he gave his brother Jacob "One 
Negro Woman Slave named Kate & her two children named 
Bab and Dinah." He married Ehzabeth McClenahan,^ October 
21" 1748 was admitted to practice law before the Norfolk county 
court, and was the Kings Attorney for Princess Anne county from 
October 25"^ 1753 to December 7*, 1757, justice from September 
6'^ 1770, to March 12'^ 1778, and from July 10*, 1778 to Novem- 
ber 13"", 1783, then sheriff to January 15'", 1785, and ^justice from 
from August 10'", 1786, until he resigned March 13'", 1787. Was 
the taker of the list of " Tithables " for Little Creek Precinct for 
1771, 2, 3, 6, 9, 82, and was a vestryman of Lynhaven Parish from 
December 14'", 1773, to March 20'", 1780. He lived in Little Creek 
Precinct. In 1771 he owned 7 tithable slaves 419f acres of land 
and one riding chair, in 1775, 10 tithable slaves 476f acres of land 
and one wheel chair, in 1776, 3 tithable slaves 476 acres of land 
and a chair, in 1783, 6 slaves 5 horses 26 head of cattle 

In the Name of God Amen I William Nimmo Senior of the 
County of Princess Anne, in the Commonwealth of Virginia being 

> The Thorowgood family of Princess Anne county, Va., by T. H. Ellis, in 
the Richmond Standard for Saturday, December 17, 1881. 

Princess Annb County Committee of Safety, 1775. 93 

of a sound and disposing mind and memory (blessed be God) do 
make and publish this as and for my last Will and Testament in 
manner and form following : Imprimis, It is my will and desire, 
and I do hereby order and direct, that One hundred and twenty- 
six Acres of Land, being part of the Tract, whereon I now live, at 
the East end thereof, next adjoining the Pleasure House Road 
and leading to Lynhaven river, be laid oflf in such manner and form 
as shall be most agreeable to my Son James Nimmo, and that the 
said one himdi'ed' and twenty six Acres of Land be sold by my Ex- 
ecutors hereafter named at Public sale, for the best price that can 
be gotten for the same, and as much of the money arrising there- 
from as will pay all my Just and lawfull debts be apphed in dis- 
charge and pajTnent thereof, and the overplus and remainder of 
the said money I give and bequeath unto my two Sons William 
Nimmo and Joseph Nimmo share and share aHke to them and 
theu' Heii's for ever. Item I give and devise all the rest and re- 
mainder of the said Tract and plantation of Land whereon I now 
live containing by Estimation (including the piece or parcel of Land 
which I bought of Cap' Frederick Boush called Patiences)^ three 
Hundred and Sixty Acres be the same more or less, together with 
my dwelHng House and all other the houses and Improvements 
thereon, and all and singular the appurtenancies thereunto in any 
wise belonging to my son James Nimmo and his Heirs forever sav- 
ing Nevertheless an equal use occupation and enjoyment of the 
the said remaining part of my said tract and Plantation of Land 
together with all the Houses and Appurtenances thereunto belong- 
ing to my Son Joseph Nimmo, untill the full end and term of 
Twelve Years, and I do hereby Will order and direct, that my two 
Sons James and Joseph Nimmos and their Heirs in case of the 
Death of either of them, shall have, hold, occupy, possess, and en- 
joy, the said remaining part of the Tract and plantation whereon 
I now live, as Tenants in Common untill the full end and term of 
Twelve Years, to be Computed and reckoned from the day of my 
death. Item, I give and bequeath to my said Son James Nimmo 
my Brsindy Still, and my second best Bed and furniture to him 
and his Heirs forever. Item, I will and direct that all my Law 
Books be equally divided between my two Sons James and William 
Nimmos share and share alike to them and their heirs for ever* 
Item I do hereby confirm the Gift and possession which I have 

• Sold for 189 pounds. 

* April 7'", 1773, 57 acres for 120 pounds Va. money. 

94 Lower Noefolk County Virginia Antiquary, 

several Years ago made of my Negroe Woman Slave Sylvia, my 
Negro Boy Tony and Bay Horse called Rhemus to my Son William 
Nimmo and do give and bequeath all my riglit of them to him and 
his heirs forever Item I do also confirm the Gift and possession 
of my Negroe Woman Dinah and all her increase unto my Daughter 
EHzabeth Ghiselin and her heirs forever Item, I give and devise 
unto my said daughter Elizabeth all my Lotts in Newtown, except 
those I purchased of M^ William Robinson, my best Bed and fur- 
niture including the Country made Curtains, to her and her heirs 
for ever : Item, I give and devise unto my said Son William Nim- 
mo all the Land in Newtown which I purchased of M^ William 
Robinson' containing two Lotts, eight square poles, and One hun- 
dred and nine square feet, be the same more or less, as by the 
said William Robinson's Deed of Release bearing date the 30"' 
day of January 1756 will appear, to him my said Son Wil- 
liam, and one Bed and furniture which he is now possessed 
of, to him and his Heirs for ever: Item, I give and be- 
queath unto my said Son Joseph Nimmo my Negroe man Slave 
Ishmael my Negro Woman Sarah and her two children Diana and 
Isabel with all the said Sarah's future increase, together with my 
two Young bay Mares called Flower and Polly, two Beds the 
Chairs, Tables and Looking Glass now in the House together with 
my Kitchen furniture, six Ewes, and two young Heifers, to him 
and his Heirs for ever: Item, I give and bequeth to my four 
Grand Daughters, Mary Darnal, Elizabeth McClanahan Nancy 
and peggy Nimmo Ghiselins three Cows and six Ewes, and their 
future increase to be equally divided between them, share and 
share ahke, yet it is my Will and desire that no division thereof 
should be made till the death of my Daughter Elizabeth Ghiselin, 
imless she ehould chuse it, but that she have the full use and en- 
joyment of them for the support of herself and my said four Grand 
Daughters, should I not be possessed of as many Cows and Ewes 
at my Death exclusive of what I have given my Son Joseph, then 
I direct my Executors to purchase as many as may be deficient out 
of the proceeds of the Sale of my other Estate for the purposes 
aforesaid. Item, It is my further Will and desire, and I do here- 

' January 30"', 1756, For 200 pounds current money of Virginia, a "parcel 
of Land" "in Newtown in the parish of Lynhaven," P. A. county, "Begin- 
ning at a Stone on the South Side of the main street by the end of said Eobin- 
sons Store" "being a part" "of the Lotts of Land purchased by" "William 
Robinson of John Hutchings Sen'' of Norfolk County containing two Lotts 
eight sq poles and one hundred and nine sq"' feet." 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775. 95 

by order and direct, that in Case any of the Sixteen Slaves of mine, 
that went away with the British Enemy should return again, or 
ever be in any wise recovered or reclaimed, or any of their increase, 
that all such slaves should be Sold by my Executors hereinafter 
mentioned as soon as returned or recovered, and the money arising 
therefrom, or such other things as may be got for them, I give and 
bequeath to my four Children, to-wit, James Nimmo, William 
Nimmo, Elizabeth Ghiselin, and Joseph Nimmo to be equally di- 
vided, between them, share and share alike, to them and their 
Heirs for ever. Item, I do hereby order and direct that all the rest 
and remainder of my Estate, of what nature and kind soever not 
hereinbefore given away, be sold by my Executors, and the money 
arising from such Sale I give and bequeath to my two Sons Wil- 
liam and Joseph Nimmos, share and share alike, to them and their 
Heirs for ever. And Lastly I do nominate, constitute, and appoint 
my two Sons James Nimmo and William Nimmo Executors to this 
my^last Will and Testament hereby revoking & annuling all other and 
former Will and Wills by me heretofore made In Witness whereof 
I the said William Nimmo have hereunto set my Hand and affixed 
my Seal this Eighth day of February One Thousand Seven Hun- 
dred and Ninety 
Signed Sealed published 1 

and declared by the said 

William Nimmo the Testator [ William Nimmo Sen' ' 

as and for his last Will and 

Testament in presence of us. J 
WiUiam Nimmo 
Gershom Nimmo 
Jonathan Himter 


Lydia X Mansfield 


^ From W" Nimmo's audit, Jany 17"^ 1791 " To Sundries for funeral expen- 
ces to wit, 3 Gallons spirits 18s. 2 Gallons Maderia Wine 24s. 1 Loaf Sugar 7"" 
8"^ 10s. 6d. £2, 12. 6." August 27 "To cash paid W" Willoughby for Coffin" 
£ "5" May 1798 "To Cash p'^ the ReV^ A Walke for funeral Sermon as p*" 
rec* 403. £2." July 1792 'By Cash of Major William Fishbourn of Charles- 
ton by the hands of m' Ja' Douglass for Negro Sancho, who went off with the 
British £83.18." There were other Nimmos contemporaries of James Nimmo 
who were undoubtedly his relations. "William Nimmo was admitted to prac- 
tice law in P. A. Co., in 1736, and in Norfolk county in 1742, aj^pointed Re- 
corder of Norfolk Borough, July 26, 1745, "in the Room of Col David 
Osheal deceased," and in August 22"** 1748 John Randolph Esq' was appointed 

96 Lower Norfolk: County Virginia Antiquary. 

At a Court held for Princess Anne County the 5^^ day of Sep- 
tember, 1791. The above last Will and Testament of WUliam 
Nimmo Sen"" Gentleman dec'^ was proved according to Law by the 
Oath of Gershom Nimmo and Jonathan Hunter two of the Wit- 
nesses to the same and is Ordered to be Kecorded, 

E H Moseley Clk 

At a Court held for Princess Anne County the 1" day of April 
1793 On the Motion of James Nimmo Gent who made Oath and 
gave Bond with Security according to Law, Certificate is Granted 
them for Obtaining Probat on the Will of William Nimmo Sen"' 
Gent dec*^ in due form. 


Second Evening. 
My father Maximilian Calvert was the second son of Cornelius 
and Mary Calvert. He was brought up to Sea and got to com- 
mand a vessel which trades regularly with the island of Barba- 
does. In this business, although he was not of a penurious cast, 
but of a free, generous disposition, he continued to make some 
money, and especially after he married my mother, who was of a 
more prudent and saving turn. When I first came to know him, 
he had left off going to sea, and was living like a gentleman' on 
his means. He had a wholesale store (kept by his clerks) owned 
slaves and wherries, in which he sent goods to Williamsburg, and 
owned a ship called the Two Sisters. He was a fine, portly man, 
of a handsome ruddy face, and good carriage and address. He 
had a stiff knee — his left knee — and used to sit in consequence 
with one foot a little in advance of the other so. This stiff- 
ness he got, as he told us, in this way. He had been ashore one 
day, while his ship was lyiog in the harbour of Bridgetown, to 
dine with a gentleman of that place, and returning on board 
rather late on the evening, after having dined and drimken pretty 
freely, of course, as the fashion was, he found that the mate had 
turned in and f a^stened the cabin door ; and unwilling to wake him 

to fill the Vacancy caused by his death. January 18"^, 1748, judgment was 
granted his executors, James Nimmo and Thomas Everard, against "William 
Purdy for fifty shillings. Another William Nimmo, known as W"" Nimmo S' 
died in 1770 and left wife Martha (widow of W™ Carraway who died about 
1761) and children, Mary Lesley, Eliz*'', Nath' and Nanny. 

My Motheb, 97 

up, he threw himself on the deck and slept the whole night. But 
the next morning he found that his knee was stiff, from the effect 
of the night air, and all the doctors whom he consulted were un- 
able to restore it again. This defect, however, did not diminish, 
but somewhat increased the stateliness of his gait, by making him 
carry himself still more erect, and his walk and carriage were im- 
posing. He used to dress well, and wore the fine, old-fashioned 
coat with large cuffs and ruffles at the hands. He was of a gay 
and sociable disposition, fond of taking and joking, and lived on 
the best terms with his friends and neighbours. My father was 
fond of good living, and kept a famous cook — poor old Quashabee, 
the ugliest creature my eyes ever beheld, but a capital cook, and 
made the best soups, sauces, gravies, and all such things, in the 
world. He was also fond of good drinking, though he never 
drank to excess. He was particularly fond of arrack punch 
(which, however, he drank weak) and always kept his silver tankard 
by him, holding about three pints, which he would empty two or 
three times a day, till the doctors began to be afraid that he 
would fall into a lethargy, of which he showed some symptoms, 
and limited him to a single one. My father was for many years 
an alderman of the Borough court and sometime Mayor of the 
town. They tell a good story of him while he was so. One night, 
it seems, there was a great riot in Portsmouth from the sailors of 
a Spanish ship, who had broken loose and taken the streets, and 
were carrying all before them. The trustees and citizens came 
out to stop them, but without effect ; when they bethought them- 
selves to send over to the Mayor of Norfolk for help. My father, 
of course, repaired with all dispatch to the scene ; dressed out in 
his best coat, with his long cane, and a posse of gentlemen and 
constables in his train, and rushing at once in the middle of the 
mob, commanded them aU to disperse in the name of the Common- 
wealth. This, however, though somewhat awed by the sound 
of his voice (which he had been used to raise in a gale of wind), 
they were rather unwilling to do, demanded who he was that they 
should obey him. To which, aware of the respect which they at- 
tach to long names, he dexterously replied, assuming his most dig- 
nified air, "I am Don Maximilian de Calverto, Grand Magistrate 
de Norfolco Boro"— upon which, not doubting he was a gran- 
dee of the first rank, they all took off their hats to him and retired 
very peaceably to their ship. This exploit, of course, got him 
great fame in those days. My father wishing to have a country 

98 Lower Norfolk County Viroinia Antiquary. 

Beat for his amusement, purchased a small farm about five miles 
from town, and built a large, handsome house upon it facing James 
Eiver and the setting sun. He imported, also, a Scotch'' gardener 
to plant and dress the ground in taste, and used to have every- 
thing good and agreeable there. He was very fond of this place, 
particularly the garden — though he used to say that every cabbage 
cost him a dollar. He called the place Pomfret, after the poet' of 
that name, whose poem called, "The . . . Choice," had sug- 
gested the idea of getting a country seat. The particular lines 
which struck his fancy, as I remember from often repeating them 
were these : 

If Heaven the grateful liberty would give, 
That I might choose my method how to live, 
And all those hours propitious Fate should lend 
In blissful ease and satisfaction spend, 
Near some fair town I'd have a private seat, 
Built uniform, not little, nor too great 
Better if on a rising ground it stood, 
On this side fields, on that a neighboring pool, 
It should within no other things contain, 
But what are useful, necessary, plain 
Methinks 'tis nauseous, and I'd never endure, 
The needless pomp of gaudy furniture, 
A little garden grateful to the eye. 
And a cool rivulet run murmuring by, 
On whose delicious banks a stately row 
Of Shady limes or sycamores should grow. 
&c., <fec. 

Such was the poet's fancy piece, and my father realized much of 
it in fact. He could not, indeed, get the "rising ground," but he 
had the "fields" and "woods" in plenty, and the "murmuring 
rivulet," all Elizabeth river with its sounding waves. It was, in 
short, a charming spot; and here, he would entertain his friends 
from town, and the officers would come up in their barges from 
the ships as they lay off SeweU's Point, in Hampton Koads. When 
the troubles came on, my father showed himself a good "Whig 
and took sides with our own people agaLast the King. I remem- 
ber him coming in one evening in fine spirits, laughing and say- 
ing to my mother and all of us, " Well, now, take notice, one and 
all of you, that I have joined the Association (against tea), and you 
must drink no more of it — at least, not in my sight, for if you do, 
I shall be obliged to break your China for you." So we banished 
the teapot from the table, but as we could not give up our tea, 

My Mother. 99 

and saw no good to come in spiting ourselves in that way, we used 
to sip a little, now and then, by ourselves. And sometimes, too, 
my mother, waxing bold, would venture to pour it out to us before 
his eyes — but, nota bene from a coffee pot, to which, of course, he 
could make no objection. The truth is, if he was a good patriot, 
he was also a kind father, and naturally disposed to wink at our 
little indulgencies when he knew they could do no harm. After 
the war broke out, he used to receive and entertain all the patriots 
that came this way. I remember particularly that the famous 
General Lee* came to stay at our house. He had on a pair of green 
Sherrj'-vallies,* as he called them, with leather on the inward seam 
and a row of buttons on the out. He brought with him four ugly 
little dogs, which he petted, pestered everybody with, in a nauseous 
style. One of them he called Lady Caroline, and another Lady 
Catharine, and one named Busy, he said he had been obliged to 
leave behind at "Williamsburg to lie in. My father, however, paid 
him all proper attentions, and even showed some regard to his 
dogs, for his sake. "Love me, love my dog." We gave hiaa, of 
course, our great chamber, the best bed-room in the house, with 
two large beds in it, and fitted up in handsome style. To this he 
retired at night with his dogs along with him, but how was my 
good mother scandalized next morning when the maid came to her 
and told her that on going to clean out the chamber she had found 
that the strange General not satisfied with occupying one of the 
beds himself, had actually clapped all his ugly dogs into the other. 
He was indeed a great oddity, or made himself one. Apropos, of 
his Sherry-vallies, I remember some writer, an old maid,« I be- 
lieve, though I forget her name, wrote a piece in a Magazine in 
Philadelphia, in which describing his person, she made particular 
mention of his trousers or overhauls, as she called them. But he 
came out with an answer and begged to set her right, assuring her 
that they were neither trousers nor overalls, but Sherry-vallies, 
such as were worn in his Majesty the King of Prussia's service. 
My father continued to live some time after the war broke out, di- 
viding his time between Norfolk and Pomfret, and some time about 
the year 1780, I suppose, I came down from New Kent, where I 
then resided with my husband, in Capt. Wright Westcott's row 
galley, and under his protection, to pay my parents a visit. I 
landed, accordingly, at Pomfret, where they then were, but on 
touching the shore, my father and mother both came down to meet 
me and warn me o£F, for, it seems, the small-pox, which I had never 

100 Lower Noefolk Coukty ViEamiA Antiquary. 

had, had broken out in the family, and they themselves had been 
inoculated, though they had not broken out. So they embraced 
me tenderly and sent me away with Capt. Westcott, who very 
kindly took me to his own house, until I got an opportunity and 
returned to my own home. This was the last time I saw my 
father, and not long afterwards I heard of his death, and wept for 
the loss of so kind and fond a parent with many tears." 
[7b be contmued'] 


' In England the Heralds College recognizes as gentlemen only those who 
are entitled to coat armour, but the term is legally used of men without occu- 
pation who live on their means, and is in particular applied to those of landed 
estate. A well known work on the subject says that "a gentleman of three 
generations should cede" precedency "to a gentleman of ten, if there be not 
a great disparity between their fortunes" and that "any ordinary landed man 
who has newly acquired his lands " should yield precedency to the gentleman 
of three generations. Formerly the gentry possessed privileges which at the 
present day appear incredible. 

In crimes of the same nature a gentleman was to be "punished with more 
favour than the churl," and his evidence, in testifying, was more authentic. 
In the first half of the seventeenth century, in being lighted through the 
streets dark nights, ' ' courtiers were lighted with torches, merchants and 
lawyers with links, and mechanics with lanthorns. " Hume's sympathy with the 
American colonies in their struggle was largely, if not exclusively, because of 
the contempt in which men of letters were held by the higher classes of Eng- 
lish society. " Walpole remarked to him with covert insolence (11 Nov. 1766), 
you know in England we read their works, but seldom or never take notice of 
authors. We think them sufficiently paid if their books sell, and, of course, 
jeave them in their colleges and obscurity, by which means we are not troubled 
with their vanity and impertinence. " A high born guest at a country house 
once asked who that agreeable man was, and on being told that it was Thack- 
eray the novelist, said, "You surprise me, I thought he was a gentleman." 
As late as 1862 a famous author in one of his novels made a physician say that 
a man on "entering any profession except that of arms or the senate" leftl^his 
" pedigree at its door an erased or dead letter." In England at the present 
day the word has also a broader and more generous meaning, and in the United 
States is applied to every man who behaves himself regardless of occupation 
or social position, and to such a man only. Mrs. Head's use of the word is 
sustained by Sir Thomas Smith and N. Bailey. " He " " who can live idlely, 
and without manual labour and will bear the port, charge, and countenance of 
a gentleman, ' he ' shall be taken for a gentleman. " Sir T. Smith quoted by 
Dr. Edward Fischel in The English Constitution, "In our Days all are ac- 
counted Gentlemen that have Money, and if he have no Coat of Arms, the 
King of Arms can sell him one." Diciionarium Britannicum, by N. Bailey, 

Mt Mother. 101 

* In the IS"' century it was the exception and not the rule when the immi- 
grant paid his own passage. The immigrants were either imported, or made 
contracts with the captains of vessels, who on their arrival sold them privately 
or by public auction into temporary servitude. ' 'Adults were sold for a term 
of from 3 to 6 years and children from 10 to 15 years. Servants signed inden- 
tures and were known as indented servants. The last sales of this kind took 
place in Philadelphia in 1818 and 1819." "As late as 1819 the lower deck of 
an emigrant vessel was no better than that of a slave or coolie ship. " The 
coat of transporting servants to Virginia from England during the 17"' century 
was about six pounds sterling. The servants were sometimes of better origin 
and education than the majority of freeman, and often occupied positions of 
importance and trust. George Taylor of Pennsylvania, signer of the Declara- 
tion of Independence, was a redemptioner, as indented servants were called, 
"and on his arrival at Philadelphia, was bound out to an iron manufacturer 
for a term of years," and about 1776, a gentleman by the name of Palfreman 
■was purchased by Colonel William Preston, " as a teacher for his family. " 
" Princess (At a Court held the 3' December 1740. 
Anne 1 
p'sent Anthony Walke Jacob EUegood ^ 

Nathaniel Newton Edw' H. Moseley > Gent Justices 
James Condon John Nicholas ; 

"Malcom M'Neil this day came into court and acknowledged himself 
justly indebted m"" william Robinson of this County the sum of Twelve pounds 
ten shillings &six pence Sterling money of England being for soe much money 
paid to m'' Archibald M'^neil on the said malcom M'neils ace' by the said Robin- 
son for the said Archibald m'^neils Expence of importing the said Malcom 
M^neil his wife, son Archibald & daughter Floras from Scotland to this Colony, 
& the s'' Malcom m'^neil for himself wife & two children aforesaid hath agreed 
with the said Wm Robinson to serve him his heirs & C in any labor he or they 
are capeable of performing the full term of three years to commence from the 
fifth day of November last part, in full satisfaction for & m discharge of the 
sum aforesaid paid by the said Wm Robinson to the said Archibald M'neil 
which said agreem* being acknowledged in Court by the parties is ordered to 
be recorded." 

"Alexander Thompson came this day into court «fc acknowledged himself 
justly indebted to m"' Edw' Hack moseley of this county the sum of five pounds 
seaven shillings sterling money being for so much money paid m'' Archibald 
M'-'neil on the said Thompsons ace' by the said moseley for the said m'^neils 
Expence of importing the said Thompson & his sons alexand'' & Daniel from 
Scotland to this colony, & the said Ales'" Thompson for himself & two sons 
aforesaid hath agreed to serve the said Edw"* Hack moseley his heirs & c in 
any labour he &, they are capeable of performing, the full term of two years to 
commence from the fifth day of November last past (at the expiracon of the 
time the said Edw' Hack moseley doth promife & agree to give the said 
Thompson two cows & two sows) in full satisfaction for & in discharge of the 
aforesaid sum paid by the said moseley, which Said agreem' being acknow- 
ledged in Open Court by the partys is by the said moseley ordered to be 



102 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

^Born at Luton, Bedfordshire, 1667, died in London in 1703. He was 
educated at Queen's College, and was made Vicar of Maiden, and only failed 
of a living of greater value because a passage in his poem of I'he Choice had 
been misconstrued by Bishop Compton. He was successful in his defence, but 
soon after died of the small-pox. 

^Charles Lee, born at Dernhall, England, 1731, died in Philadelphia, Pa., 
Oct. 2"^ 1782. 

* Thick cloth or leather overalls, tied or buttoned over the trousers, round 
the legs, when riding on horseback, as a protection against mud or dust. A. 
Springfield tailor in 1825 advertised 

Shorrevals and Overalls 
And Pantaloons he'll make 
Cutting too he'll always do 
And will no cabbage take. 

* Eebecca Franks the beautiful and witty Loyalist belle of Philadelphia, 
and daughter of David Franks a wealthy Jewish merchant. She said that Lee 
rode in " old green breeches patched with leather." " He answered her with 
asperity that they were actually legitimate sherry-vallies such as his Majesty of 
Poland wears, who, let me tell you, is a man who has made more fashions than 
all your Knights of the Mischianza put together. " She married "Lieut. -Gen. 
Sir Henry Johnson of the British Army." "She died in 1823." Authorities 
quoted : Stormonth's English Dictionary, The Judicial Dictionary of Words 
and Phrases Judicially Interpreted by F. Stroud of Lincolns Inn, Barrister at 
Law, Debrett's Baronetage and Knightage, History of England by Craik and 
MacFarlane, David Hume in Dictionary of National Biography by Leslie 
Stephen, Aristocracy in England, Badeau, A Strange Story, E. Bulwer Lytton, 
Emigration, in the American Cyclopaedia by Eaton S. Drone, Economic History 
of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century by Philip Alexander Bruce, chapters 
nine and ten, White Servitude in the Colony of Virginia by James Curtis Bal- 
lagh, Appletons Cyclopeedia of American Biography, Princess Anne County 
Records, AUibone's Dictionary of Authors, The Century Dictionary, Costume 
of Colonial Times by Alice Morse Earle, History of Philadelphia by Scharf 
and Westcott. 

At a Court held for Norfolk County at the House of Edmund 
Allman the 18"^ Day of February Anno Domini 1779 

James Webb James Taylor ) Q.g„ i. 

Matthew Godfrey Sam' Veale ) 

Present Bassett Moseley \ q^q^i^ 
and Tho' Nash jun"" ) 
This Day Tho' Veale, John Herbert, Sam' Veale, John Morris, 
W" Bailey, W" Booker, George W Burgess, Jn" Baine Wm Moore 
David Porter Joshua Miers and Jn° Bowers took the Oath of Ves- 

Vestrymen Portsmouth Parish, 1779. 103 

try Men for the Parish of Portsmouth ; and Enter on the Duties of 
their Office. 

Thomas Veale Sam' Veale 

John Herbert John Morris Joshua Miars 

William Bailey John Bayne John Bowers 

W" Booker "William moore 

Geo Wright Burges David Porter 

Matthew Godfrey 


M' Jonathan Whitehurst 

for Miss Mary Moseley 

to Wilham White & G" 

Feby 26'*' To 2f yds Linen 7s 6d 2 y'ds Checks 28. 6d. 8 

May 16"^ To 1 Paper Pins 7id. 1 Prayer Book 4s. . 4 7^ 

June 4'>' To 3i y'ds Linen 2s 7 

1 p' w' Gloves 2s. 6d. 4 yds Ribbon 

2s. 8d 5 2 12 2 

IS''' To 6 y'ds stript Linen 20d 10 

i yai'd Cambrick IBs. 6d 3 4^ 

1 Lawn Handkerchief 4 6 

Ip^ Purple Gloves 13 1 10^ 

£2 5 8 

E^ Exd Aug" 22'* 1774 

' William White & Co. 


"At a Common Council held the 7*" day of July 1741 

Josiah Smith Esq' Mayor 
George Newton John Taylor "^ 

Robert Tucker and John Phripp > Gent Aldermen" 
and Ten of the Common Council ) 
"Resolved, That for the future the Inhabitants of this Borough^ 

' Merchants at Kempesville, P. A. Co., Va. "^ Norfolk Borough. 

104 LowEK Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

shall (to prevent any Invasion or Insurrection) be Armed at the 

Church upon Sundays or other Days of Worship or Divine Service 

under the Penalty of Five Shillings to be Recovered before the 

Mayor or any one of the Aldermen to the Informer. 

Josiah Smith, Mayor. 
Test Alex^ McPherson Clk" 


1640 Oct 26"^ John Lanckfield "A bible a Testamt a practis of 


1641 Sept 6'" George Lock and Henry Brakes One Bible one prac- 

tis of piety & Three small Bookes. 
1 644 March 12'" Ceasar Puggett five Small bookes 10 

1646 Dec. 10*" Henry Walters One Bible 40 

" Sep 25* Robert Glascock one Bible and a sermon 

booke 20 

" " " PhiUipp ffeUgate a parcell of bookes 80 

1647 July 3*^ a Psalme booke and a testament 25 

1648 Nov'br 16'" John Yates two Bibles & other old Bookes.. 220 
" July 22°* Jonn Kemp* 

Item seaven bookes of Chirurgerye viz. his 
workes, the Surgions mate, two of Barrowes 
method of phisick pte of the Regimt of 
health, Aristotles problems 200 

Item five Divinity bookes , Viz' a small bible 
Mr Calvins Institutions y" practice of piety 
y'' true watch Christs Combate with Satan, 
the efifectuaU Calling 250 

Item some small bookes of small valew 50 

Pastalls abridgment of ye Statutes & pt of y* 

Court Baron & Leet 200 

" Dec 15 Mr Richard Waked' three bibles 

two & twenty small bookes A bible 

1649 Sept 19'" Mr Edward Hodge 2 books 50 

" January 19'" John Hatton ffoure old bookes 

1651 March 12'" Capt John Gilham 8 ould bookes 100 

1652 June 21" Thomas Casson a pcell of old books all in 

pecis 50 

' The figures giving the value of books, unless otherwise specified, mean 
pounds of tobacco. 

* and 3 Appeared in the William and Mary College Quarterly/ for July, 1894. 



1652 Jan'ry 17"" Robt Powes, Gierke' two & thirtye bookes__ 500 
« Feby 20'" Robert Fowler a Bible 

" Sept 3'* Capt John Sibsey one pcell of ould bookes._ 250 
" Feby 4'" Christopher Burrowes gent one new bible & 

a pcell of other ould bookes 250 

1653 Feby 20"^ James Starlinge 1 bible five bookes 

1654 May 26* George Glayne a Dutch testamt & other 

Dutch bookes 100 

" June 22°* James Starling bookes 40 

" Nov 7'" Lt Col CorneUus LLoyd 3 old bibles 3 olde 


" Feby 15"^ Mr W" Vincent 1 Olde Bible 20 

1655 April 12"^ Lam-ence PhilUpps one Bible 100 

" Oct 3* Eichard Sternell bookes 

" February 14 Col ffran Yardley* 9 books small & great 500 

1666 June ir" Mr Roger ffountaine a p'cll of bookes 400 

1667 Robert Porter one small book 006 

" Dec' 16'" Richard RusselP (will) unto Richard Yates a 

book called Lyons play unto John porter 
Jun'* Six books unto Jn" porter my Exer' 
ten books unto Katherin Greene three 
bookes One book to Sarah Dyer unto W" 
Greene his wife two books & her mother a 
booke unto Anna Godby two books unto Jn° 
Abell One booke in Quarto, unto Richard 
Lawrance one booke 

1668 April 7'" Richard Russell a pell of bookes 500 

" May 7'" Henry Watson a bible & 2 Small books 20 

1669 May 24'" Thomas Watkins foure old books 30 

" Jany 28'" Nicholas Wise a Bible 

' and ' Appeared in the William and Mary OoUege Quarterly for July, 1894. 

' The date of the recording of the will. 

♦Appeared in iheVirginia Magazine of History and Biography for January, 
1894, and the William and Mary Quarterly for July, 1894. 

'Stephen B. Weeks, Ph. D., in his Southern Quakers and Slavery, says 
that John Porter, Junior, was a brother of John Porter, Senior. While this 
may appear odd to us, Charles W. Bardsley, in his Curiosities of Puritan 
Nomenclature, shows that it was in accordance with old Puritan usage. "So 
late as March, 1545, the will of John Parnell de Gyrton, runs Alice, my wife, 
Old John, my son, to occupy my farm together, till Olde John marries; Young 
John, my son, shall have Brenlays land, plowed and sowed at Old Johns Cost." 
"John White, Bishop of Winchester, 1556-1560, was brother to Sir John 
"White, Knight, Lord Mayor in 1563." 

106 Lower Noefolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

1670 May 11'^ Charles Egerton 

One Bible 30 

five Printed Boocks att 10" 50 

* ' May 11*" Thomas Harding one old booke 

" August 4'" Mr W" Ellis a sermon book & a bible 70 

" « 15"^ Mr. John Okeham a Small pcell of books. __ 

*' SeptS"" John Brite a pceU of old books 50 

" Jan 20"* Capt Thomas Browne one booke Entituld the 

young artilery man 12 

[Yb be Continued.'] 


Linhaven Parish }- At a meeting of the Vestry the 2* March, 

Co' Antho Walke ] ^, ^ , 
Maj' Jacob EUegood [ ^^- hardens. 
Present Cap* John Moseley Charles Sayer \ 

Maj"" Fr^ Moseley, Cap* James Nimmo, >• Vestrymen. 
Cap* James Kempe j 

On' the motion of Co' Anthony Walke that the Old Church 
wood be a convenient place to make a public school off for instruct- 
ing children in learning, that liberty might be given for y® appling 
it to that purpose; y* Vestry taking the same under their consider- 
ration & agreeing to the said propoeall ; also being of opinion that 
after it is made commodious 'twould be an encouragement to induce 
a master constantly to attend thereon; do therefore unanimously 
resolve that y^ said Church be ; and it is hereby given for the use 
aforesaid, and to & for no other purpose whatever. 

Test Chas Sayer CI Vestry. 

' Appeared in the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 
the forst, page 326. 

¥ ¥ ¥ 

Revolutionary and Colonial 
Pedigrees Traced. 

Military Service of Ancestry 


Mrs. Sally Nelson Robins, 

Assistant Librarian, Virginia Historical Society. 

A. J. Ackiss, 

Princess Anne Court House, Va. 

No. 1, Part 4. 





The Friedenvvald Co., Printers. 






COUNTY, 1776. 

At a Court Held for Princess Anne County August the 
S'^ Day 1776 

Edward Hack Moseley Edward Moseley 

T7J J ri i> ^nT-u- AT- '- Grent: Justices 

Jiidward Cannon is, vVilliam Ninimo 

Ordered that the following Gentlemen take the^ list of Tith- 
ables"^ in this County for this Year to wit, John Ackiss for the 
Upper and Middle Precinct of the Eastern Shore also Black 
Water Precinct, Edward Cannon for the lower Precinct of the 
Eastern Shore John Hancock for the Eastern Branch and Upper 
Precinct of the Western Shore, William Nimmo for little Creek 
Precinct Edward Moseley for the lower Precinct of the 
Western Shore and return the same to the next Court. 

Princess Anne County 1 At a Vestry^ held the 26^*^ of 
Parish of Lynhaveu /November 1776 

Present Cap*^ James Kempe, Cap*^ Dennis Dawley 

Col Tho^ Rey* Walker, M"" Anth^ Walke Sen'' 
Co' Edward Hack Moseley Jun^ M"" Anth^" Walke Jun"- 
and Cap* George Durant Corprew 

^The names are taken from the vouchers now to be found, the 
reports made to the Court having been lost. 

2 The Sheriff was ordered to collect from the tithables. 

^Capt. Edward Cannon was appointed "Collector of the Parish 

108 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 


s;^ ( 

m a 


s. c. 

George Dudley 


W"' Davis 


Samuel Davis 


Paul Loyall 

7 1 

George Denny* 



Richard Land 



Joshua Fentress 



James Lovitt Senr 



Willoughby Freizle 


Easchy Land 


Lemuel Fentress 



Caleb Land 


W° Fentress 


Ree Land 



Catherine Fentress 



Willoughby Land 



Thomas Griffin 


Edward Land 



Matthew Godfrey 


John Murden 


Margaret Godfry 


John M'Call 


Marg* Hughs 


W™ Nimmo 


3 1 

Thos Haynes 


1 Joel Peed 



James Holmes 



Thomas Powers 


Tho^ Hunter Jr 



Paul Proby 


Henry Haynes 



1 Dickerson Pryor 


Henry Holmes 


Perrin Smyth 


2 1 

John Hargrove 


Lemuel Stone 



Jno Jordan 


John Thorowgood 

George Jameson 







John Thorowgood 

John Keeling 



1 Jun 


13 1 

W" Keeling S' 



1 Eliz^ Whitehurst 


W^ Keeling Jr 



1 Joshua Whitehurst 857 


Betty Keeling 



1 Jeremy Wright 



Adam Keeling 



W" Wishart 



Jacob Keeling 



1 Susannah Williams 

4 1 

Anthony Lawson 


Mary Wishart 





^Riding chairs. 

* Taken Prisoner the May last. Sir, As Mr. Denny was gone out of 
the County before the 10*^ June, I submit it to your Judgm* whither 
he must pay a Tithable for himself this Year or not — I am, Sir, y^ mo, 
obed. Serv* Fanny Denny 

To Cap* William Nimmo 

My Mother. 109 


Second Evening- [Continued). 

[See pages 00 and 96.] 

I have told you enough, now, of my father^ and his relations 
— it is time for me to tell you a little something of my mother 
and hers. My mother was the daughter of a Captain Savage 
of Bermuda, where she was born, and who brought her and 
her sister Jane, both young girls growing up, to this place, 
sometime about the year 1740, on a visit to his friend Col 
Hutchings; and returning himself to the island, he was lost at 
sea and never heard of more. So, the orphan girls were cast 
by Providence on the care of Col Hutchings, who brought them 
up with his own daughters, and always treated them as such. 
Indeed, he was so much attached to them both, that when a 
rich relation by the name of John Savage, wrote repeatedly for 

^ Cornelius Calvert married Mary Saunders, daughter of the Reverend 
Jonathan Saunders, of Princess Anne County, on the 29*11 of ju]y 1719, 
He was a justice of Norfolk County from July IS^ii 1729 to January IT**! 
1729/30. He was a member of the Common Council of Norfolk Bor- 
ough, and July 7^^ 1741 was appointed member of a couimittee to 
"form a Law" to prevent "all Persons being Servants or Slaves" 
" from Purchasing any Rum or Spirituous Liquors under two Gallons" 
June 24*1" 1747 Mr George Abyvon and Mr Nathaniel Portlock were 
appointed Common Council Men in the Room of Capt Cornelius Cal- 
vert deced and Mr Peter Dale resigned. 

In the name of God Amen I Cornelius Calvert of Norfolk Borough 
Merchant, being in good health of Body and sensible in Mind, but 
knowing the uncertainty of Death do now make this my last Will & 
Testament in Manner and form following. Imprimis I give and be- 
queath my immortal Soul to God in hopes of its eternal Happiness 
through the merits of Jesus Christ; my Body to be decently buried 
and my temporal Estate as followeth. Item I give and bequeath 
amongst all my Children & their heirs for ever as much Land as will 
make an Alley from the Front Street into the back Street : the said 
Alley to begin at the South East Corner of my Store House on the 
.Front Street and to Run from thence, on a straight Line to the South 
East Corner of my Kitching And from thence along the side of the said 
Kitching and my Garden Pails into the back street, which Alley is 
now measured and laid out, being six foot wide and Two hundred & 
thirty four foot long or thereabouts Item I give and bequeath to Mary 
my wife the free use & occupation of my dwelling house (at the upper 

110 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary, 

them to come to Charleston and promised to do something 
clever for them, the Colonel would not consent to let them go, 
but persuaded them to stay with his daughters, for whom they 
had contracted such an affection that nothing could draw them 
away. So, they continued here, and my father soon afterwards, 
fell in love with my mother and married her. Jane, too, after 
the marriage of Col Hutchings eldest daughter with Col Thomas 
Newton (the grandfather of Thomas and George) went to 

End of Norfolk Borough & nearest to the publick Landing) with the 
Kitching, Store house Smoke house, Hen house and new Shade join- 
ing to my dwelling house and all the Land belonging to it (according 
to the several Courses and distances hereafter mentioned) during her 
life and after her decease I give and bequeath the said Land and 
Buildings (except my new Shade) to my son Cornelius & his heirs for 
Ever : But if he dies without heir I give the said Land & Buildings 
(except the new Shade) to my Son William & his heirs for Ever Item 
I give and bequeath to Mary my wife the free use and Occupation of 
my three Negro Women, Parthena, Lucy and Eose and of my Two 
Negro Men Jeffery and Quamano, during herlifeandafter her decease 
I give and bequeath the said Parthena and Lucy and their Increase after 
the date hereof to be equally divided amongst my three sons Christo- 
pher John and Samuel and their heirs for Ever and the said Rose with 
all her Increase after the date hereof to my Son William and his heirs 
for Ever and the said Jeflfery to my Daughter Mary and her heirs for 
Ever and the said Quamano to my Daughter Elizabeth and her heirs 
for ever And if either of my Daughters die without heir I give and 
bequeath all her Estate to my surviving Daughter and her heirs for ever. 
Item I give and bequeath to my son Christopher & his heirs for Ever 
my Negro Girl Jenny and all her Increase to be delivered to him at 
his age of Twenty one years Item I give and bequeath to my son John 
and his heirs for Ever my Negro Girl Madge and all her Increase, to 
be delivered to him at his age of Twenty one years. Item I give and 
bequeath to my Daughter Mary and her heirs for ever, my Negro Girl 
Cherry and all her Increase to be delivered to her on her day of Mar- 
riage or when she is Eighteen years old Item I give and bequeath to 
my Son Samuel and his heirs for ever, my Negro Girl Phillis and all 
her Increase, to be delivered to him at his age of Twenty one years. 
Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth and her heirs for 
ever, my Negro Girl Nancy and all her Increase to be delivered to her, 
on her day of Marriage, or when she is Eighteen years old Item I 
give and bequeath to Mary my wife the free use and Occupation of one 
Dozen of Leather Chairs, One Leather Coutch, one large looking Glass, 
a large Wallnutt Table, a Chest of Drawers, twelve silver spoons and 
Two feather Beds with furniture to them during her life & after de- 
cease I give and bequeath the said things to be equally divided 

My Mother. Ill 

live with her, and was courted by a Capt John Blake, the Cap- 
tain of a fine large ship, and a very worthy, amiable man, whom 
she accepted for her husband. In the meantime, Mr. Savage 
of Charleston, though disappointed in his wishes to draw his 
nieces to him, had done a friendly part for them, and having 
administered on their fathers estate collected his debts and re- 
mitted the proceeds from time to time in bags of dollars, to the 
children here. I remember, myself, when, some time after she 

between my Daughters Mary and Elizabeth and their heirs for Ever. 
Item I give and bequeath to Mary my wife and her heirs for ever all 
the remainder of my houshold Furniture as Beds, Bedding Tables 
Chairs Pewter, Brass, Iron &c* both in my dwelling house and kitch- 
ing and also my Sloop with all her appurtenances. Item I give and 
bequeath to my Daughters Mary & Elizabeth the free use and Occupa- 
tion of my new shade joining to my dwelling house till the day their 
Marriage and after that I give the said Shade to my Son Cornelius and 
his heirs for Ever : But if he dies without heir I give the said Shade 
to my Son William and his heirs for Ever. Item I give and bequeath 
to my son Maximillian and his heirs for Ever my Brick dwelling house 
with the Kitching, Store house. Smokehouse, Hen house and all the 
Land belonging to it according to the several Courses and Distances 
hereafter mentioned Item I give and bequeath to my Son Cornelius 
and his heirs for ever a small piece of Land and my Wharf joining to 
it (lying between the Front street and my son Thomas's Land) to be 
delivered to him after Wife's Decease, But if he dies without heir I 
give the said Land and Wharf to mj' Son William and his heirs for 
Ever. Item I give and bequeath to my Son Thomas and his heirs for 
ever a Peice of Land at the upper End of Norfolk Borough, according 
to the several Courses and distances here after mentioned, with the 
Store houses on the same, the said Land (except that whereon to Store 
houses stands) to be delivered to him when Twenty one years old ; 
and the said Store houses with the Land whereon they stand, to be 
delivered to him after my Wife's Decease, But if he dies without heir, I 
give the said Land and Store house to my son John and his heirs for 
Ever. Item I give and bequeath to my son Joseph and his heirs for- 
ever a Peice of Land on the back street, according to the several 
Courses and Distances hereafter mentioned with a new Kitchen there- 
on to be delivered to him at Twenty one years of age ; But if he dies 
without heir I give the said Land & Kitching to my son Samuel and 
his heirs for Ever. Item I give and bequeath to my son Maximillian 
Pools Annotations ; to my Son Cornelius the History of the Bible ; to 
my Son Thomas the Works of the Author of the whole Duty of Man 
and to my wife all the rest of my Books, to tbem and their heirs for 
ever. Item I give to my Grand Daughter Mary Calvert and her heirs 
for ever five pounds. Item I give to my Brother Josephs Daughter 

112 Lower Norfolk County Yirginia Antiquary. 

was married, one of these bags came to my mother, with a letter 
from her good uncle telling her that it was the last which 
she must expect, as he believed that he had now got all he could 
collect. Still he urged them to come on to him, but my mother, 
who was married to her liking and comfortably settled, still 
declined going ; but, my aunt Blake, who had not made out 
quite so well, as her husband was not a good manager, and had 
a young family growing up around her, determined to accept 

Mary Calvert and her heirs for ever, five pounds. Item I give and 
bequeath to Mary my wife and her heirs forever the one half of all 
my Cash and the other half I give to be equally divided amongst my 
Six youngest Children, William Christopher, John, Mary Samuel and 
Elizabeth to them and their heirs for Ever. And the Cash left with 
my wife, by my son Jonathan deced (being about Ten pounds) 
I give to her & her heirs for Ever. Item the several Courses and 
Distances of my Land now follows which I have given and divided 
amongst my five Eldest Sons, Maximillian, Cornelius, Thomas, 
Saunders and Joseph as before mentioned, The Bounds of Maxi- 
millians Land, Begins at a stone on the North East side of the 
Front street (which stone lies on the dividing Line betwean Cap* John 
Hutchings's Land and mine) Runing from thence North Easterly 
38 Degrees (or thereabouts) 150 foot to another stone, from thence 
South Easterly 45 degrees 74 foot to another stone : from thence 
South Westerly 44 degrees 102 foot to another ; from thence 
South Easterly 45 degrees 12 foot to another stone from thence 
South Westerly 40 degrees 47 to another stone on the North East side 
of the Front street and from thence along the side of the said Street 
North Westerly 45 degrees 79 foot to the first Station, The Bounds of 
Cornelius's Land, Begins at a stone on the North East side of the 
Front street (which stone is 79 foot on the said Street from Cap' John 
Hutchings's Lot where he now lives) Runing from thence North 
Easterly 40 degrees 47 foot to another stone ; from thence North 
Westerly 45 degrees 12 foot to another stone, from thence North 
Easterly 44 degrees 102 foot to another stone, from thence South East- 
erly 45 degrees 83 foot to another Stone ; from thence South Westerly 
along the side of the Ally 99 foot to the South East Corner of my 
Kitchen ; from thence South Westerly 57 degrees 54 foot to another 
Stone at the South East Corner of my Store house on the Front Street 
and from thence along the said Street North Westerly 45 degrees 57 
foot to the first Station. The Bounds of Thomas's Land Begins at a 
Stone on the South West side of the Back Street and at the South East 
Corner of the Ally runing from thence along the said Street South 
Easterly 45 degrees 110 foot to Dun in the Mire-Creek As it is called 
by the Feoffees, from thence along the side of the said Creek 202 foot 
to another stone, from thence North Westerly 45 degrees 37 foot to 

My Mother. 113 

the invitation. So, the Captain and herself, with all the chil- 
dren, set oif for Charleston, where they were warmly welcomed 
by her uncle, and where, by his aid, and their own exertions, 
they soon became prosperous and happy, and their children and 
descendants are living there in good repute to this day. So, 
Providence took care of both the poor orphan girls. My mother 
continuing to live here, bore several children to my father, 
three sons and two daughters besides myself, and was in all 
respects a true and proper helpmeet for him. She was, indeed, a 
prudent, notable and amiable woman, a good Housewife, and 
the best sewer on cambric I ever knew. She looked well to 
her household, and the heart of her husband trusted in her. 

another Stone near my Oven, from thence North Easterly o7 degrees 
10 foot to the North West Corner of the Store house and from thence 
along the Ally's side 180 foot to the first Station. The Bounds of 
Saunders's Land Begins at a Stone on the back street at the North West 
Corner of the Alley and runs from thence along the side of the said 
Alley 81 foot to another stone ; from thence North Westerly 45 degrees 
83 foot to another stone, from thence North Easterly 44 degrees 81 foot 
to another stone on the Back street & from thence along the said Street 
81 foot to the first station. The Bounds of Joseph's Land Begins at a 
Stone on the Back street joining to Cap* John Hutchings's Land and 
stable & runs from thence by the side of the said Hutchings's Land 
Southwesterly 38 degrees or thereabouts 81 foot to another stone from 
thence South Easterly 45 degrees 74 foot to another stone ; from 
thence North Easterly 44 degrees 81 foot to another stone on the back 
street ; and from thence along the side of the said Street North West- 
erly 45 degrees 77 foot to the first Station All which Courses and dis- 
tances are now mentioned in a Plan done by my self and in a Frame 
hanging in my house. Item I give and bequeath my Load Stone to 
my Son Maximillian for his and ali his Brothers use and their heirs 
for Ever. And for the true Performance of this my last Will and Tes- 
tament I do appoint & constitute for my Executors Col Samuel Boush 
of the aforesaid Borough Merchant ; M'' Samuel Boush of Princess 
Ann County Gentleman and my wife Mary. And in Testimony that 
all before mentioned is my sincere Will and Desire I have now be- 
fore Witnesses set my hand and Seal this Twenty Ninth day of May 
in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred & forty six. 

Signed, Seal'd & delivered 

T ,u r ^Cornelius Calvert & Seal. 

In the presence of 

Nicholas Wonycott 
Edward Archer 
Hannah Eady 

114 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

She was, moreover, piously disposed, and remarkably fond of 
her Bible, which she taught us all to read betimes. So, she did 
my father and her children " good, all the days of her life.'^ 
She survived him and lived to a good old age. For many 
years, however, before she died, she had ceased to live in this 
world, and never went out of the house, not even to church, 
which she had loved before, but sat all day long poring over 
her Bible, which she kept constantly by her — till she fell into a 
gentle sort of lethargy and went out at last in her 84 year (in 
1804) like the snuff of a candle — dying so gently, as she sat 
up in her arm chair, that we who were in the room with her, 
hardly knew that her spirit had left us. She lived next door 
to me some years before she died, and I had the comfort of 
soothing her every day, by all those little attentions which my 
heart prompted, and which the heart of a mother never ceases 
to prize. 

[jTo he. continued.'\ 

Norfolk County At a Court held the 18^'^ day of June 1747 
The last Will and Testament of Cap' Cornelius Calvert deced 
was this day proved by the Oaths of M^ Nicholas "VVonycott 
and Hannah Eady now Ivy and Mary his wife one of the 
Ex^ therein named (the other two having refused the Burthen 
thereof) having taken the Oath and given Bond and Security 
according to Law Probate is granted her on the said Will 

Test Sam^ Boush dep^ CI. 

His inventory was taken January the 20'^ 1747/8, and 
among other things were 10 negroes, 5 feather beds, " 18 Rusha 
Leather Chairs," 24 flag Chairs, 3 Tea Tables, 2 large looking 
Glasses, 1 large Elbow Chair, 12 large silver spoons, 6 silver 
Tea Spoons, 1 Silver Watch, 6 Silver handle knives and forks, 
20 Buck handle knives and forks, 12 bone handle ditto, 14 
dishes and Basons of pewter, 52 plates, 2 poringers, 12 pewter 
spoons, 40 Candle Moulds, 2 brass Kettles, 3 brass skillets, 1 
brass spice Mortar & pestle, 4 Candlesticks & snuffers, 1 Choc- 
olate pot, 9 China BoMds, 10 China plates, 3 doz China Tea 
Cups & Saucers, 3 Tea pots, 1 small Sloop with her riging, 4 

Will of Mart Calvert. 115 

Glass decanters, 11 wine Glasses, 6 Glass Pictures, 50 Books. 
Some of the items in the inventory of his son Capt Jonathan 
Calvert made July 25 1744 were Cash left with his Mother in 
February last X9. 13. 8, a hh'^ D° (wine) sold to Doct'" George 
Ramsay @ £12, a q'' Cask D'' sold to the Rev'^ M"" Charles Smith 
£6, a Watch. @ £6, 200 foot of 4 Inch Oak Plank £2. £S. 

To Cash Y>^ my Son Cornelius (Capt C. administered on the 
estate of his sou Jonathan) for his Wax sold in Madeira X4. 6. 0. 
To D<* paid my Son Tho* for his Wax sold there X9. 0. 0. 
Mrs Read was mistaken in her statement on page 62 that she 
remembered the return of the vessel of Capt Jonathan Calvert. 
He died six years before she was born. What she had heard 
and what she had seen appear to have become blended in her 

In the Name of God Amen &g I Mary Calvert Sen of the 
Borough of Norfolk being at this Time but in an indiifereut 
State of Health but of sound Judgment and Memory, and 
touching such Estate wherewith it has pleased the Almighty to 
bless me with in this Life I give bequeath in manner and form 
following Imps. I give and bequeath to my loving son 
Max ^ Calvert one Mourning Ring at the Price of twenty six 
shillings Current Money of Virginia. Item I give and be- 
queath to my beloved Son Cornelius Calvert one Mourning 
Ring at the Price of twenty six shillings Current Money. 
Item I give and bequeath to Eliz*^ Calvert and Sarah Calvert 
Daughters of my son Thomas Calvert twenty pounds Current 
to be equally divided. Item I give and bequeath to my 
beloved Sous Tho* Calvert Saunders Calvert Joseph Calvert 
William Calvert Chris"" Calvert John Calvert & Sam^ Calvert 
to be divided among them Share and Share alike all the Cash 
and Moneys that shall be at my Decease found in my House, 
also the sums of Money that shall be then owing to me when 
collected (after paying all my just Debts and Funeral Charges 
and the Money's belonging to my deceased Husbands Estate is 
made up and set apart agreeable to his last Will) to them and 
each of their and their Heirs forever. Item I give and bequeath 
one Pew in this our church of Norfolk to my Daughter Mary 
Lawson to my son Cornelius Calvert and to my seven sons, 

116 LowEK Norfolk County YiRomiA Antiquary. 

Thomas Calvert, Saunders Calvert, Joseph Calvert, William 
Calvert, Chris"" Calvert, John Calvert and Sara^ Calvert to 
them and their Heirs forever. Item My Will and Desire is 
that my Executors hereafter named do set up for sale my Clock, 
three Feather Beds and Furniture, Tables, Chairs, Chests, 
Pewter, Brass, Iron and every other Thing found in my dwell- 
ing House and Kitchen, not already or hereafter given, and the 
Moneys arrising therefrom to be equally divided among my said 
seven sons Tho® Calvert Saunders Calvert, Joseph Calvert, 
William Calvert, Christopher Calvert, John Calvert and sam' 
Calvert share and share alike to them and each of them to their 
and each of their Heirs forever. Item I give and bequeath to 
my seven Sons Thomas Calvert, Saunders Calvert, Joseph 
Calvert, William Calvert, Chris'' Calvert Jno Calvert & Sam' 
Calvert one Molatto Wench called Jenny with her Boy Child 
called John as also her the said Jenny's offspring of her Body 
hereafter to be sold at my Decease and to be equally divided 
among them and to each of them, their and each of their Heirs 
forever. Item I give to my beloved Daughter Mary Lawson 
all my wearing Apparel that shall be found in my House at 
my Decease to her and her Heirs forever. Item I give and 
bequeath to my beloved son Sam' Calvert one Pair of Gold 
sleeve Buttons marked E : C and one silver Punch ladle to him 
and his heirs forever. Item I do appoint and ordain that my 
beloved sons Maximillian Calvert and Cornelius Calvert Exe- 
cutors of this my last Will and Testament, also my Desire is 
that the sum of Money given and bequeathed to my son Samuel 
Calvert by his deceas'd Father in his last Will and Testament 
may be put out to Interest untill demanded by my said Son 
Samuel Calvert when at nineteen Years of Age. Item Lastly 
I do hereby revoke and disanul all former Wills Testaments 
and Legacies ratifying and confirming this and no other to be 
my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have 
hereunto set my Hand and seal the IS'*" day of August Anno 
Domini 1762 

Signd Seald published & declared 1 T.;r r^ a ^ p i 
° ^ > Mary Calvert & seal 

in presence of us j 

Alex"" Rhonnald 

Edw"* Archer 

Will of Maxemelian Calvert. 117 

Norfolk County At a Court held the 21" day of October 
1762 The above Will was this Day proved by the Oath of 
Edward Archer and ordered to be recorded. Cornelius Calvert 
one of the Executors therein named sworn 

Test Sam Boush CI 

Maximilian Calvert was a justice of Norfolk County from 
April 16'" 1761 to April 19'" 1764 and from November 18"' 1768 
to May 20'" 1769, and was an Alderman of Norfolk Borough 
from December 28'" 1762 to June 24*" 1765 and from June 24*" 
1766 to June 24'" 1769 and from June 24'" 1770 until he re- 
signed August 25'" 1775, and was mayor from June 24*" 1765 
to June 24'" 1766 and from June 24'" 1769 to June 24'" 1770. 
July 28'" 1744 he obtained licence to marry Mary Savage. 

Norfolk I 

County J At a Court held the 17'" day of August 1744 

CoP George Newton M"^ Josiah Smith 

M^ Thomas Scott M'' Nath' Tatem 

Cap' Willis Wilson Jun^ Col° Wm Craford 
M"" Charles Sweny M' Wm Portlock 

On a Motion made by Capt Max Calvert who Intermarried 
w'" Mary Savage one of the Daughters of Capt Habijah Savage 
for an order to pay for his part of her fathers Estate in the 
hands of Cap' John Hutchings the said Hutchings being 
present and Consenting thereto It is ordered that Cap* John 
Tucker M"" Henry Gristock & Sam' Boush appraise One 
Negro man Named Will belonging to the said Estate and that 
they divide the said Estate into two Equal parts And that the 
said Hutchings pay unto the said Calvert his part of the said 
Savages Estate According to the Division thereof. 

I Maxemelian Calvert of the Borough of Norfolk being of 
sound mind and Memory do make ordain and constitute this 
my last will and Testament in manner and form as follows. 
Item I Give and bequeath to my loving son Jonathan Calvert 
my Lott of land lying down town which I bought of Richard 
Scott also my Lott of land I purchased of Docf Wetwood of 

118 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

Liverpool to him & his heirs for ever. Item I give to my lov- 
ing son Jonathan Calvert one half of my money I have in the 
Loan office. Item I Give and bequeath to my loving Daughter 
Peggy Calvert my house and land on the Corner of Church 
Street which I purchased of Richard Wallace but in case my 
son Jonathan Calvert should chuse to pay her Eight hundred 
pounds in Gold & Silver in lieu thereof in that case I give it 
to him and his heirs forever, its my will and desire that the 
house above mentioned should be finished out of my Estate in 
a plain decent manner. Item, I Give and bequeath to my lov- 
ing Wife the use of all my Lands not before mentioned during 
her natural life and one Quarter part of the money lying in 
the Loan office and the choice of any Four Negroes I am pos- 
sesed off with all the stock and furniture to her and her heirs 
forever — I Give and bequeath to my son John Savage Calvert 
after the death of ray wife the Lott whereon I now live & that 
on the Waterside I purchased of Richard Rotherys Estate with 
Ferry plantation and the Lott of Land I purchased of Richard 
Beckerdick & son and the Other Part of my money in the Loan 
Office. I also Give to my Son John Savage Calvert a peice of 
Land lyon on the surthern branch on Paradice Creek to him 
and his heirs forever Item Give and bequeath to my loving 
Daughter Peggy Calvert My Negroe Girl Pleasent to her and 
her heirs forever. Item I give and bequeath to my loving 
sons Jonathan & John Savage Calvert the remaining Part of 
my Negros Not before mentioned its my will and desire that 
my Executrix and Executors shall have full Power to dispose 
of all or any one of my son John Savage Calverts Negroes that 
behaves ill during his Menority and the money arising there- 
from to be for the benefit of My Said son John Savage Calvert. 
Item I Give and bequeath to my two Grand Sons Maxemlian 
Maxwell and John Greenwood Masden (Marsden) as a token 
of my remembrance of them the Lott or porcel of land I Pur- 
chased of Ralph Hennian lying at the Cross roads to be Equally 
divided between them by my Executors its my Will and desire 
that my Grandson Maxemelian Maxwell shall have the First 
choice r give the said land to them and their heirs forever Item 
I Give and bequeath to ray Two Daughters Mary Masden and 
Helen Maxwell each of them a Gold Morning ring as a Token 

"Will of Mary Calvert. 119 

of ray love and reguard I bear to them Item I give and 
bequeath all the residue of my Estate with my Outstanding 
debts to be Equally divided between my Loving Wife and my 
Two sons Jonathan & John Savage Calvert to them and their 
heirs for Ever. Item, its my desire that my Executrix & 
Executors shall not be Obliged to Give any security or my 
Estate appraised. I do nominate and Appoint my loving Wife 
My Executrix and my son Jonathan Calvert and my Two Sons 
in Law Ja^ Masden and James Maxwell my sole Executrix 
and Executors of this my Last will and Testament Given 
Under my hand & seal this Eighteenth February 1781 

Signed & sealed in presence of Max'"^ Calvert & Seal 

Bassett Mosely \ 
Cornelious Calvert J 

Cha® Bushnell 1 January Court 1782 The Preceeding Will was 
Sarah Smith / proved as p Order Book 

In the name of God amen I Mary Calvert of the Borough 
of Norfolk being of sound mind and memory, do make and 
publish this paper writing as and for my last Will and Testa- 
ment in manner following Imprimis I give and bequeath unto 
each of my Daughters Mary Marsden and Helen Read wife of 
Doctor J K Read the sum of fifty pounds of my three p C*^ 
Stock standing in the name of my son Jonathan Calvert dec'' 
on the Books of John Hopkins Esq'" Commissioner of Loans 
for the State of Virginia, which said sum of fifty pounds I 
give to each of my said Daughters and their Heirs forever 
Item I give and bequeath unto each of my Grand Daughters 
Nancy and Elizebeth Marsden and to their Heirs forever, the 
sum of fifty pounds of my said three p ct Stock — Item I give, 
bequeath and devise, unto my son in law Alexander Cowan 
and to his Heirs forever my negro man Quash and six Acres 
of my part of that Tract and Plantion of Land called Pomfret, 
the said Alexander Cowan having the liberty of chusing the 
said six Acres from any part of the Tract which may hereafter 
be set a part as my proportion which choise is hereby given 
him in consequence of my having in the succeeding clause of 
this my Will given all the rest and residue of my right in said 
Tract unto mv two Grand Children Newton and Rebecca 

120 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

Calvert, Item, I give bequeath and devise unto my said two 
Grand Children, Newton and Rebecca Calvert and to their 
Heirs forever all my right Title and Interest in and to the 
property which I am intitled to under the Will of deceased 
husband, including my right in certain Lots of Land in Fred- 
ericksburg, and the Tract of Land called Pomphret, except the 
six Acres herein before given to my son in Law Alexander 
Cowan, and except also such other Legacies as are herein 
otherwise disposed of. Item I give and bequeath unto my 
Grand Daughter the said Rebecca Calvert One Bed, Bedstead 
and the furniture thereunto belonging to her and her Heirs 
forever Item I give and bequeath unto my Grand Daughter 
Katharine Maria Cowan, the use of two hundred pounds of 
my six p*" C* Stock standing in the Books of the said John 
Hopkins as aforesaid until she the said Catharine Maria Cowan 
shall arrive to the age of twenty years or shall marry, and then 
I give the same to her and her Heirs forever ; but if she should 
die before either of those contingencies should happen, then I 
give the said Two hundred pounds and such Interest as may 
remain due thereon unto all the Children which Daughter 
Peggy Cowan may then have living, equally to be divided between 
them and their Heirs forever Item I give and bequeath unto 
my Daughter Peggy Cowan, the Bed and furniture now in her 
possession, all my plate, the whole of the rest and residue of my 
three and six p ct Stock, and all my other Estate of every kind 
not herein before given after paying my funeral expences unto her 
my said Daughter and to her Heirs forever And Lastly I nom- 
inate constitute and appoint my son in Law Alexander Cowan 
Executor to this my Will and do direct that he may not be com- 
pelled to give Bond and Security for the performance of the 
Trust hereby reposed him In Witness whereof I have here- 
unto set my hand and Seal the eleventh day of February in 
the year of our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and ninety 

Signed Sealed published and Mary Calvert 

declared in presence of 
W™ Cook, James Maclead 
Thomas Godwin, Richard Lawson 
James Nimmo 

Lower Norfolk County Libraries. 121 

Whereas my son in Law Alexander Cowan since making 
this my Will hath departed this Life, I do therefore constitute 
and appoint my Daughter Margaret Cowan my Executrix and 
do direct that she may not be compelled to give Bond and 
Security for the performance of the Trust reposed in her ; 
hereby declaring this to be a Codicil to my said Will and to 
be considered as part thereof In Witness whereof I have here- 
unto set my hand and Seal this fifteenth day of June Eighteen 
hundred and four 

Signed Sealed published and ^^^^ ^^^ (.^1^^^.^ ^^^1 

Declared in presence of us mark 

W"^ Cook Tho« Godwin Ja« Nimmo 

Norfolk Borough 

At a Hustings Court held the 28*^^ day of January 1805 The 
last Will and Testament of Mary Calvert deceased was proved 
by the oaths of William Cook Thomas Godwin and Richard 
Lawson three of the witnesses thereto and Ordered to be 
Recorded — And the Codicil thereunder written was also 
prov^ed by the oaths of William Cook and Thomas Godwin 
two of the witnesses thereto And Ordered to be Recorded — 
And at the same Court continued and held on the 30^"^ day of the 
Month and in the year aforesaid On the motion of Margaret 
Cowan Executrix named in the said Codicil who made oath 
and entered into and acknowledged her Bond in the penalty of 
Five Thousand Dollars with such condition as the Law 
requires Certificate is granted her for obtaining probat thereof 
in due form 


W^ Sharp CI Cur 


[See page 104.] 
1671 April 1** Capt John Lawrance a Small pcell of books 
" Oct. 30''' Arthur Toppin Heylands Cosmography & a 
Boock in quarto Written by Edmund Gunter 

1 Continued from page 106. 

122 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

1671 Nov. lO*"^ Capt W"^ Moseley a pcell of Books Some 

french, duch, Latten & English all att~ ^3000 

1672 May 15*^ Lt Col Thomas Willoughby a pcell of 

books 3 1500 

" July 15**^ Tho Lowe a bible a primer 51 

1673 Aug. 20*^ Thomas Renolds an old Bible, a practise 

of pyety, the whole duty of man & an- 
other book 50 
" Evan Williams 7 old books, 1 bible 1 
book of M' dod upon the Comanden^ 
1673/4 Feb. 26**^ Mrs Sarah Willoughby a large bible 
in fo, the turkish history, the life of 
Lewes the 13"* Heylands Cosmog- 
raphy, the Eclesiasticall History of 
Eusebias pamphelius, Cornells Stats- 
tius democritus Ju"" Sonds his trav- 
el! s. Riders dictionary, two bibles in 
quarto, directions for planting mul- 
pery trees, the soules progreste to the 
Celestiall Canaan, preservations ag* 
Sin, the Epistles of S' Anthony guid- 
era, the Esseys of the lord Mountague, 
the Seamans Callender, doctor Sibs 
Sermons, an Exposition on the 10 
Comandem*^ wisdome in three books 
p pr Carron, Thesaurus poeticus two 
books, an Exposition of the lords 
prayer, a tretise of the divine Estence 
& atributes The birth of Mankind or 
the womans book, a gramer, a treatise 
for Englishmen, a Latten Bible, 2 
testaments, ovid detristibus, proposi- 
tions of warre & peace, a Sweet posie 
for gods Saints, Esops fables. Cases 

1 The figures giving the value of books, unless otherwise specified, 
mean pounds of tobacco. 

2 and 3 Appeared in the William and Mary College Quarterly Histor- 
ical Papers for July 1894. 

Lower Norfolk County Libraries. 123 

of Conscience, Seamans practise, tri- 
gonomety or the doctrine of triangles, 
a book of Latten Verses, arsmetias in 
octavio, the safe way, two books of 
Ovids metamorphosis, 3 Small latten 
books Virg'' or the South part thereof 
the destruction of babilon, ovids 
de artia Mundy, himes prelugia, a 
history of Hapie prosperity, Marcus 
tuUius Cicero, the use of pastion, the 
History of animalls & mineralls, 
Ellegantio, Virgill in octavio, a latten 
book in prose, plain prime, the glo- 
rious^ Starr Charles the 2^, all val- 
lued att 5:-:- 

1674 Dec. 28^"^ W™ Simpson nine old books 

1675 June 12*^ W™ Greene one new bible and Case 7s 

one old Bible 5s 12 

4 books (vizt) a cronicle of the Civill 
wars of England, a Coraentary on the 
psalms^ a Seamans practise, advice to a 
Sonne 8 

1677/78 Jany 1** Jno Lownes dec'd sold at outcry three 

old books one old book to W™ porten 65 

1678 Aug. 12^1^ Capt W^ Havercom at outcry a pell of 

old books to Ju° moore 70 

" John Pead one bible and a Sermon book 40 

1679 April 9*^ Jonathan Granger a bible 

" June 4'"^ Edward Bragger an old history book, an 
old prayer book, an old Catachisme book 

a u yth i^obert Spring 2 bibles and another book 130 

" " lO''' Henry Holmes a bible & 2 primers 40 

" Aug. 2P* Mr George fouler a pcell of old books 

" Sept. 2""^ francis Woodward a pcell of books 40 

" " 20**^ Robt Young 2 old bookes 

" March 13'** James Wishard one pcell of bookes 

land 2 Appeared in the William and Mary College Quarterly His- 
torical Papers for July 1894. 

124 LowEK Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

SAFETY, 1775 {Continued). 

[See pp. 45 and 85.] 

Christopher Wright 

Lynhaven Parish to Dr Christopher Wright Dr 

Oct 18**^ 1751 for sundry services ^4396 

" 13 1752 " " " 4000 

" 1 1753 to be sold for Dr Christ Wrights Ace* of 

£42. 5. 6 8455 

" 11 1754 per Ace* of £12. 3. 4 1948 

Sept 30 1755 Ace* X4 at 10/6 761 

Oct 15 1757 for medicine &c 2898 

Sept 28 1759 for sallivating M*=Keal pr Ace* £b. 800 

for attendance & Medicine for Vesty 

Jacob pr Acc*X3. 10 560 

Sept 29 1760 pr Acct 867 

Doctor John Bowser Dr 
1769 Sterling 

Jan^ 18 To Sydenhams Works 
To Heisters Surgery 
To Boerhaaves Chemistry \ 

2 Volumes / 

To Boerhaves Lectures 6 Vols 
To D° Aphorisms 
To D° Materia Medica 
To Turner on the Skin 
To D° on Fevers 
To Shaws practice of Physick \ 

2 Volumes J 

To Shaws Dispensatory 
To Blanchards Lexicon 
To Sharps Surgery 
To Aliens Synopsis 2 VoP 
To a Shagreen Case of Dissecting 

Knives 15 

1 Pounds of tobacco. 


10 6 


2 5 6 


2 8 IJ 


2 12 6 


8 9 






10 6 


15 9 


10 6 


10 6 


8 9 


15 9 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775. 125 

To an Amputating Knife & Saw 
To a new Finger Saw 
To 3 Silver Catheters 







To a large Steel Directory 
To a Troehar w*'' Silver pipe 




To 2 Bistorys 

To 2 Artery Needles 

To a Spunge 








18 3 
E E p 

Chr: Wright 

On the 20*^^ of April, 1756, he qualified as Captain of militia, 
and March 20*'', 1764, Surveyor of the Roads within the Wes- 
tern Shore Precinct. 

Princess Anne County 

At a Court held the 18**^ day of September 1764 

James Kempe William Keeling 
Jonathan Saunders Anthony Lawson \ Gent 

Thomas Reynolds Walker & Edward Cannon j Just 

" Robert Huggins and others having Petitioned for a new 
Surveyor to be appointed in the Room of Christopher Wright 
Gent, the present Surveyor Ordered that the said Wright be 
Summoned to the next Court to Answer such Things as shall 
then and there be Objected against him." March 19^^ 1765 
this petition was dismissed. Oct 22°'' 1771, was appointed pro- 
cessioner for Little Creek Precinct. 

In an Indenture made November 20*'' 1778, Christopher 
Wright & Elizabeth his wife, of North Carolina, late of Prin- 
cess Anne County, Virginia, sold to Simon Stone of P. A. Co., 
for 3850 pounds, Virginia money, the plantation in the West- 
ern Shore, in P. A. Co., containing 46 2 J acres of land, 352 J 

126 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

of which were purchased from Cornelius Calvert^ and Elizabeth 
his wife in November, 1751, 60 acres another tract from John 
Dudley and Margaret his wife and Richard Dudley on the 19 
of May 1752, and 50 acres from the "reverend ^ Henry Bar- 
low^ and Susanna his wife" April 17*^1753. In another 
indenture made the same day, they for 20 pounds Va money 
sold Simon Stone 108 acres of marsh or low Ground on the 
sea side 50 acres thereof were conveyed him by Doctor Robert 
Patterson and Sarah his wife May 13, 1762, 50 acres by Francis 
Moore^ and Anna his wife April 19^^ 1763 and 8 acres by 
Edward Lamount and Rachel his wife August 19, 1765. Dr 
Wright was brother to John Wright and son of William 
Wright of Nanseniond County who died about the year 1750. 
September 12*'* 1753 he obtained a licence to marry Mary 
Walke,^ and October 25*^ 1764 he obtained licence to marry 
Elizabeth Hunter^ who was the relict of William Hunter who 

iFrom Cornelius Calvert of Norfolk County Mariner, and Elizabeth 
his wife one of the daughters and coheirs of John Tborowgood Sr to 
Christopher Wright practitioner of Physick & Chirurgery of P. A, Co. 

2 " Henry Barlow Clerk & his Wife Susannah of the County of North- 
ampton " to "Christopher Wright practitioner of physick & surgery 
of P. A. 

3 Francis Moore and Anna his wife of P. A. Co., to Christopher 
Wright Practitioner of Physick Surgery & Midwifry of the same 

* Sept. 12tii 1753 Chris' Wright with Mary Walke. 

Chr Wright 
Sam Boush jr Ant° Walke 

5 Will of Argill Thorowgood Sr made April 17**^, 1754, recorded Feb- 
ruary 18'^ 1755. To wife Elizabeth plantation on which he lived dur- 
ing her life, after which to his son AVilliam, and the remainder of his 
land when he was 18 years old, also at 18 negroes Robin and " Wench 
called young Rose and her increase " To daughter Elizabeth " Negro 
Wench Sarah to be delivered to her the Day of her Marriage or at the 
Age of twenty one years and all her increase. To wife Elizabeth, ne- 
groes Rose, Will and Nanny, "during her Life and after her disieise 
to be equally divided between " his " two Children " To son William 
his " Desk and book Case and " his "large oval Table and large Looking 
Glass also " his " Gun and Case of pistols to him and his heirs for ever " 
To each of his Children one good bed and furniture when they " came 
to the Age of Eighteen years." Desired that his Stock of Cattle Sheep 
and Hogs" should "be Inventory and" "loving Wife Elizabeth" 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775. 127 

married the relict of Argill Thorowgood Sr. In 1775 he lived 
in Little Creek Precinct and owned 17 tithable slaves, 2 wheel 
carriages, 136 sheep, 20 to spare. In the name of God Amen 
I Christopher Wright of the State of North Carolina at present 
but intending shortly to remove into the County of Princess 
in Virginia being weak and low in Body but of perfect mem- 
ory and considering the uncertainty of this mortal Life do 
make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, in full hope 
and expectation of a glorious resurrection after Death to a Life 
of immortal and everlasting happiness, by and through the 
Sufferings and Death of our blessed Saviour and redeemer 

" have the use of them till " his " Children came to the Age of Eigh- 
teen then to be equally divided between" his "Wife and two Chil- 
dren" To son William "one riding horse of the Age of Eight years 
Old also" to daughter Elizabeth "one riding horse about Eight years 
Old. The remaining part of his estate not given away to wife Eliza- 
beth. W^ife Elizabeth and her brother Capt. Wm. Keeling Execi's. 

2'|th Oct. 1756 " William Hunter & Eliz his wife Exr of Argall Thor- 
owgood dec<^ vs George Oldner" 

Will of William Hunter made March 19**1 1754 and recorded June 
19*'" same year. The plantation on which he lived and all of his other 
lands to wife Elizabeth during her life and then to "Nephew Thomas 
Haynes sou of Capt William Haynes," but if Haynes should die with- 
out lawful issue the same was to go to brother Thomas Hunter. " To 
" Wife Eliz* Hunter the use and labour of " nine slaves during her life 
and then to "Nephew Thomas Haynes" To "Son in Law William 
Thorowgood " his " Negroe Man Slave called Caesar " To wife Eliza- 
beth all his " Houshold and Kitchen furniture & all " his " Stocks of 
Cattle Sheep Hogs Horses and other" "Personal Estate" "Wife 
Elizabeth Hunter Executrix and" "Brother in Law Cap* William 
Keeling Executor" June 19**1 1764 " Elizabeth Hunter having taken 
the Oath of an Executrix and having Entered into Bond according to 
Law Certificate is granted her for Obtaining a Probat on the Will of 
William Hunter (her Late Husband) in due form. 

Oct 25*1' 1764 Capt Christopher Wright with Elizabeth Hunter 
Teste Christopher Wright 

Robt Ballard Peter Singleton 

Feby 19**^ 1765 Christopher Wright was appointed guardian to Wil- 
liam Thorowgood. April 16**1 he sued Francis Moore for one pound 10 
shillings said to be due the Estate of William Hunter. August 20**i he 
proved his acct agt William Thorowgood Orphan of Argill Thorow- 
good. June n^^ 1766 William Nimmo Jun sued Christopher Wright & 
uxor Executors of William Hunter deceased. 

128 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

Jesus Christ after recommending my immortal Soul to 
Almighty God my Father in Heaven who Created me, and to 
the Guardian care and protection of my blessed Lord Jesus 
who redeemed me, and my mortal Body to the Earth to be 
plainly and decently buried in the Church Yard. I now think 
proper to dispose of my few worldly Goods in form and man- 
ner following. Imprimis I give to my unhappy Sou William 
as much of the Interest of my money in the Loan Office in 
Virginia (untill it is called out) yearly as may be necessary to 
clothe and maintain him as a Labourer, together with the Assist- 
ance of such work as he can do himself, which I desire he may 
be made to do, under the direction and discretion of my Exec- 
utors or either of them, he not being endued with proper sense 
and reason to manage any kind of Estate himself nor is he 
desirous nor willing to do any business whatever. Item I give 
to my undutiful Son David^ one Shilling and no more, by 

1 David Wright was at William and Mary College in 1772. The 
charge that he was a deserter, made by his father, was undoubtedly 
Norfolk Borough At a Hustings Court held the 25 day of April 1832 
Present John Tabb \ 

Giles B. Cooke > Gen. Aldermen 
Miles King ) 
James Nimmo this day personally appeared in court and made oath 
that he has known and been acquainted with M"" David Wright now a 
resident and inhabitant of this Borough for upwards of sixty years. 
That he was also well acquainted with his father Christopher Wright 
deed and with all the members of his family — That the said Christo- 
pher Wright had at the time of his death several children then living 
male and female, but there were only three sons among them, that is 
to say, William, John Edward, and the above named David Wright. 
That the said William and John Edward died without issue many 
years ago, having never been married. And the said James Nimmo 
also made oath and deposed that the said Christopher Wright never 
had a son named Henry as far as he knows and believes and that he 
has also understood and believes that the said David Wright was in the 
Revolutionary war. 

Norfolk Borough 

At a Hustings Court Contd and held the Sl^* 
day of Jany 1839 

Present Miles King Mayor 

Wm G Camp j ^^^ ^^^^ 
Thomas Newton ) 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775. 129 

reason of his having absented himself from this his native 
Country and joyned her cruel and Tyrannical Enemies, at a 
time when she was nobly and gloriously struggling for her just 
and natural rights and Liberties amidst imminent Danger and 
threatned ruin this together with his forsaking our Army 
and marrying Entirely against my consent and approbation 
incurred my utmost displeasure and detestation. I give and 
bequeath to my son John Edward^ my three Negroes Casar, 
Bob and Phill to him and his Heirs for ever, like wise one 
good feather Bed and furniture and all my Books and papers, 
when he has occasion for them, except such of my Books as 
may best suit my Daughters Peggy and Prissy, which I give 
to them equally. Item, I give to my aforesaid sons William 
and John Edward my wearing Apparel in such manner and 
proportion, and at such times as my Executors may think most 

The Court doth certify that it has been proved to the satisfaction of 
the Court that David Wright of this Borough, was an Ensign in the 
tenth North Carolina Regiment, in Capfi Isaac Moores Company and 
also served as a Lieutenant in the first North Carolina Regiment under 
Lieut Thomas Callender commanding the Company under Major Ash — 
that he is now receiving a pension from the Government of the United 
States for his said services— that he is at this time a resident of this 
Borough and has been for nearly fifty years last past. 

^Will of John Edward Wright made December 23'^ 1793 and ordered 
to be recorded September S^ii 1803. His body to be buried "in the 
burial ground where the remains of " his " father and mother " were 
"deposited" To "brother in law James Nimmo one negro fellow 
nam'd Phill" To " brother in law William Nimmo one negro fellow 
named Bob" To "nephew John Edward Wright one negro boy 
nam'd Lewis" To "Miss Peggy Keeling daughter of M' Jacob Keel- 
ing the sum of ten guineas for the purpose of purchasing cloths of 
mourning, and a mourning ring with the inscription "In Remem- 
brance of a Lover" To " brother in law James Nimmo, ten per Cent 
Commission on the amount of his account against me" To sister 
Penelope Read in North Carolina 10 pound Virginia currency. To 
" nephew William Robinson Nimmo," his " desk and book case, and 
all" his "books." The remainder of his property to be sold and the 
money to be equally divided between his brother David Wright and 
his brothers in law James and William Nimmo. Col. T. H. Ellis in 
history of the Thorowgood family published in the Richmond Stand- 
ard for Saturday, December 17, 1881, says that "John" Wright, "who 
was educated a physician in Europe, returned, and was killed by being 
thrown from a horse." 

130 Lower Norfolk County "V irginia Antiquary. 

suitable for each of them. Item I give to my Daughter Penel- 
ope Reed ten pounds annually, to be delivered into her own 
hands every fall of the year, by some trusty person whom my 
Executors can confide in, for the sole purpose of furnishing 
her with provisions while she stands in need, but no part, nor 
the whole thereof to be delivered to her Husband Thomas 
Reed, nor any person in his behalf. Item, I give and bequeath 
to my Daughter Peggy at her Marriage or her Mothers Death 
which ever may happen first, my three Negroes Laetitia, Cloe 
and Peter, to her and her Heirs for ever, also one of my best 
Beds and furniture belonging to it, one third part of my Table 
Linnen, six Silver table Spoons, and six Silver tea Spoons, one 
of my wild Cherry or black Walnut Tables, one half my black 
Walnut Chairs with black leather bottoms, my oldest Desk, my 
riding Horse called Snow will, with her side Saddle and bridle, 
three Cows and Calves, six Ewes and Lambs, likewise one third 
part of all my book Debts Notes of Hand Obligations, Bonds 
and money in the House, after my debts are paid, she paying 
or causing to be paid the sum of five pounds Carolina money 
yearly towards the support of my Daughter Penelope Reed as 
given to her above. Item, I give to my Daughter Prissy or 
Priscilla at her Marriage or her Mothers Death which ever 
may happen first, my three Negroes, Hannah Phillis and 
Lewis, to her and her Heirs for ever, also one of my best Beds 
. and the furniture belonging to it, one third part of my Table 
Linnen, six silver tea Spoons, six silver Table Spoons, one of 
my wild Cherry or black Walnut Tables : the other half of my 
black Walnut Chairs with black Leather bottoms, my black 
Walnut Chest of Drawers, three Cows and Calves, six Ewes 
and Lambs, my young Horse called Vulcan with her Saddle 
and bridle, also one third part of my Book-debts, Notes of 
Hand, Obligations, Bonds and money in the House, after my 
just Debts are paid, she paying or causing to be paid the Sum 
of five pounds Carolina money yearly towards the support of 
my Daughter Penelope Reed, as given to her above. Item 
Whereas a certain Kinchen Godwin of Nansemond County 
hath lately obtained a Decree of the Court of Appeals against 
me in Order to discharge the said Decree my Will and desire 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775. 131 

is, that my Executors Sell my Negro Wench named pleasant, 
and her Child called Ishmael for the best price they can get, 
and if there should be any Overplus remaining after paying 
off the said Decree and Costs, that it be given to my Wife but 
if not sufficient to answer the said purpose, the Deficiency to 
be made up out of the money in the House. Item I further 
give and bequeath to my son John Edward my Desk and book 
Case to hold his Clothes and Books, my little Poney commonly 
called Johnnys Horse with his Saddle and bridle, also one third 
part of my Book Debts, Notes of Hand Obligations, Bonds 
and money in the House (after all my just Debts are paid) 
likewise my money in the Continental Loan Office, after de- 
ducting what may be judged to be absolutely necessary by my 
Executors towards the Common support of my son William as 
directed heretofore not exceeding six pounds yearly out of the 
Interest of the said money, or some other of the Interest of 
his Estate, And now as my youngest Son seems to have a fertile 
Genius and endued with an apt Disposition, it is therefore my 
Will and earnest Desire that he shall be well Educated in the 
Sciences of Latin, Greek and Arithmetic, and that then he 
bound to the Study of Law, Divinity or Physick, which of 
them may then seem best, to suit his inclination and Genius 
untill he becomes well qualified for practice, that my Executors 
hereafter to be Named do provide and see, that all this is duly 
performed and Executed in the most expeditious and effectual 
manner, that the said Executors or either of them pay the 
Expence thereof, and all other necessary Expences for him the 
said John Edward out of the yearly hire of his Negros, and 
Interest of his money, but if these should not be sufficient to 
answer these good purposes, then in that Case it is my Will 
and desire, that the deficiency thereof be made up, out of part 
of the principal of such part of his Estate as will be the least 
prejudicial to him afterwards, and will answer the purposes 
too. And Lastly that my said Executors or one of them be 
repaid all necessary Expences in performing the said friendly 
Offices out of the Interest of the said John Edwards Estate. 
Item all the residue and remainder of my Estate of what 

132 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

nature or kind soever, I give to my loving wife Elizabeth^ to 
make free use of dureing her natural life and after her decease 
the remainder to be equally divided between my three youngest 
children Peggy, Priscilla, and John Edward, or their Heirs, 
which Division, it is my Will and desire may be made in the 
most amicable and equitable manner by themselves, or their 
next friends, or my Executors, without any Suit in Law about 
it. Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my trusty and 
esteemed friends M*" James Nimmo and M'' John Valentine of 
Norfolk to be Executors, and my Wife Executrix of this my 
last Will and Testament, also to be Guardians to all my 
unmarried Children, In AVitness whereof I have hereunto set 
my Hand and Affix my Seal this fourteenth Day of January, 
and in the Year of our Lord Christ, one thousand seven hun- 
dred Eighty and five, the several Erasures and interlineations 
being made by my own Hand and before signing 

Christopher Wright 

At a Court Held for Princess Anne County May the 12*'' 
Day 1785. The above last Will and Testament of Docf 
Christopher Wright'^ dec** was proved to be wholly written by 
the Testator by the Oath of James Nimmo William Robinson 
and William Nimmo Jun'" and is Ordered to be recorded and 
on the motion of Elizabeth Wright and James Nimmo, two of 
the Executors therein Named, who made Oath and gave Bond 
with Security according to Law Certificate is granted them for 
Obtaining probat thereof in due form Test 

E H Moseley Clk 

1 "At a Court Held at the Court House at Kempsville for the County 
of Princess Anne the 13'^ Day of April 1787. 

John Thorowgood & Jn° Ghiselin ^ 
Thos Kempe I G-ent 

Tho Walke j" Justices " 

Dennis Dawley J 

" Letters of Administration on the Estate of Mrs Elizt'^ Wright dec'* 
is Granted to W™ Nimmo Jun^ Gent who Complied with the Law" 

2 The will is labelled Col Wrights will. 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775. 133 

All Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of Christopher 
Wright dec'' taken this 11*'^ Day of July 1785 
Negroe Casar valued at £80, Negro Bob 70 150 

Negroe Pleasant and young Child Ishmael 65 Negroe 

Latitia 35 100 

Negroe Hannah 35, Negroe Child 70, Negro Phillis 

(girl) 60 165 

Negro Phill (hoy) 60, Negroe Peter (boy) 30 Negro 

Lewis (boy) 25 115 

One old Horse called Prince 3, one sorrel horse 

Ranter 13 16 

One bay horse Snowball 13, One young black horse 

Vulcan 10 23 

One old Mare Jenny 2, One young bay mare 

Phoenix 8 10 

One 2 year old mare Colt Flanders 10, One small 

horse Davy 6 16 

One Yoke of draught Oxen 10, One ditto-ditto 10, 

one ditto-ditto 10 30 

9 Cows and Calves X31-10 — 2 Bulls 5 — 5 young un- 
broke Oxen 15 51 10 

10 dry Cattle 20,-4 Cows and Yearlings 15,-50 
Head of Sheep 25 60 

13 head of Lambs £3, 4 — 3 Sows and 18 pigs 4, 25 

hogs diff* sizes 15 
One horse Cart 3, One Ox Cart 3, One ditto 35/ 

One ditto 4£ 
five ploughs with Stocks 60/ two ditto without 30/ 

two setts of harrow hoes 20/ 
a parcel of Corn supposed to contain 25 bbls £18-15 

One Corn Cradle 6/ 
One tooth harrow 40/ One Grindstone 4/ 
One silver soop spoon 60/ 12 silver table Spoons 

£6, 12 9 12 

15 silver tea spoons 32/6 1 p sugar tongs 10/ 1 

punch ladle 8/ 2 10 6 

1 silver Watch £5. 14. 6. 1 silver pint cup 4. 14. 6 10 9 









134 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

1 large mahogany tea board 10/ 1. . . ditto stand 7/6 

2 d° waiters 10/ 17 6 

2... Coasters 6/... 2 Japan waiters 8/ 3 China 

Dishes 12/ 16 

9 China plates 9/ 1 Sugar dish 1/ 2 tea Canisters 1/ 11 

1 Case of knives and forks with 6 mettle Spoons 3 10 

3 sets scales & weights 12/1 Shot bag & 2 powder 

horns 12/ 14 

1 pocket pistol 2/ 2 horse brushes & Curry Comb 2/ 

1 p' large Shears 2/6 6 6 

1 four foot rule 1/1 Cloth brush 3 Shoe d° 2/ 1 Spy 

Glass 60/ . 3 3 

1 Gun 20/ 1 Desk and Book Case 140/ 1 Desk 90/ 12 10 
1 Corner Cupboard 40/ 12 Walnut Chairs £12 2 

Armed d° 40/ 16 

1 Looking Glass 45/ 1 Wild Cherry tree table 45/ 1 

ditto ditto 45/ 6 15 

1 set of Castors 12/ a parcel of Glassware 10/ a par- 
cel of tea ware 15/ 1 17 

2 China bowls 18/3 Queens China ditto 3/6 1 horn 

punch ladle 3/ 14 6 

a parcel of Books of various sorts 120/ 6 Walnutt 

Chairs 36/ 7 16 

6 flaged Chairs 12/ 1 Close stool Chair 20/ 1 Chest 

of Drawers 80/ 5 12 

1 pine table 6/ 2 Cases with bottles 12/1 small 

looking Glass 1/3 19 3 

3 p-" Steel Yards 20/ 1 baufett 10/1 Bed and furni- 
ture with curtains 15£ 16 10 

3 flat Irons and Stands 8/ 1 Toaster 4/ a parcel 

bottles 10/ 1 2 

a fuuell and pint measure 2/6 1 p"* Scales & weights 

5/ 1 Candle box 6 8 

1 p' bellows 2/ 1 Lanthorn 3^* 1 Coffee pot & tea 

Kittle 12/ 1 trivet 3 17 3 

1 Wash bason & 2 mugs 3/ 1 barrel containing 

some Sugar 45/ 2 8 

2 two Gallon Jugs & 1 mug 6/ a parcel Earthen- 
ware 15/2 Earthen pots 4/ 15 

Princess Anne County Committee of Safety, 1775. 135 

1 Canister (Sugar) 1/6 1 dressing Table and Glass 

1 Bed and furniture with Curtains and Mohogany 

1 Bed and furniture and Curtains X8 1 Bed and 
furniture ,£6 

1 large pine Chest 20/ 1 Cherry tree ditto 36/ 1 
Trunk 15/ 1 ditto 10/ 

7 Blankets 70/ 4 Counterpains 50/ 1 Bed & furni- 
ture 70/ 

3 small pine Chests 18/1 small pine baufatt 3/ 1 
barrel rum £6 

1 ditto of Brandy <£4, 10 2 Hogsheads and 35 Hams 

2 side Saddle and bridles 5£ 1 mans Sadie & bri- 
dle 30/ 1 small d° 18/ 

2 barrels brandy X9 18 Empty Barrels 24/ 3 Syths 
& Cradle 20/ 

a parcel of old Iron 6/8 reap hooks 4/ 2 Whipsaws 

1 X cut ditto 10/ 50 fleeces Wool 80/ 3 Hen coups 

7/ 6 sein Corks 3/ 

3 p'- and Irons 12/2 bbls pork 140/ 2 pots fatt 20/ 8 12 

3 p"" Sheep Shears 3/ 1 writing Desk 2/6 a parcel 
leather 30/ 

1 Loom Geersbars 20/ 3 Wool Wheels 18/5 foot 
Wheels 30/ 

2 Wheat riddles 10/ 1 box of Soap 12/6 3 four GalP 
Jugs 9/ 

4 Boxes with Medicine 

2 Hitchels 7/6. ... 2 fenders 6/ 4 pair Cards 4/6 
7 Weeding hoes 7/ 2 hilling d*^ 2/ 1 steel Mill 60/ 

3 pots 3/ 6 milk pans 6/ 2 dy pots 4/ 3 Chamber 
ditto 3/ 

1 watering pot a tray table 2/6 half bushel meas- 
ure 3/ 

1 small ditto 2/6 2 large brass mortars 60/ 1 lignum 
vitae d° 1/ 







































136 Lower Nokfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

4 Candle molds and bench 2/ 1 handsaw 2/6 1 bell 

mettle Skillet 20/ 14 6 

4 other Skillets 4/ 1 stew pan 2/10 pewther Dishes 

18/ 1 4 

4 Tubs (washing) 8/ 2 pails 2/ 3 piggins 1 noggin 2/ 12 
2 wooden bowls 2/ 8 pewther plates 8/ 1 Dutch Oven 

3/ 2 Spits 6/ 19 
2 p"" fire tongs 5/ 1 Shovel 1/ 1 Hammer 6^ 1 Iron- 
ing Table 4/ 10 6 
1 p*" Kitchen and Irons 10/ 3 p"" pot racks 6/ 16 
1 large copper Kettle 18/ 1 ditto Iron ditto 12/ 1 10 

5 Iron pots 25/ 1 Grid Iron 2/6 1 Griddle 2/ 19 6 
1 p' flesh forks 1/3^ 9 empty barrels 9/ 5 pots fatt 

15/ 15 3 
1 Oil Jug 2/ 1 barrel of Soap 10/ 1 large tray 2/ 14 

1 riding Chair and Harness 90/ 11 empty Casks 16/ 5 6 
a parcel of unwatered flax 19/ 1 p'" old Chair wheels 

15/ a flax brake 2/6 1 16 6 

one old chair Saddle and harness 6^ 4 Axes 6/ 1 

Hatchet 2/ 8 6 

2 Harrow Stocks 6/ 3 Iron wedges 5/ 7 pieces Virg^ 

Cloth cont 60 y^^ 120/ 6 11 

12 Yards Linen 20/ 4 Handkerchiefs 8/ 7 Table 

Cloths 100/ 6 8 

3 p^ Sheets 60/ 9 Napkins 11/6 pillow cases 12/ 

Whet Stone 2/6 4 5 6 
320 lb Bacon £9.10. . . 1 Spade 1 hoe 5/ 3 Candle- 
sticks & Snuffers 9/ 10 4 
1 frying pan 4/ 4 baskets 4/ a parcel Shoemakers 

tools 24/ 1 12 
12 knives and forks 12 

£1053.. 1.. 3 

In pursuance to an Order of Princess Anne County Court to 
us directed We the Subscribers did meet at the House of 
Christopher Wright dec^ and being first sworn did Appraise 

Peyton Kandolph, Norfolk Recorder. 137 

his Slaves and other Personal Estate as above Given under our 
Hands this 11''' day of July 1785 

Jonathan Park 

Thomas Evvell 

John Hunter 

The above Appraisement was returned to September Court 
1785 and Ordered to be recorded 

E. H. Moseley Clk 



At a Common Council held this 22'^ day of August 1748 
John Tucker Esq"" Mayor "^ 

George Newton John Hatchings, John Phripp I 
Robert Tucker Josiah Smith Edward Pugh } 
Thomas Newton and Wilson Newton | 

and Nine of the Common Council J 

Peyton Randolph Esq'" was this day unanimously chosen 
Recorder of this Borough in the Room of William Nimmo 
Esq' deceased 

At a Common Council held this 2S*^ day of August 1748 
John Tucker Esq"" Mayor ^ 

George Newton John Hutchings | p , 

Robert Tucker Josiah Smith V * 1 1 

A IriPTmPTi 

John Phripp and Wilson Newton I 

and Eight of the Common Council J 

This day Peyton Randolph Esq"" having Accepted of the 
Order of the Mayor, Aldermen and Common Council made 
the 22'' day of this Instant, and having taken the Oaths 
appointed to be taken, instead of the Oaths of Allegiance and 
Supremacy, the Abjuration Oath, and the Oath of his Office, and 
Subscribed the Test, and took his Seat on the Bench, Entered 

138 Lower Norfolk County Yirginia Antiquary. 

upon the Execution of his Office as Recorder of this Borough 
in the Room of William Nimmo^ Esq'' deceased 
Test Alex"" Ross CI — John Tucker Mayor. 

Norfolk Borough At a Common Hall summoned and held 
the T"" day of July 1766 

James Taylor esquire Mayor "^ 

Archibald Campbell Lewis Hansford ! Gent 

Paul Loyall Maximilian Calvert i Aldermen 

And Twelve of the Common Council J 

Anthony Lawson^ of princess Anne county esquire this day 
produced a Commission from Peyton Randolph^ esqr recorder 
of this Borough to be deputy recorder thereof; and he having 
taking the Oaths to the Government, and subscribed the Test, 
also the Oath of a deputy recorder, took his seat on the Bench. 
Present Anthony Lawson esqr deputy Recorder 

Norfolk Borough At a Common Hall summoned and held 
the 26th day of december 1774 
George Abyvon esquire Mayor 
Archibald Campbell Cornelius Calvert 
Charles Thomas — William Aitchison 
Lewis Hansford 
And Twelve of the Common Council 

William Nimmo, I am informed by Lyon G. Tyler, LL.D., Editor 
and Proprietor of the William anri Mary College Quarterly Historical 
Papers, who has a copy of his will, was the nephew of Capt. James 

2 At a Court held for Princess Anne County, Aug 10*^ 1780 John 
Thorowgood Jun' & Anthony Lav.son Gentlemen Delegates for this 
County took the Oath directed to be taken by a lale Rt'solution of the 
General Assembly obliging the Members thereof to give unequivocal 
proofs of their attachment to the Cause of America. For an. account 
of him see page 50. 

8 Son of Sir John Randolph, was born at Tazewell Hall, Williams- 
burg, 1721 ; died in Philadelphia, Pa., 22 Oct., 1775. It is stated on 
page 95 that W^" Nimmo, Esq., was succeeded by John Randolph, 
Esq. This is a slip of the pen, it should be Peyton Randolph. 

The Church in Lower Norfolk County. 139 

Ou a Motion made Resolved that an humble and dutiful 
Address be presented to his Excellency Lord Dunmore^ testi- 
fying our sincere joy for his safe and glorious return from the 
danger and fatigue of an Indian War, congratulating him on 
the Addition of liis family and assuring him that we will use 
our utmost Endeavour to render his administration easy 

Ordered that Archibald Campbell, William Aitchison, Lewis 
Hansford and Robert Taylor gent or any three of them be a 
Committee to prepare an address agreeable to the above Reso- 
lution, and report the same to the next Hall to be held on the 
twenty eight instant 

Geo Abyvon mayor 
Test Jn'' Boush T. C. 

Norfolk Borough At a Common Hall summoned and held 
the 28th day of december 1774. 
George Abyvon Esquire 
Archibald Campbell James Taylor 
Charles Thomas Corn® Calvert 
Lewis Hansford W™ Aitchison 
And nine of the Common Council 
The Committee appointed to prepare an Address to his Excel- 
lency Jn° Earl of Dunmore, this day reported the same which 
was read, amended and approved oflF. Ordered that the said 
Address be fairly transcribed and transmitted by Mr Mayor to 
Peyton Randolph esqr, requesting him in the name of the 
Corporation to present the same. 


[See page 81.] 
Att A Court Howldinge at y® 
Howseof WillmShipp ) 1640 

Upon y** 3"^ of August f 
Cap^ Thomas Willoughby Esq 

Cap' John Sibsey M"" Edward Windham 
M"" Henry Sewell M' William Julian 

^ John Murray, fourth Earl of Dunmore, eldest Bon of William, the 
third earl, was born in 1732 and died at Ramsgate in May 1809. 

140 Lower Norfolk County Yirginia Antiquary. 

Churchwardens for the pish of Linhaven^ 
Mr Thomas Todd 
& John Stratton 
The names of thosse w''^ are chosseinge for the vestrie of the 
aforesaid pishe 

Mr Edward Windham Mr Tho: Bullock 
Mr Henry Woodhowse'"^ Mr Tho Caussonne 
Mr Bartholomew Hosskine Mr Tho Keelinge 
Mr Thomas Todd Mr Robt Hayes 

Mr Christofer Burrowes Mr John Lanckfeild 
It is ordred by Curam y^ all such psons as have not accor- 
dinge to the agrement of this Vestry brought in unto the places 
apointed three pecke of Corne y poll, shall now accordingly 

lAct XVI Be it further enacted and confirmed vpon the petition 
of the inhabitants of Lin haven parish, by the Governor. Council and 
Burgesses of this Grand Assembly that the parish of Lin haven be 
bounded as followeth (vizt) To beginn at the first cre^k shooting out 
of Chesopeiack bay called the Little Creek including all the branches 
of the said creek and thence exteniiing to the head of Lynhaven 
river, and thence to extend down to the head of the eastern branch 
of Elizab: River to a creek on the northward side of the said branch 
called the Broad Creek Provided it be not prejudiciall to the parishes 
of Eliz River and southerne shoare by takeing away any parte of the 
said parishes, And it is further enacted and confirmed by the authority 
aforesaid that the inhabitants of Lynhaven parish shall not be com- 
pelled by any officer to be exercised in martiall discipline beyond the 
lymitts of the said parish, And that the said parishioners shall have 
the free liberty and priviledge of electing and choosing Burgesses for 
the said parish (From Henings Statutes at Large, vol. 1, page £50, 
March, 1642-3-18 Charles 1st.) 

'2 At the present time, May the first, 1896, after the lapse of 256 years, 
three of the descendants of Henry Woodbouse, bearing his nanae, are 
vestrymen of the Eastern Shore Chapel, Princess Anne County (built 
in 1754), Judge John J. Woodhouse, Jonathan Woodhouse, and Major 
John T. Woodhouse who has not yet qualified. Judge Woodhouse is 
the son of John Woodhouse, Jr., son of John Woodhouse, Sr. Jona- 
than Woodhouse is the son of Jonathan, son of Capt. Jonathan, son 
of Major Jonathan, and Major Woodhouse is the son of John, Jr., son 
of Capt. Thomas, son of Capt. William, and John, Sr. Major Jona- 
than and Capt. William were the sons of Capt. William, Sr., son of 
Henry, son of William, son of Henry of 1640. It is not probable that 
any other parish in America can equal this. Since the above was 
written Major Woodhouse has qualified. 

The Church in Lower Norfolk County. 141 

bringe in the aforesd quantitie of Corne unto y^ appointed 
places otherwise 

Court held January 4*^^ 1640. 

Churchwardens M*" ifrancis Masson & Mr Henry Seawell 
Thomas meeres & Henry Catline Churchwardens 

]Mr Todd & John Stratton Churchwardens doe present 

& mary his wife for fFornication they being married the 28''' of 
may theire child baptised the 25 of november 1640. 

& Anne his Wife w'^'^ weare married the 13*'' day of 

September & Shee was Churched the lO**" of Novem 1640 

Court held March 15"^ 1640. 

It is ordred By this Court that every workeinge hand or 
tithable psone begininge at Peeter Porters and so alonge to Capt 
Willoughby for the ministers duties shall pay tenn shillings 
sterling p poll wch was by former agreement and it is ffurther 
ordred that the said Iniiabitants shall sattisfie & pay 24' of 
tobb p poll beinge for 52 psons as by the list appeareth and one 
Bushel of Corne p poll for & towards the new repaireinge and 
ffinishinge of the Church and lastly that the Shreffe shall have 
power to Receave of m'" Cornelious Loyd & mr Robt Speake 
of each of them 100' of tobb the wch gave ffreely as a guift to- 
wards the said Church otherwise 

April 12'" 1641.^ Whereas It was orderd by this Court 
this pseut 12"* of Aprill That his wife for divers Scan- 

1 April li;"i 1641 Whereas it appeareth to tliis Court by the depos- 

siones of Severall psons that & his wife hath slanderously 

and defaimously Reported & against Anne fifoster Wife unto 

Rich fifoster concerninge hir beinge delivered of a child since that the 

said child wi)S privatly maid awaye the wch the said nor his 

wife can bringe any Testimony of or proofes of: It is Therefore 

ordred yt the said shall receave twenty lashes upon the bare back 

and tlie said his wife 10 lashes in the like kind presently to be 

executed by the Shreefe and also that the said shall make 

payment of the of the Court Concernine the prcedinge in this 

Sute otherwise. July 19'^'^ 1041 It is ordred that shall pay unto 

Rich: ffoster ye quantity of 150^ of Stript and Smothe tobb the said 
some arriseinge due due unto the sd ffoster for charges in a sute in Court 

betweene them the sd & Richard. November IS^iJ 1641 

Phillipp Land Aged 35 yeares Sworne Said That Cominge to Mr. 
Gookins his howse and Arrestinge She eaid Lett Capt Willoughby 

142 Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

dells Reported upon Anne ffoster wife unto Rich iFoster under- 

goe the penalty and Censure of this Court the said was 

to have 20 lashes upon the bare back and the said 

his wife to have 10 lashes in like kind, but by the intreaty of 
the said Rich ifoster and his wife the said punishment is Re- 
mitted and the said order Repealed & also be it ordred that 

the said his wife shall Aske ye sd Anne ffoster publick 

forgivenes heere in open Court and also the next Saboth the 
minister preacheth at theire pish Church before the Congrega- 
tion their present after the first lesson in moruinge prayer Say- 
ing after the minister such words as he Shall deliver unto them 
and also pay the Charges of the Court as afore Said in the 
former order 

Whereas are presented to this Court by the Church- 
wardens of Linhaven pishe for Committinge of ffornication 
with absolute testimony of the same It is therefore ordred 

that the said shall according to the Statute of England 

doe pennance in theire pishe Church the next Saboth the min- 
ester preacheth at the said Church Standinge in the midle Ally 
of the said Church upon a stoole in a white Sheete and a white 
wand in theire hands all the time of Devine Service And shall 
say after the minister such words as he shall deliver unto them 
before the Congregacion theire present and also pay the Charges 
of the Court 

Bringe me from Court To Court & Doe what he Cann he shall neaver 
make me Aske Anne ffoster fforgiven^sse And ffarther Saith not 
Tho Marsh Aged 26 years Sworne & examined Saith That he heard 
Mr E iw Windham demaund of ye under Shreefe his Bond wherein 

he was Bownd for ye Appearance of To this Court, who Answered 

That if he would be pleased To move the Court Therewth he shuld 
have it who answered he had moved the Court Concerninge the weo- 
man whereupon the sd under Shreefe Delivered the sd Mr Wiiidham 
his Bond and JBfarther saith not. Phillipp Land Aged 35 yeares Sworne 
& Examined Saith That Mr Edw: Windham : Came unto this De- 
pon* & Demaunde i sd Bond wherein he was Bownd for appear- 
ance who Refused To Deliver it But the sd Mr Windham Said yt he 
had informed the Comaundr Capt Tho: Willoughby yt she was on 
the other side of Mr Massons Creeke & Could not gett ovr, and that the 
'sd Capt Willoughby was Sattisfied And thereupon this depont Deliv- 
ered him the sd Bond And ffarther Saith not. 

The Church in Lower Norfolk County. 143 

At a Court held May 2°'* 1641 Whereas theire was an order 
of Court granted by the Govr and Counrell & derected to the 
Coraaunder of this County that theire pishe Church should be 
errected & built at mr Seawells poynt at the Cost & charges of 
the Inhabitants and was also agreed on by the said Inhabitants 
that a Chappell of Ease should be built in Elizabeth River at 
the Charges of pticular famalies Sittuated in the Aforesaid 
River by Reason of the Remote Plantations from the aforesaid 
pishe Church It is theirefore ordred that at noe time after 
the date heire of theire shall be any Vestry chossen nor helld 
at the aforesaid Chappell but that the said Chappell shall be 
accompted a Chapell of easse but no pishe Church and that the 
Vestry shall ever heereafter be chossen & held at the aforesaid 
pishe Church : provided that theire priviledge in the minis- 
tracion be a like and the Charges in the the ministr every 
other Sunday unto the aforesaid pishe Church be equally 
Levied upon every tithable pson & inhabitinne in this the 
aforesaid pishe 

July 19*** 1641 Whereas it was ordred by a Court Houl- 

dinge in ye Low'' norfolk ye 12'*' of Aprill Ann° 1641 y* 

his wifeshuld for fifornicacion Committed by them doe pennance 
in in theire pishe Church wch beinge not parformed accordingly 

It is therefore ordred yt ye said his wife shall upon the 

second Saboth in August next ensuinge doe penuoence in theire 
said pishe Church Standing upon a stoole in ye middle alley of 
the sd curch in a white sheete & a white wand in their hands at 
the time of devine Service and they shall say after the minister 
such words as he shall deliver unto them before the Congrega- 
con their present and also pay the charges of the court 

November 15^*^ 1641 Whereas It was ordred At a Court Howl- 

dinge in the Low^ norfolk The 12*^ of Aprill 1641 : That 

for divers defamations And Slanderious Speeches Raysed upon 
the wife of Richard iFoster Touchinge her Life And not pveinge 
the same shuld Aske the sd Anne ffoster fforgivenesse in ye 
pishe Church of Linhaven accordine To the tennor of the 
aforesd order, wherein she haveinge ffayled & Sayinge That she 
would never pforme it as by oath doth appeare And beinge 
Arrested To This Court To Answer for her Contempt where in 

144 LowEK Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. 

she haveinge alsoe failed, It is Therefore ordred That ye Shreefe 

shall take the sd in To his Custidy & forthwth Conduct 

hir unto the howse of Capt Tho: Willoughby & Theire She 
shall Receave Twenty Lashes on the Baire Back & from there 
To be Conducted To The pishe Church of Eliz River & Theire 
to pforme upon the Saboth next Ensuinge hir Cominge Thether 
accordinge To the Tennor of the aforesd order & upon hir 
Refusall That Then she shall on the monday Then next ensuinge 
Receave Thirty Lashes as aforesd To be Executed at the Howse 
of mr. Henry Seawell & To Remaine in the Custidy of the sd 
Shreefe untill ye Insuinge Saboth and upon hir Refusiall as 
aforesd Tlien to Receve 40 Lashes To Be Executed at Capt 
Sibsies & upon Continuance of hir Contempt to Receave every 
monday Soe Insuinge 50 Lashes To be Executed untill She 
pforme accordinge To the Tennor of the aforesd order But 
upon hir pformeance Thereof To Receave A passe from the 
next comisonr To Returne in peace To hir habitacion 

January 3*^ 1641 Whereas It appeareth To this Court That 
Mr Robt Powis^ Cleru was Indebted unto John Godfrey in the 
Quantity of fowre Barrells of Corne due in Anno 1640 It is 
Therefore ordred That the said Robt Powis shall pay unto 
the sd John Godfrey in Sattisfaetion of three of the Barrells of 
Corne forty lb of Tobb p Barrell And the iforth barrell to be 
paid In kind at The Howse of Mr Bartholmew Hoskius 
Together wth Court Charges otherwise. 

At a Court holden at Will Shipps for y^ County of Low"" 
noriFolk y® 16**^ of Jannarie 1642 

Present Cap' John Gookin Esq Comand'" 
Cap* John Sibsey \ ^ . ^ 
M' Henry Seawell 1^^^^* ^^^'^^^^ "^^'^^ 
The Sherriif Doth positively averr yt Mr Powis after a 
Sumon Served uppon him for his appearance to this Court, 
did question wheather there was Authority to Comand or 
request him thither in this County and he hath not appeared 
according to ye tenor of ye Sumon, to answer ye Suite of 

1 Robt Powis, Clarke, was a witness to the will of John Gooch made 
February the first 1639. 

The Church in Lower Norfolk County. 145 

Symou Haucock in an Action of Debt. It is therefore orderd 
yt there shall a warran issue out for Comanding him to ye next 
Monthly Court with Sufficient Securitie to be taken for his 

February IS**" 1642 Whereas Mr Robt Powis Clarke was 
arrested to this Court and fayled to appeare eather by himselfe 
or his Atturney Edw: Hall in behalfe of ye sd Mr Powis did 
volentarily engage himselfe that in Case ye sd Mr Powis or 
his Sonne or Some other lawfull Atturney did not appeare to 
answere ye Suite of Symon Hancock ye next Court that then 
he ye sd Edw Hall would Stand to ye award of ye Sd Court. 
It is therefore orderd yt ye Sd Edw Hail Shall pforme and 
stand too what ye Court Shall then Order in ye Sd Suite 

Whereas John Yates Churchwarden of ye pish of Elizabeth 

River hath Caused Robt to be sumoned to this Court 

uppon a prsentment for breach of ye Sabbath and having 
fayled in psenting and pving ye Same It is therefore Orderd 

yt ye sd be acquited and dismist ye Court and yt ye sd 

Yates shall Satisfie all ye Charges occasioned by ye sd prsent- 

At a Court held 29*'^ March 1643 

Will Berkeley Knt Gov 
Rich Kemp Esq Capt Thomas Pettus 
Capt W^ Brocas Capt Rich: Townsend 

To ye Wor Capt John Gookin Comander Capt John Sibsey 
And ye rest of ye Comissio & Syraon Hancocke Churchwarden 
of Linn Haven Parish prsenteth unto yr worpps ye person of 

of ye same parish for Comitting of a Rape with 

ye Maide of Mr Land upon report frome her owne mouth 
according to his oath taken to ye same effect 

May 15*^ 1643 Whereas B H and J U were 

prsented by ye Churchwardens of Elizabeth River for Comit- 
ting ye Act of Adulterie It is therefore Ordered yt ye sd B 

H and J U shall upon thursday next Stand 

both in White Sheetes in ye pish Church at Mr Seawells poynt 
and their in ye face of ye Minister and Congregation in ye time 
of Divine Service betweene ye first and Second Lessons in ye 
fore noone make a publique acknowledgement of their fault, 

146 Lower M)rfolk Oounty Virginia Antiquary. 

and aske Allmighty Go\ forgivenesse in those expresse words 
menconed in a Schedule hereunto annexed 

The Schedule 
I B. H and J. V. doe heare acknowledge and Confesse in ye 
prsence of this Whole Congregation yt I have greivously 
Sinned and oifended agaynst ye Divine Ma"*^ of Almighty God 
and all Xstian people in Committing ye ffowle and detestable 
Sinne of Adulterie and am heartely Sorrie and truly penitent 
for ye same and doe Uufaynedly beseech Allmighty God of his 
Infinite goodnesse to be mercifull unto me and forgive this my 
haynus offence and I doe heartely Desire This Congregation 
and all good people likewise to forgive me and pray for me 

At a Court holden at Linhaven y'^ 17^^ of July 1643 
Present Cap* John Sibsey ^ IVP Hen Sea well 
M"" Edw Windham I 
M'' Hen Woodhowse ) Lieut ffran mason 
Whereas ye Churchwarden and Vestrie of Linhaven have 

Peticon this Court yt may be order'd to Secure the 

Parish from keeping his Children It is ordered yt if ye sd 
doe not shew himselfe industrious but appeare negli- 
gent soe that there be any likelyhood or probability of his 
Children Chargeing ye Parrish then he shall eyther put in 
securitie by ye next Court to save ye sd Parish harmelesse or 
else to be sent from Counstable to Cunstable to ye place where 
they Last lived a whole yeare